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  1. I meant the info on the Pokemon itself i.e. will it change to "hatched at such and such route" when it was in fact caught or anything like that
  2. Sounds good. Will hatching them like this change any of the catch/hatch info, or is the only effect of "hatching" adding the pokedex entries?
  3. Since I don't have two DS's (or 2 R4's), and both my platinum and my soulsilver are roms, can I "trade" pokemon between them by using pokesav to save and load the files without compromising legitimacy in any way? I believe I read something about the loaded pokemon not appearing in the pokedex. Is there any way to fix that? And are there any other issues with "trading" like this?
  4. I just bought myself an R4 after not having enough money to get myself Platinum, and now I have some questions about getting/having legit pokes. Will pokemon I trade over from my Pearl cartridge remain legit after getting traded over to the R4 Platinum? Will pokemon I breed/catch in my Platinum be as legit as the ones in my Pearl? My definition of legit is whether or not they would show up as hacked if "hacked-checked"/whether or not I would be able to join official tournaments with them. I'm kinda new at this since I've never owned a flashcart before.
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