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    Shaymin Help

    Try having Fateful Encounter checked, the Flower Paradise one is a fateful encounter.
  2. A handful of people have been claiming that if you encounter a wild pokemon when your game time is exactly 10 hours (or a multiple of 10 hours) it will result in a guaranteed shiny. Now, I am incredibly sceptical of this, for a number of reasons, so I was wondering if anyone here has had any experience along these lines.
  3. That's what I thought, glad I haven't missed anything.
  4. I have seen lots of people elsewhere claiming that the shiny encounter/hatching base rate has been increased. I was wondering if this is true, and what confirmation we have one way or the other. Can anybody help?
  5. You can get both Mega Stones from the same guy.
  6. I can't say I personally agree with adding the fairy type, but it is done and official, so nothing can be done there. I really hope that fairy is not immune to dragon, I don't like immunities as it is, and resisitant is fine. As for the types rumoured to be strong against fairy, they do need a boost. I also think there will be a fairy gym leader.
  7. Not enough information yet. Personally, I will try them all.
  8. When I first heard the names, I thought it was a joke. Then I realised they are the right names, and thought it was just a lack of imagination. But then when I thought of X and Y with relation to the 3D graphics.... it's actually rather clever.
  9. I'd agree there, except I like the gen5 pokemon.... It is an excellent sequel, even half in japanese.
  10. I have tried patching Platinum to be able to play this hack. However, both versions of that patcher just close and nothing happens. Any ideas? EDIT: Don't worry, managed it.
  11. I managed to accidently delete my save file for Pokemon platinum. Now, not wanting to re-start, I looked around for some completed save, and found one. The only problem is, I do not want all the Pokemon shiny, or to all have 255 EVs in all stats, and I do not have the time to change it myself. So, it would be a great help if someone could do it for me (or point me to another save with all 493 pokemon legit). Thank you. Pokemon Platinum..sav
  12. Yes I am as it happens. I hadn't realized... EDIT: Ok, the european code isn't working either... EDIT2: Helps if I put it in correctly.
  13. I tried the password NPCHARACTER, how ever it does not seem to work. Can anybody help?
  14. If conventional time travel was possible (and it might well be, and people from the future may be using it and being careful not to let us know), then certainly surviving the trip would be easy. All that needs to be done is travels back to a point in time-space relative to the current point in time-space. And remember, just because it's not possible now, does not mean it won't be. Radiation was impossible, and then it wasn't.
  15. Well, I suppose it would work, but only if Nintendo released a new console with game cartridges that had a lot more space on them... So no time soon.
  16. Currently I am playing BlazeBlack and VoltWhite, but I am looking forward to this... Of course, ideally, someone would be able to create game with all 5 regions, and make it as in-depth as the games are currently, but I assume that would be a long way off.
  17. Tried that. I had the problem that it was always pressed down, even when it wasn't, and I got annoyed, and half pulled the button off. And Demonic722, thanks for the codes. You got the platinum one right, and the B&W one is good... I'll get back to you with the HG&SS regions. EDIT: HG&SS regions are both U.
  18. Well, for the HeartGold/SoulSilver and Black/White I just need the L+R changed to R. For platinum, I basically need it so I can use R to choose species (calculator thing) and not worry about level.
  19. Yeah, something must have gone wrong when I did it too... No errors in patching, but just white screen when I try and load the game... On both versions! It would be nice if a prepatched version could be provided EDIT: wait, works fine on the emulator, but not on flashcart... EDIT 2: Re-patched it, working fine.
  20. I don't think so, as it seems to me the data is not stored on the games save... maybe to change the skin, but I doubt it.
  21. Sounds really good! I think I might wait till it is finished though, so then I only have to download it once. And you could always add new areas, like something simalar to Spear Pillar so Girantina, Dialga and Palkia can be caught...
  22. Ok, now my head REALLY hurts. Unfortunately, I have no understanding of this sort of thing... sorry.
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