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  1. You maybe did delete the scripts but you didn't delete the trigger activating the script.
  2. Ow, then I think i'm going to use the GTS negotiations to find the right pokemon. I'm not going to to choose Gligar, Trapinch, Drilbur, or something like that, because I already have a ground type (Marshtomp).
  3. Ow, I forgot. You mean we can change the size with PPRE and stuff so there is enough space but we don't know the method to add pokemon.
  4. I've got much trouble with defeating burgh, but just got a great idea. In route 4 you can get Scraggy right? Well, that is actually a great counter for power gem! Now I'll just have to find it and train it.
  5. No, only in 3rth gen. In 4rth gen there isn't enough space for that.
  6. With Burgh at 6th place, I really don't agree. It was easy for you because you had a Fire/fighting type, a great counter for bug type pokemon with a rock type-move
  7. I'm having a lot of problems with the 3rth gym, my Staravia is my only hope but he can't defeat Pinsir and Vespiquen because they have power gem. The problem of hacks that are made harder is TM's. At the point of the game where I am I only have a couple of TM's but the gym leaders already have stuff like power gem. I think I'm going to import Toxic into my game and use it to defeat the gym. But anyway, maybe you should make more TM's available in the shop inside the Pokémon Center.
  8. How did you edit the overworlds actually? I really need to know because this is the biggest problem I'm having with my hack. But anyway, you could make the E4 really epic, with maybe... I've got the a great idea but it probably is really hard to do: When you go to an E4 member you can choose witch E4 member to fight, I mean that there two E4, then there are a total of eight E4 members, waiting for you and you can choose witch four you want to battle and in witch order. It also makes the battles a bit easer because you can choose the ones you've the most advantage over.
  9. Adding trainers isn't really hard, there actually is a tutorial for it on Project Pokemon. But I don't know how to add items. Anyway, nice idea for a hack!
  10. - Can TM Round be obtained at the Castelia City Battle Company (the company with all the clerks)? There was a guy talking about it but he didn't give it. Maybe I already talked to him in the previous version. - Can TM Incinerate be found Outside Pinwheel Forest? If so, could you please explain where exactly (what position)? - Can TM Struggle Bug be found in Pinwheel Forest, near the end of the long, woody road? - Outside the Cold Storage, you can normally find the following visible items (in their ''PokéBall item form'' overworld): Ether, Heart Scale and Protein. Is this still true? - Does the man in the only house of Anville Town give away TM Dream Eater? Is his text correct (for example, correct sentence-length, etc.)? - Can TM Embargo be found in Lostlorn Forest? If so, could you please explain where exactly (what position)? - Can TM Psych Up be found on Route 18? And can both DeepSeaTooth and DeepSeaScale be found around there, too? What about a Dragon Scale--in the original game, it can be found around Route 17, but in this game, it should NOT be there. - On Route 7, when you're standing right in front of the Celestial Tower and walk to the right, there's a dead end with an item. What item can be found there? - In the Celestial Tower, can the following five items be found: TM Shadow Claw, Cleanse Tag, Spell Tag, TwistedSpoon and TM Ally Switch? I'll fill in the empty parts later.
  11. yeah, I think I'm going to do that. I'll edit the sinnoh pokédex and replace some pokémon with 5th gen pokémon. Bu I don't have any idea which pokémon I really should change. Anyone any ideas? I can't add new abilities(like illusion, big pecks, moxie, justified, iron barbs), that is the only problem of replacing pokémon.
  12. I read in the readme of bèta 0.6 that you changed the titlescreen in bèta 0.5. I wonder what you edited because I didn't notice any changes.
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