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  1. I need someone to check SID's on a few Pokemon so I can start RNG'ing and stuff. PM me please.
  2. I want to check some SIDs on some Pokemon. To see if they're legal, and curiosity's sake you know? 3524 4240 1577 is my HG FC.
  3. I'm not getting any luck with the IV manipulation codes... 1206E012 0000201F 1206E028 0000201F 1206E03E 0000201F 1206E054 0000201F 1206E06A 0000201F 1206E080 0000201F
  4. If this helps, can I have these Platinum US codes for natures translated into Heart Gold/Soul Silver? Hardy - 12066d98 00002400 Lonely - 12066d98 00002401 Brave - 12066d98 00002402 Adamant - 12066d98 00002403 Naughty - 12066d98 00002404 Bold - 12066d98 00002405 Docile - 12066d98 00002406 Relaxed - 12066d98 00002407 Impish - 12066d98 00002408 Lax - 12066d98 00002409 Timid - 12066d98 0000240a Hasty - 12066d98 0000240b Serious - 12066d98 0000240c Jolly - 12066d98 0000240d Naive - 12066d98 0000240e Modest - 12066d98 0000240f Mild - 12066d98 00002410 Quite - 12066d98 00002411 Bashful - 12066d98 00002412 Rash - 12066d98 00002413 Calm - 12066d98 00002414 Gentle - 12066d98 00002415 Sassy - 12066d98 00002416 Careful - 12066d98 00002417 Quirky - 12066d98 00002418
  5. What? No rebattle the legendary birds code? Can someone do this, please?
  6. Ok, my awesome Togekiss from 's personality values dictate that it gets Hustle when it evolves, but I don't want Hustle! Could someone change it's ability to Serene Grace without removing the National Ribbon, please? Also, can you give it the Artist Ribbon? Thanks. :']
  7. What about a code to change the current Swarm? I need that one. D:
  8. Pokemon Species: Clamperl Ability: Shell Armor Shiny: No Egg: Yes Nature: Quiet Pokérus Status: Cured Pokéball Captured In: Pokeball IV Stats: 30 HP / 30 ATK / 30 DEF / 31 S.ATK / 31 S.DEF / 2 SPE Location/Date Received: Day Care Couple, September 28th 2009 Friend Code: 1762-8572-4721 85th HEX Value: 00 From Pearl. Could you get this one for me please? Thanks. :]
  9. Pokemon Species: Clamperl Ability: Shell Armor Shiny: No Egg: Yes Nature: Quiet Pokérus Status: Cured Pokéball Captured In: Pokeball IV Stats: 30 HP / 30 ATK / 30 DEF / 31 S.ATK / 31 S.DEF / 2 SPE Location/Date Received: Day Care Couple, September 28th 2009 Friend Code: 1762-8572-4721 85th HEX Value: 00 From Pearl. Hop to it! :bidoof:
  10. I need a Feebas in my Emerald to complete my Pokedex, but I can't find the spots where Feebas can be fished out, and I have a AR Pro for Gamecube in my possession. But the codes won't work on Colo, but they do work on , but it won't let me trade the Feebas! Is there a code that lets me trade illegal Pokemon on , or can someone help with Colosseum? (COL has no illegal check that I know of; I traded an illegal Ho-oh from it once) Help :[
  11. I need some Bold, Adamant, Jolly, Timid, Calm, Naive Ditto with flawless IVs, and a Relaxed and Brave Ditto with flawless IVs except for Speed. Thanks in advance. :]
  12. Ambipom can support Blaziken by Faking Out the opponent I'm not attacking that turn, so it doesn't try anything funny that turn. Even if I run a Nasty Plot Baton Pass, what does it pass to? The two Special Attackers on my team are Salamance and Cresselia, and Cresselia already has Calm Mind, and Salamance is usually kept under-wraps if I have to take out a Scizor late-game, or I'm having a hard time with a wall. I've tested out Choice Scarf Dragonite doesn't really preform like I want it to. Most of my team don't want to switch, as they can take anything that's thrown at them anyway. I might get a Rapid Spinner, but again, they don't switch much. :V Well, maybe Ambipom. I might get a Heal Bell Pokemon to support Cresselia, or maybe slap Aromatherapy on Jumpluff.
  13. Remember the BOX Linoone? The one with Extremespeed? Linoone @ Salac Berry Adamant Gluttony 252 Spe / 252 Atk / 6 HP Extremespeed (given 3 PP Ups) Seed Bomb Belly Drum Shadow Claw IVs: 28 HP/30 ATK/13 DEF/19 SATK/23 SDEF/27 SPE Arrived from Hoenn at level 5, on Dec. 15, 2008 All HEX values are 00 Male, Not Shiny Any ID number, OT preferably female Nicknamed SpeedRacer Has Hoenn Champion ribbon Pokerus Cured Level 100 Could someone also please check the HP stat? If it's odd, could you tweak EVs/IVs so it's even? I need an even number for Salac activation after a Belly Drum. :smile: So hop to it! :bidoof: Oh yeah, my FC is 1762-8572-4721 .
  14. Hmmm... Dragonite you say? Dragonite @ Choice Scarf Mild/Naughty/Naive/Hasty Inner Focus EVs? Draco Meteor Superpower ? ? I can replace Lucario with this, and put Ambipom in Salamance's place. Thoughts?
  15. Nah, I just use Sunny Day to get rid of weather hazards. I don't want a team depending on it, but maybe. :V
  16. I usually can see Taunt coming, but if it gets too big of a deal for my team, I'll slap U-turn on it somehow. EDIT: Does Ambipom get Sunny Day?
  17. I use this team mainly on PBR, where there are no tiers, and you can see the opponent's team before you select your Pokemon. Azelf @ Choice Scarf Jolly Levitate 252 Spe / 252 Atk / 6 HP U-Turn Explosion Stealth Rock Trick This thing has enabled me to take control of the field from the get-go, so I'm not changing it. :] I usually Explode if I smell a Rain Dance team coming on, or I just have issues with a lead Pokemon. Trick is for bulky leads such as Bronzong, or suicide leads that start with Stealth Rock. Azelf and Blaziken usually come out together so Azelf can bring it down to 1 HP, activating Salac and Blaze on the first turn. Blaziken @ Salac Berry Hasty Blaze 252 Spe / 194 Atk / 64 SpA Endure Overheat Blaze Kick/Fire Punch Reversal My awesome Reversaler. I don't care what people say, this thing usually is able to take out at least one Pokemon. (Barring Priority moves) Overheat is for things that think they can wall it on the Physical side, along with it able to OHKO (123%-145% by my calculations) Naive Salamance (With Blaze activated, of course), which thinks it can scare Blaziken out with Intimidate. (Get it?) It even outspeeds it with a Salac boost, as most Salamance on Wi-Fi don't have 31 Speed IVs, which my Blaziken has. Jumpluff @ Leftovers Timid Chlorophyll 252 Spe / 252 HP / 6 Def Sunny Day Sleep Powder Substitute Leech Seed What? NU tier? Are you serious, Smogon? This thing has stalled many Pokemon into submission, and protects Blaziken from Hail or Sandstorm. Sleep Powder can keep a Pokemon at bay while Blaziken deals with it's comrade. Salamance @ Life Orb Naive Intimidate 84 Atk / 216 SpA / 208 Spe Draco Meteor Fire Blast Crunch Brick Break This is usually used as a late-game sweep, when half of the opponent's team is killed off by Blaziken. It OHKOs Kingdras with Draco Meteor, and Blissey with Brick Break with ease. What it can't outpace is usually Paralyzed by... Cresselia @ Leftovers Bold Leftovers (Don't know the EVs; I got this on the GTS, and it had an Effort Ribbon at level 51, so I'm assuming that it's around 252 HP / 252 Def / 4 SpA.) Calm Mind Thunder Wave Moonlight Ice Beam Cresselia. She walls as if made of brick. The only thing I don't like about her is that Moonlight has only 8 PP. I'm surprised it's not in more OU teams. With Jumpluff's great Sunny Day support, Moonlight restores 50% or 66% rather than a meager 25%. Lucario @ Choice Band Adamant Inner Focus 252 Atk / 252 Spe / 6 HP ExtremeSpeed Close Combat Blaze Kick Stone Edge As much as I like Lucario, I'm thinking about replacing it. ExtremeSpeed kills off Focus Sashers or weakened Pokemon, Stone Edge is for Gyarados, and Blaze Kick is for abuse if Sunny day is in play. (That Rhymes! :bidoof:) Overview It may have Sunny Day, but this is NOT a full-fledged Sunny Day team! Sunny Day is mainly used for getting Sandstorm off the field, and powering up Overheat, so it can get vital OHKOs. This team has problems with Bullet Punch Scizor, but what team doesn't? Regardless, I'm still looking for a good counter for it that's name isn't Rotom-H. I might put Fake Out Ambipom in Lucario's place. So yeah, RMT.
  18. Have you ever heard of RNG abuse? The Lucario was RNG generated.
  19. Hmm... I have a Timid Budew with Leaf Storm, Sleep Powder, and 31 IVs in SpA and Spe, and Mole's Shiny Lucario with 31 in Spe and 30 in SpA, EV'd 252 SpA, 252 Spe and 6 HP. I have a lot more, but I have to find my DS charger at the moment. EDIT: Could you list the IVs on the lv.50 Cresselia?
  20. I'd like one that I can EV train, please. :{
  21. ((Locked because of infraction))
  22. I'd like to do this by trade, thank you. Did you figure out the hidden HEX values? D: My code is 1762-8572-4721. What's yours? EDIT: Nevermind. It was in your siggy. P:
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