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  1. Hmm, I see. Thanks for the quick and insightful responses! Very nice program. I think it's my new favorite
  2. Thanks for the fast response! I like the raw data viewer idea; I decided to make a Groudon caught in SoulSilver with PokeSav instead of PokeGen because I couldn't be 100% sure if all of the hex values would be correct, and I wasn't sure how I could even check them. So... if their IVs are supposedly unrelated to the PID, then if you have an egg that is hatched with a PID that relates the IVs, wouldn't this be suspicious? While I don't hold PokeSav in the highest regard, it does seem to have some kind of PID generator for egg hatched pokemon. I haven't done any research whatsoever to see how it generates the PID or whether or not its a 'legal' PID, but it seems that a generated PID for egg pokemon would be less suspicious than an egg with a PID that relates to its IVs.
  3. This program is great. I mean really great. At first I was nervous about this program because you can't edit the hexadecimal values yourself (i would advise possibly adding this feature in), but then I found out the program does it for you. I do have one question, though: For creating a hatched egg pokemon, which algorithm should be used? The way I understand it, algorithm 1 (A-B-C-D) is used for caught pokemon, and includes the pokemon's IVs in the PID. Hatched egg pokemon's PIDs should not contain any information about their IVs; isn't this correct? Anyways, if I am mistaken, please clear me up on this. And thanks for the great program and the help! -D
  4. Wow; great information, thank you very much!! I do have one more question; i'm new at this, thanks for your kindness! I am trying to create a Togekiss 'hatched from an egg,' but it keeps telling me that I found the egg from DayCareCouple and that it was hatched at the location DayCareCouple. I am putting it as the following (using Pokesav): Met in Place: DayCareCouple (2000) Egg Hatched at: Faraway Place (3002) Hidden Hexadecimal values: 44h: D0 45h: 07 <-- to specify that it came from the DayCareCouple (2000) 46h: 83 47h: 00 <-- to specify that it hatched in Goldenrod City 85h: 00 <-- to specify that it is a 'hatched' pokemon 86h: 04 <-- put it in a pokeball, because thats the only ball for a hatchling. I have a feeling I've got something wrong in the hexadecimals, maybe in 44h/45h or perhaps in 46h/47h. Anyone know where I've gone wrong?
  5. This question may or may not have been answered, but I couldn't find it, so any help would be appreciated: For HG/SS Pokesav 'hatched' pokemon in HG/SS, do you put DayCareCouple (2000) for Met At, or do you put Faraway Place (3002) for Met At? and is Pokemon DayCare (100) exclusively the DayCare from D/P? I thought DayCareCouple (2000) would be the DayCare from D/P, and that HG/SS might use the exact same code for it. I then thought that maybe it should be Faraway Place (3002), and that the 44h, 45h, 46h and 47h hidden hexadecimal values should take care of distinguishing that it was from the DayCare Couple. This is interesting to me because it seems like if you note that a Pokemon's hometown is from Johto, but then pick the DayCareCouple from D/P, if it is exclusive to D/P, then it should trigger a legality checker that pings hexadecimal values and 'met at' locations for a Pokemon egg. Another thing, if you use a proper PID for an egg pokemon, that is, use the PID/IV generator to come up with a legal combination that corresponds with the IVs, is it suspicious/illegal? I know (think) that egg pokemon PID has nothing to do with their IVs, so should the random PID generator be used instead of the PID/IV generator? Thanks to anyone who lends some insight or spares their time to read this! ADD: Also, what about 85h values for strange places, specifically like catching Groudon/Kyogre in Hidden Tower? It is very easy to determine 85h values for some pokemon, but it is hard to create others, like the legendaries. What is a 'caught' Arceus' 85h value supposed to be? Thanks again!
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