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~Guide to 44h, 45h, 46h, 47h, and 85h Values~


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Hexadecimal Converter: http://www.mathsisfun.com/binary-decimal-hexadecimal-converter.html

~Preston's Guide to 44h, 45h, 46h, 47h, 85h, and 86h Values~

Last updated: 10/09/09

~Which game uses these values?~

On R/S/E/FR/LG/CO/xD, none of the hidden values are used. On D/P, only the 85h is used. On Platinum, 44h-47h and 85h are used. On HeartGold and SoulSilver, 44h-47h and 85h-86h are used.

~What are the values for a Pokemon that was migrated from Pal-Park?~

D/P Migration: Set all values to 00

Platinum/HG/SS Migration: Set 46h to 37 (Pal-Park in hexadecimal) and the rest to 00.

~What do the values mean?~

44h and 45h are used for who you recieved the egg from in Platinum/HG/SS.

46h and 47h are used for where the egg was hached at or where the Pokemon was caught at in Platinum/HG/SS.

85h is used to determine how the Pokemon was caught/received in D/P/Pt/HG/SS

86h is used to determine what Pokeball was used to capture the Pokemon in HG/SS

~Do the values change when you trade them to a different game?~

Once a Pokemon's values have been determined by the game, they will never change. This means trading a Pokemon from Diamond to Platinum will keep its regular hex values from Diamond. There are exceptions for Pokemon eggs when they are traded.

Finding the Values:

44h and 45h

44h and 45h will always be 00 if your Pokemon did not come from an egg.

If you obtained your Pokemon as an egg, go to PokeSav and look for the decimal number of where the egg was received at. For example, my Riolu was received from Riley. Riley's decimal value is 2010. (The decimal number is shown in PokeSav right next to Riley.) Now I need to convert 2010 to hexadecimal. If you don't know how to convert, then just use the link at the top.

2010 is 7DA in hex. Egg location and Met location are written from right to left in hex (called little endien).

I'll rewrite 7DA to 07DA to make things easier.

Since we have to read this from right to left, we need to break it in two and then flip the values.

1. 07DA

2. 07 DA

3. DA 07

So the 44h value will be DA and my 45h value will be 07.

46h and 47h

These are found just the same way as the egg locations. Find the decimal number for where your Pokemon was hatched or caught at in PokeSav. My Riolu hatched at Iron Island, and Iron Island is 69 in decimal. So now I just convert 69 into hexadecimal, and I get 45. (0045)

Since we have to read this from right to left, we need to break it in two and then flip the values.

1. 0045

2. 00 45

3. 45 00

My 46h value is 45, and my 47h value is 00.


85h Values are used in Diamond and Pearl too, along with Platinum.

00 - Egg/Pal Park/Event/Honey Tree/Shaymin (D/P/Pt)

02 - Tall Grass/Darkrai (D/P/Pt)

04 - Dialga/Palkia (D/P/Pt)

05 - Cave/Hall of Origin/Giratina (D/P/Pt)

07 - Caught in the Water (D/P/Pt)

09 - Caught in Buildings (D/P/Pt)

17 - Distortion World (Giratina) (Pt)

18 - Starter Pokemon/Bebe's Eevee/Fossil Pokemon (Pt)

0A - Great Marsh/Safari Zone (D/P/Pt)

0C - Starter Pokemon/Fossil Pokemon (D/P)

My Riolu was in an egg, so my 85h would be 00.


86h Values are used in HeartGold and SoulSilver only to determine the PokeBall. (Thanks to Wylfred for listing them out!) If there is an *, that means the normal Pokeball slot in Pokesav should be set to a Pokeball. Never set the normal Pokeball slot in Pokesav to any Apricorn balls.

01 = Master Ball

02 = Ultra Ball

03 = Great Ball

04 = Poke Ball

05 = Safari Ball

06 = Net Ball

07 = Dive Ball

08 = Nest Ball

09 = Repeat Ball

0A = Timer Ball

0B = Luxury Ball

0C = Premier Ball

0D = Dusk Ball

0E = Heal Ball

0F = Quick Ball

10 = Cherish Ball

11 = Fast Ball*

12 = Level Ball*

13 = Lure Ball*

14 = Heavy Ball*

15 = Lovely Ball*

16 = Friend Ball*

17 = Moon Ball*

18 = Compé Ball*

My Riolu's Summary:

44h: DA (Egg recieved from Riley)

45h: 07 (Egg recieved from Riley)

46h: 45 (Pokemon was hatched/caught at Iron Island)

47h: 00 (Pokemon was hatched/caught at Iron Island)

85h: 00 (Pokemon was hatched)

86h: 00 (Pokemon was hatched on Pt, not HG/SS)

All the other values you see on Pokesav should be 00. None of them have been used yet.

The Giratina Factor

Giratina, as well as any other Pokemon caught or hatched in a new Platinum, HeartGold, or SoulSilver location, are kind of tricky. This will show you how the game reads these new locations, and how to create them.

First of all, these are the new locations added.

112- Battle Frontier

113- Battle Factory

114- Battle Castle

115- Battle Roulette

116- Battle Stage

117- Distortion World

118- Global Terminal

119- R.A House

120- Match Place

121- Rotom's Room

122- Eterna Galactic HQ

123- Iron Ruins

124- Iceberg Ruins

125- Rock Peak Ruins

2011- Cynthia*

(In Hex)

7E - New Bark Town

7F - Cherrygrove City

80 - Violet City

81 - Azelia Town

82 - Cianwood City

83 - Goldenrod City

84 - Olivine City

85 - Ecruteak City

86 - Mahogany Town

87 - Lake of Rage

88 - Blackthorn City

89 - Silver Cave

8A - Pallet Town

8B - Viridian City

8C - Pewter City

8D - Cerulean City

8E - Lavender Town

8F - Vermillion City

90 - Celadon City

91 - Fuchsia City

92 - Cinnabar Island

93 - Indigo Plateau

94 - Route 1

95 - Route 2

96 - Route 3

97 - Route 4

98 - Route 5

9A - Route 6

9B - Route 7

9C - Route 8

9D - Route 9

9E - Route 10

9F - Route 11

A0 - Route 12

A1 - Route 13

A2 - Route 14

A3 - Route 15

A4 - Route 16

A5 - Route 17

A6 - Route 18

A7 - Route 19

A8 - Route 20

A9 - Route 21

AA - Route 22

AB - Route 23

AC - Route 24

AD - Route 25

AE - Route 26

AF - Route 27

B0 - Route 28

B1 - Route 29

B2 - Route 30

B3 - Route 31

B4 - Route 32

B5 - Route 33

B6 - Route 34

B7 - Route 35

B8 - Route 36

B9 - Route 37

BA - Route 38

BB - Route 39

BC - Route 40

BD - Route 41

BE - Route 42

BF - Route 43

C0 - Route 44

C1 - Route 45

C2 - Route 46

C3 - Route 47

C4 - Route 48

C5 - Diglett Cave

C6 - Mt. Moon

C7 - Cerulean Cave

C8 - Rock Tunnel

C9 - Power Plant

CA - Safari Zone

CB - Seafoam Islands

CC - Sprout Tower

CD - Tin Tower

CE - Burnt Tower

CF - National Park

D0 - Radio Tower

D1 - Ruins of Alph

D2 - Union Cave

D3 - Slowpoke Well

D4 - Lighthouse

D5 - Rocket Hideout (Mahogany Town)

D6 - Ilex Forest

D7 - Goldenrod Underground

D8 - Mt. Mortar

D9 - Ice Path

DA - Whirl Islands (Lugia's Chamber)

DB - Silver Mountain Cave

DC - Dark Cave

DD - Victory Road

DE - Dragon's Den

DF - Tohjo Falls

E0 - Viridian Forest

E1 - Pokéthlon Dome

E2 - S.S. Aqua

E3 - Safari Zone Gate

E4 - Cliff Cave

E5 - Frontier Front

E6 - Path to Tin Tower

E7 - Shinto Ruins

E8 - Hidden Tower

E9 - Pokéwalker

EA - Cliff’s Gate

*2011 is the Hall of Fame for D/P/Pt, but when read for where the egg was from, Pt regards it as Cynthia.

Okay, these are the new locations. But how would Diamond and Pearl read these unknown areas? Nintendo came up with a "good" solution.

Here's how to do it:

The first step is to convert your location to hex. I'm gonna give an example of me hatching a Togepi in Rotom's Room.

Rotom's Room is 121 in decimal, and 79 (0079)in hex.


00 79

79 00

So 46h will be 79 and 47h will be 00.

This is where most people screw up. If you are using a new location in Platinum, you must set the place you met at to 3002 (FarAwayPlace).

When the game notices your Pokemon was caught in a Faraway place, it then looks at your 46h and 47h values. If they are both 00, then the game will simply show FarAwayPlace. If they have values, such as my Togepi here, your game will show the hex value location for where the Pokemon was caught.

This way, if you trade Giratina or any Pokemon from a new location in Platinum, it will show up as FarAwayPlace on Diamond and Pearl. (D/P do not read the 46h/47h values at all.)

Please respond with any questions you have, or any part that was confusing to you! I would love to help!

If you have any Information that isn't up here, please tell me!

Special Thanks to:







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hmm but how/where can you check for the decimal numbers of ALL the locations and people in sinnoh?

In the Pokesav pokemon edit menu, choose the location. There should be a # in the location box. Convert that number to hexidecimal.

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would catching a Gastly in the lost tower be a example of of inside buildings (09)?

I would say so.

But I know for a fact that the Old Chateau is an example of inside a building.

Preston, please edit your first post with this:

From this:


To this:


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Nice thing to note, the new Pt hexadecimal values will soon be placed in legality checkers (if not already) and it will be an excellent way to differentiate between a good hacker and a poor hacker.

I would say, all experienced pokesavers should start putting in all these values regardless where the pokemon was said to come from for safety's sake.

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Nice thing to note, the new Pt hexadecimal values will soon be placed in legality checkers (if not already) and it will be an excellent way to differentiate between a good hacker and a poor hacker.

Good. I'm afraid the Hex values will be the most-missed details. I wish the next version of Pokesav or Pokemod would automatically set the Hidden Values to their proper locations, but also have a setting where you can change them.

But having the Legality checker ensure things is good as well.

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Preston, this guide is perfect. Perfect in making me afraid of every single Gamefaqs hacker!

But seriously. This helps me a lot in my hacking. I feel like a superior hacker now. Most Gamefaqs pokesavers will overlook this stuff.

Thanks lol

And DSPokeEdit will put the values in for you automatically if you place the location in the second box too.

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DSPokeEdit will do this now? Or in the future?

There seems to be lacking in this guide.

Pokemon from XD/Pal Park don't seem to be mentioned anywhere besides 85h. Is this on purpose?

Edit: I see, so 44h-45h is only for eggs?

The latest version of DSPokeEdit does this now, yes.

The hidden values for Pokemon from xD will all be 00, except for the possibility of 46h being 37 (37 is pal-park's decimal) if you migrated through Platinum. If you migrated on D/P, then everything will be 00.

I'll add a bit in describing this, thanks for your question! :D

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hex BF4

put 0 before B .. so it becomes 0BF4

0B for 45h and F4 for 44h :)

anyway if you put any value in 44-45h ... the pokemon must be an egg or a hatched pokemon

Oh, and Honey Tree is DEFINITELY 00 for 85h. In Platinum, that is.

as you said .. 00 is the value of honey tree pokemon ...

my friend got female combee in platinum and 85h value is 00

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Oh, sorry...I meant the 46-47h values.

Then it would be F4 for 46h and 0B for 47h.

But I'm not so sure on the 46/47h values for event Pokemon. They might vary. Check a Japanese Platinum event and see what its 46h and 47h values are.

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No matter where you catch Honey Tree pokemon, for Platinum, it`s all 00. You want me to catch endless amounts of Honey Tree Pokemon, and show you all of `em?

Nope, I was just confirming lol (I already changed it in the guide)

I'm checking the fossil Pokemon right now.

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