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  1. Did you read the entirety of the first post?
  2. Well php also has weak typing which could cause conflicts as well. (A string can be used as an integer etc, without any kind of cast, making things dangerous). Looking over the operator list, php does have bitshift and other bitwise operators. However there are bitshift concerns on some systems, because of the loose typing, cannot be left shift to be more then 32 bits (if so behavior is undefined). As for ASP.Net, GTFO with that stuff. ASP has been superseded by PHP and not many places even support it. If your doing that, why not just use Tomcat or a streamed C++ application, which both are far better suited to this kind of task. >.>
  3. Actually because it has a hex editor it can edit anything in the pokemon, but its true there is no set button for any of it yet. (but calculating a new PID by hand may be some work)
  4. Not very feasible, aside from bandwidth concerns programming something like this in say... php, would near impossible due to the exact bit manipulation that has to be done. Which last I checked PHP had limited support for.
  5. my least liked, hrm.. well I know for a fact I dislike all Legendaries. People go all stupid crazy over the things, "omg omg I gots shiny arceus. hahaha, I am awesomes".. yeah, bleh hate them, so dumb. After that would probably be tentacool and zubat. For reasons related to how common and annoying they be popping up every few seconds. Pikachu is pretty up there too.
  6. Uhm, might be, because of very old outdated code that I used to check for an expansion gba pack (for when I was playing around to see if I could make use of it). I thought I cut that out however.
  7. In the current version it actually uses two separate font systems for those things. It was a bit of an after thought to be honest when I added those. I have tons of work to do on PPSE-DS to make everything more compatible. I just haven't used my free time lately to work on things, mostly because I have not played the games lately. I spent more time working on this then playing the games. But thats cool, since I find this enjoyable as well. Oh well. I am working on it some now.
  8. Oh yeah, someone lock this, this thread is old.
  9. I am trying to convince them to switch over to using the PokeLib library. Which is what I made and combined to run with PPSE-DS. But to be honest I have not seen them in awhile.
  10. It should be there, try using the d-pad to scroll down further, sometimes the scrollbar likes to fsck up and not show everything.
  11. Well I sorta do, the plan is to generate it forward and just set the IV accordingly (like how the game does, cept with ability to set nature, shiny, etc)
  12. It needs something written before eeprom is accessible then. Unfortunately I don't know where or what needs to be written. I may attempt to run it through a decompiler again later, however I am going to be very busy this week (midterms, 4 of them)
  13. Oh right I got my new mouse (I like it).
  14. You guys are gonna cause me a heart attack.
  15. That background was very hard to find actually, I uploaded it here. I would have to add support for all the games then, if you have all of them I can import the functionality into PokeLib and then it may eventually make its way into PPSE-DS. (so sorta yeah I could). I plan to eventually support loading and saving of individual pkm files aswell. PokeLib currently is still pretty barebones, since I develop it side by side with PPSE-DS currently. So PokeLib can do anything PPSE-DS can do, but it doesn't work the other way around, not right away. (mainly PokeLib has a much greater ability to edit pokemon then PPSE-DS currently supports).
  16. Has anyone tried the loading the data directly from eeprom via PPSE-DS (just to check and see)?
  17. Bad news, my mouse is dieing/died. Having it randomly turning off makes it a bit hard to use it, I have a G5, its a very nice mouse, but considering it almost 4 to 5 years old I think I have gotten my moneys worth. So until I can order a new one (hopefully later today) and get a new one delivered (hopefully by next week). I am not sure how much progess I will make on PPSE-DS.
  18. Added a few things, this is a kinda a small update as no new huge functions are in, but the filesize exploded (added like 250 kb) due to the addition of the nds math and nds floating point emulation library for the contest stat editing. I changed the music too, so in the end the file size pretty much doubled with those two changes. Download Oct 18, 2009: r10 + Added Hex Edit View + Seperated Pokemon Editing Menu + Added option to set you as pokemon's original trainer. + Added automatic nickname setting/etc (English only so far) + Added pokemon contest stat editing. (its pretty!) = Fixed RAM_ONLY_MODE to use the background. = Fixed argv loading problem.
  19. I have an r4 revolution with ysmenu (I tried it on normal firmware too, both work). I have a CycloDS Evolution and it works on there as well. I have no other carts I am sorry I am poor, but if you want to send me some I can use them to test future versions. You won't get them back.
  20. Byte 0x41: Shining Leaf Bit: 76543210 00XAAAAA X is crown bit, A are individual leaf bits Bit X can only be set if all A bits are set. Thanks to Bhik95 for Original Research Note 0x41 was part of the form hex.
  21. Its not actually on my roadmap, but I will keep in mind many people want it. In my opinion it really is an awesome feature but it is very unstable. I tried for a few hours to get save working but the times I did get it to write, it just wrote junk to the cart.
  22. You can try it but every time I tried to save things back it just failed (did not write anything at all)
  23. Its from the cart, its very very very experimental. I don't expect that it actually works correctly. ---------- Post added at 07:59 AM ---------- Previous post was at 07:47 AM ---------- Emergency Update! Fixes two large bugs with items editing! Download Oct 16, 2009: r9.2 = Fixed Item 'Edit' Button (it didn't work) = Fixed Item 'Add' and 'Insert' to not add an extra item if combining
  24. Okay Revision 9 is now out, here is my change log. It has an highly experimental eeprom loader, ergo loading from retail carts, I added it in as a afterthought, it probably doesn't work very well at all, if at all (it will load renamed saves in no$gba, thats all I know). Download Oct 16, 2009: r9 + Added Complete Item Editing Support + Added Highly Experimental Eeprom Loader (do A+B+X+Y+START+SELECT on main menu) = Fixed screens to render on demand = Fixed countless preformance bugs = Fixed minor pokemon disappearance bug = Fixed a few empty scroll menu bugs
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