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  1. That is great to hear since I own a few NDS lites but only one GBA atm. I’ll make sure to post again once I receive the r4 and have my save backed up to ask about injecting the actual event tickets.
  2. Thank you so much for the extensive info. After reading you initial reply I thought that editing the savefile itself on the Pc by adding the tickets to it would be easier than the alternative. As for the legitimacy of the process I only really want the event pokemon to be with my OT and don’t really need to transfer the actual tickets through a link cable / adapter as it would be done at a legit event. So as of right now I have ordered a r4 gold cart for the 3ds and a r4 sdhc nds lite cart to do the trick.
  3. Thank you so very much! I’ll be ordering the r4 cart right now and I’ll reply on this topic once again when I have it in hand with the save backed up. Looking forward to progress on this! once again thanks a lot!
  4. Hello, I have all of my 3rd gen games (Mostly EUR some US) which have unfortunately been wiped with the event saves on them. I am trying to somehow put the tickets for those ingame event on my gba’s - eon ticket, old sea map, navel rock, the deoxys one etc. Could anyone please help me how would I go about doing it and what would be the hardware needed? Sorry for the newb question but I am completely new to injecting etc. I just want the tickets so that I can farm those event pokemon shiny... I understand that I could probably do it by having 2 gba’s + link cable / wireless adapter and an flash gba card with the distro rom loaded on it, is this correct? Would it work for all of the events? Is there any easier way? Appreciate any help.
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