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  1. To be precise, I believe it uses a cart unique key to encrypt the save. So if you lose the cart, and didn’t make a decrypted backup, nor did you make a ROM dump of that cart (the header/key is in the ROM), then you’re outta luck.

    There were methods to brute force it previously, not sure it works currently, but in any case it would also require you to have the cart on hand.

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  2. Taking a closer look at the mon, it says Pokewalker at the PID type. (not ID)
    It is the way Pokewalker IDs are generated. PKHeX is finding best matches out of every detail.

    It is only confusing cause the mon you're using is so so illegal.

    Once again, you should not have a Gen 6 Pokemon Met in Nuvema town, and gen 5 game of origin (among other things). I advise you let this one go. ><

  3. 5 hours ago, pharohzeke said:

    Ok, But I'm just confused on what it is and how it was made, for some reason it can be uploaded to black and white, and in its ID it has the Pokewalker on it 

    Check the location ID number, and location name for the Mon in Gen 4, and reply me.

  4. Read this:

    The only parts I want to add that wasn’t mentioned here is that someone leaked the ROMs online, but without the memory card dump as well as solving the NR reader issue, it will be unusable to those who download them. (Also remember piracy isn’t allowed here).

    I’ve been seeing that people (those who do engage in the piracy on other platforms) would try to give it a crack, and would then proceed to give up on it. So far, it doesn’t appear emulators want to implement fixing the NR reader issue, as I’m told that seems to infringe on Nintendo copyright.

    I can’t source the exact thread or post, but I vaguely remember reading that the original plan was to somehow have it physically accessible to the public, and that was negatively affected by the leak and thus put on hold.

    At the very least, the stuff is all preserved safely. Not much more to say really.

    And finally, remember that asking for ROMs are piracy and not allowed here.

  5. If the only issue with Deoxys is the invalid memory, for now just use batch editor to zero out a few factors.

    =Box=(box Deoxys is in)
    =Slot=(slot number Deoxys is in)

    In the mean time I’ll have to investigate this further on my end.

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  6. 6 hours ago, parham39 said:

    But did you actually try it? It does work with every repro i threw at it including different pokemon rom hacks and completely different bootlegs like wario world, metal slug, hamtaro etc. Just need to select unlicenced batteryless sram and backup saves data and write saves data Anyway, just tried to help in case you diddnt know because all this stuff seems like a huge struggle

    I used a different software and tried a similarly named step. Also tried to cobble together separate patches to see if I can make it work. To my understanding GBxCart RW is a hardware, but if the software you’ve shown works well without the hardware then I can give that a shot :)

  7. 3 hours ago, parham39 said:

    Hi maybe im missing somthing here, but did any of you try the gbx cart flasher? Just pick "unlicenced batteryless sram" as the save type and you're good to go, no need for any extractor/injector tool


    Don’t think everyone has the flasher you’re using. Also don’t think it works with every repro type. I tried doing something similar to one of mine (supposedly it is able to save proper save sizes if tweaked correctly) but to no avail.

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  8. 3 hours ago, CowsRPog said:

    No this is happening after ive loaded the rom into it. Is i happening because its a rom hack and not the original game? because it is a .nds fileimage.png.b1e3a5e78febd3d7ec8faa55e8add007.pngimage.thumb.png.c90e08fc6e78018107e992c5ae9eb75a.png

    maybe it's the ROM hack interfering with stuff. Try perform this hack to the base ROM, then patch it with the ROM hack, then launch the game and see if it works.

  9. On 1/16/2024 at 12:33 PM, Extricated said:

    I was praying to god you were going to mention their now-deleted post about how they "don't own" gen 9, and BOY am I glad you did

    It’s not instant-ban on the forums but if they continue asking about the same topic as when they were a pirate, then we obviously can’t help them (since that implies they’re still a pirate).

    They need to read our rules and guidelines again. There’s a few things they said wrong as well.

    On 1/16/2024 at 12:25 PM, Pokemonfan6498 said:

    because it's only game what has different mystery gift structure different than previous gens

    Not true. To be precise, any Pokémon Switch game (even LGPE) so far has a different structure, in the sense that it can’t directly be injected to the save, so it’s not limited to Gen 9.


     if not a single cfw allows online access since most sources say that going online with cfw like atmosphere msy result in a ban 

    While most CFWs warn that the chance exists, it’s also true that CFW + Sysnand without anything sketchy installed (or ever installed) is fine. 

    We have a whole list of things on Discord (said by devs + collaborated with user reports) on what to avoid. I’ve been using my hacked Switch on CFW online ever since Mario Odyssey launch, no issues.

    I get the impression they’ve been treating the “warning” as a “guarantee”, when it is an *at your own risk* disclaimer. Either that, or they have pirated stuff onto their Sysnand before (not just Emunand), hence it has been solidified as a guarantee in their mind and they’ve been acting off that.

    In any case, let’s stop being off-topic and continue with BCAT discussion.

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  10. 6 minutes ago, Pokemonfan6498 said:

    Obviously gen 9 because it's only game what has different mystery gift structure different than previous gens but i still don't get it how im supposed to use save data on modded switch if not a single cfw allows online access since most sources say that going online with cfw like atmosphere msy result in a ban 

    You’re aware you’ve mentioned before that you don’t own Gen 9 right, in this very thread?

  11. 3 hours ago, Pokemonfan6498 said:

    But how it's not like on 3DS, it's not confirmed if you can go online in enunand even if you own the game legitimately and without blocking Nintendo's servers even if those games are confirmed to work woth migswitch cart 

    Because currently, it’s not. We’ve had multiple multiple years to notice and observe and record how the server has been operating in regards to CFW on Switch.

    Also hacked 3DSes can also go online. I’ve done that for years too. Currently, it isn’t really necessarily to use EmuNAND at the first place if you’re doing it all normally.

  12. 4 hours ago, no3 said:

    hello, sorry to bump this old thread (can't sent dms), but did you managed to finish your pokemon Y? and can share the files? that's exactly what I'm looking for

    I’ve replaying bits and pieces again here and there. I’ve already uploaded some living dexes, but there some stuff I’m unhappy about so recatching some entries. You can check stuff I’ve already uploaded in the downloads category. Alternatively consider checking RoC’s PC too.

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