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  1. ... I had an idea ... I'll try that later…. Edit: I still tried it now. I have always tried the same on the 3DS before. But I can already check that in the PokéDex by PKHeX. No matter how I do it. If I omit "modify PokéDex" in the PKHeX settings, nothing will be activated in the Dex. If I activate this, some will be activated on "Shiny Male" eg. Volcanion. If I use the "modify" option in the PokéDex version of the PKHeX and all of them do "none seen" and "none caught", of course no more are registered in the Dex. I'm just wondering why some are sim
  2. I did exactly in this order. All PKMN participating in the fight will be shown in the right form. But unfortunately still only under "seen". Only a newly captured PKMN is registered in the Dex. (But maybe that's better that way?) Because that's not what the Dex-Shiny error looks like, and I think if I save X-Edition ingame and get PKMN from the bank and transfer it to X, the maybe will be registered in X-Edition?)
  3. I think there were some misunderstandings when translating ... probably because of me ... - By "I save my boxes with the option SAV", I mean the "SAV" tab above the box next to the other tabs: Box / Party-Battle -Box / Other / SAV. I have now reloaded my original PKHeX save so that all PKMN will reappear in my order. Then I edited the PokéDex again in PKHeX. (seen none and caught none.) (In the first attempt, I have only selected as in the picture under "modify"-> "seen none." That probably was not enough.) The hacking is out/off in the PKHeX setting under "Modify PokéDe
  4. I think that was progress in the right direction. With this method in the PKHeX saving is new to me. I have always saved by "SAV" - "Save box". Then there was always a "pcdata". (These "pcdata" were only read in PKHeX when I first read in the "main" file of the game. Unfortunately it brings me your storage / loading method all created PKMN in their number in the box. So there is a confusion. Point is synonymous but that stood in Dex 0. (Have in the PKHeX made the PokéDex change again.) Then I took 3 PKMN from the storage system and go out to fight in the Wild Grass. Th
  5. ... I still have the old "pcdata"-save before the PokéDex intervened yet. ...
  6. I did that. But now 100% Shiny seems to be in the Dex. (The ones taken on trip except.) ... I do not completely understand this. I loaded the "main" date in the PKHeX, then created the saved file of mine. Then changed the change in the PokéDex setting of PKHeX. Then "main" is copied to the 3DS. I do not know if that's what you meant. ---- Very strange that now all PKMN are in Dex Shiny. (Except for the ones I met on the trip.)
  7. .... I can not feel well anymore .... I do not want to have spent those many days for nothing. Also to modify my 3DS was not fast ... and now I should fail ... There are two points I will try: 1. As you say, I'm off the dex in PKHeX and override the "main" file. After that, none of the PKMN should be in the Dex. So I take a created one that I knew was in Dex Shiny before and do a fight with it. Then I check the Dex again. If it's normal, it's great if not. Helps maybe only: 2. Update PKHeX and save the data and overwrite "main" (Ink again 1.). And if it does not work ...
  8. I'm really sorry, but I still do not understand it. (Because of the Shiny Dex ambiguity.) Save the main game? (Ingame Save) - The score of my X-Edition is not that important, because I restarted a few times because I used the wrong order after PKHeX crossed the "main" date. Unfortunately, I do not have a second 3DS. - Or do you mean my created in the GTS for original exchange? - I would not mind that ... Sorry for my long line ...
  9. Best thanks. That's what I wanted to know. So I just have to just have my OT / TID identical to the trainer profile. A question: You say, the error is not the PKMN but the X German version. If than I now legally/original get a PKMN in Exchange and this is (D). Is it the date then incorrect? Thanks again for the solution. What exactly for a save? From PKHeX or X-Edition? And how exactly trade? PKHeX or X-Edition ?! I'm just slightly confused. (I speak not very good english, sorry..) (I just call that a project, because I do it almost once and all th
  10. Whether the Dex is complete or not, I do not care. I just thought that what could be wrong with the code of the created PKMN, if it appears in the Dex as Shiny. (But then again as normal ... Picture 1; Top right.) A pity, I thought I could help you by mentioning this. My PKHeX feels the PKMN for Legal ... (But there would be a new version of PKHeX. - This i not use. I will first my first PHKeX Project transfer to Bank.) Do not quite understand ... This PKHeX project was my first so far, which is why I've created as many, so I'll then all up to the gene. 6 have.
  11. Sounds not good at all .... Especially how could I only "bad cheating"? I've occasionally created: Attacks / IV's / EV's / Ball / OT / TID / Nature. And rarely in Shiny. I copied most of them. (If I had one legal, it was pulled into the pits and its values created a new one.) So the memories always remained the same. (They usually made the most mistakes for me.) Stupid .... I do not what I should do now ... I do not want to be banned. And only if I follow your last steps, the PKMN may no longer be in the Dex of the X-Edition. But could still cause damage in the bank or
  12. I would use the 4 birds in online fight and I would like to have no PKMN on the bank, which could possibly cause problems. All wanted to have the same status. (Legal). Although I have received a Shiny Vivillon, which has a pattern that has been distributed only by event and as far as I know, never one was distributed in Shiny. (Not the PokéBall pattern.) - I received the exchange in the GTS and am now on the bank ...
  13. That's exactly what I thought, the combination does not exist. But very good idea to try with 30 IV's. Thank you very much. (But due to legality for online connection, I probably will not pursue this project, unless I am wrong accordingly.)
  14. So now I have removed the hoes "Modify PokéDex" ("change PokéDex"). But that did not help. But what I have to correct is, not all are Shiny in the Dex only about 98% (the ones I met on the trip excluded). -- "If I start the game and before I want to load the score, there is how much you have in the PokéDex. It stands with me 161 PKMN in the Dex. And when I'm in the game and open the PokéDex, there are only 48 left in the Kalos Central PokéDex. But I think that's just because I'm still in the beginning in the game. So irrelevant." -- As in the first picture is also so
  15. I have found a PID through the program, which brings all IV's to 31. Unfortunately with a false nature. (The wanted nature was not in the list.) But, as this method makes the Pokémon illegal, I will not apply it. Thus, you can save the effort, as I can do it. (Shiny to change, is legal because the PID is not changed. Only the TID.) Thank you for your help! - NecRozma "Edit": Maybe I understand that with the modified PID synonymous wrong? I can find Articuno in Shiny in the game and press the IV's ... then it would be legal. But was z.b. would not
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