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  1. okay, follow this tutorial, try this method to get your save.
  2. Like I said, save in-game properly twice, not use state saves.
  3. Chances are, you didn't save in game, and instead used state saves. Save in game properly Look at the bottom part of this page, but above the comments section. (also, I was asking how you obtained the save, not how you obtained the game)
  4. I feel as tho you didn't answer all my questions. Perhaps break my previous reply part by part, and reply the questions part by part. I can't even attempt to help if you don't answer my questions.
  5. What game is this for, how are you playing the game, and how did you obtain it? This is not right..
  6. Encryption Constant. This thing: Well yeah, it modifies the top half based on your TID/SID and PID. So given you're using the same PID, TID and SID, it gave you the same result; there's only one modification formula (for forced shinies), so if all the variables are the same, the result is the same.
  7. If I'm not mistaken, the factors connected to the seed are PID, IVs, HT, WT, EC. So yeah, you can't change any of them haphazardly.
  8. Ah that makes sense. To my understanding that is how games force shininess. From what I understand, the games rolls a shiny check, *before* the seed is rolled. (Which the seed is used to determine various stats such as PID, IVs, Height , Weight, EC, etc), and the result from the shiny check would result in either (1) Shiny or (2) Not Shiny. So if you rolled a shiny for the shiny check, but the resulting PID from the seed is not shiny, that is supposedly how the game assigns you a forced shiny PID (by modifying the top half of the PID). [which is square shiny] [extra info: if
  9. No problems. I replied cause I happened to be online, I can't say the same for my future reply, but as long as I have details, I'll answer it when I see it. On a partially unrelated note, I see that all 3 of your SoJ has the same stats and PID. Did you use a cheat to get them or something?
  10. Because you modified the PID beyond legal bounds. The new version of PKHeX added a check to overworld/fishing/symbol encounters from gen 8 (if you control + click the legality symbol, you'll see the PID type now being called overworld8), and checks whether their PIDIV and other stats are properly legal. (basically can reverse engineer those stats, and see if any legal seed was used to generate them). Here's a tool that might be of interest, provided you have your legal copy of the Swords of Justice. Do note you can not change their IVs. (You could just hyper train them if you want)
  11. Frankly got no clue, never ran into that with my edited saves before.
  12. Well, I've yet to try whether genned in mega forms have the same restriction. But at the very least, Rayquaza holding the Z Crystal couldn't mega evolve. So maybe try testing if Mega Rayquaza (hacked in) has the same restriction, and if not, proceed to modify the properties of the items. It's possible they can use Z-moves if they can mega evolve, kinda like how Ultra Necrozma could use that special Z move only after Ultra Burst. So try to figure those things out, do a few tests on on an unmodded ROM (with a modded save) to figure out how the mechanics interact with each other, before e
  13. What can I say, people always think their perceived needs as "necessary" ><
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