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  1. If you're asking on how you can obtain a code personally, you can get codes from visiting EB games (Canada) or digital code from Pokémon Pass (US). If you want to use the code Sabresite provided.. then your question doesn't matter, since that code can immediately used in the games >< I'm confused, are the codes Sabresite provide (in his post) all used up? ><
  2. No method of sending your own Mystery Gift over WiFi from PC works for Gen 6 and 7, at least not publicly. As for Gen 5, such a tool from PC probably exists, but I'm not sure frankly. Anyhow, you could just use PKSM or PKHeX to inject wondercards. Or receive events (Gen 4 & 5) by connecting to someone's server via the "DNS exploit" AFAIK no. If such methods exist, I imagine people would be happily trading between their emulators and DS.
  3. The save loads fine in PKHeX (my previous comment) and in-game (below). Make sure you extract the main out of the .rar achive first. Also, check this:
  4. As much as I'm fascinated once again by GF's gaffes, I suggest not trading illegal mons online. (Plus, uploading them onto GTS would be against our rules, since unsuspecting players can trade for them illegal mons) Illegal mon, since: 1. The event has ribbons 2. You're not supposed to be able to upload fused Necrozma to GTS. For the sake of preventing players from getting banned, I highly suggest not trading fused Necrozma on GTS.
  5. only if you know the Event Flag and/or event constant associated with that trainer.
  6. When Sword and Shield is officially released, PKHeX should get an update, if it all goes well. Of course it all depends on whether the save encryption is hacked etc. Be patient.
  7. I'll be uploading the wonder cards later. We already have em
  8. The save removes the older records beyond recent 32. They do keep track of the number of total wins you've had, but that's about it.
  9. what version of PKHEX are you using? the save loads just fine I'm under the impression that you're using a version of the PKHeX that is prior to USUM being supported.
  10. not doubting you, but just pointing out that in this case, PKHeX being rather inconsistent? As per my mini tutorial above, when I wipe out the seen/caught flags, it does wipe out the language flags as well. Meaning that for my example earlier, PKHeX was assigning languages, hence why I could see my imported dex entries afterwards. edit: Yup, was checking a Celebi (Japanese entry) to see what language was assigned to it, and it didn't assign any. However, it doesn't appear shiny in-game tho. (correct Seen/Owned)
  11. Hmm, I'm wondering if "set to male" for the female only species is a default setting Pokédex (the game) has, or something PKHeX overlook. @Kaphotics any ideas?
  12. It was announced that this event would allow players to obtain a special Meowth that is capable of the Gigantamax phenomenon. This event will start from launch day through Jan 15, 2020. Interestingly enough, this Meowth would not be able to evolve. Official (EN): https://swordshield.pokemon.com/en-us/buy-now/gigantamax-pokemon/
  13. You ask for a "solution", but in reality there isn't anything wrong with PKHeX. And I know that the issue is not with PKHeX, because I'm able to import my files just fine. The best I could do for you, is give you a few images to follow, and you should try to follow em. If they still fail you, then I'll be equally lost as you. Read the text in the spoiler below thoroughly, and follow the images as closely as possible I hope this will be of some help to you
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