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  1. If you installed the version with the files in Luma, just delete the files in luma that corresponds to the game’s version ID
  2. Yeah, it's referring to the redemption process, as explained by Sabresite. This limit on redemption has been around since.. Gen 3 I think (to an extent, such as Wishmkr Jirachi). I've used the text you highlighted more prominently in Gen 6 and Gen 7 entries. Remember, the limit is to how many wonder cards of the that wonder card ID one can receive, not how many of this Pokemon you can have. It'll be stupid if they limit it via trades XD
  3. did you extract PKHeX from the zip file? It's working just fine for me. Maybe describe your setup a bit. (below image was from the steps you described) Also make sure settings are as per followed, especially detect save filetype on program startup. (that's probably the real important one)
  4. Yes. Use checkpoint (guide) or JKSM (guide) to dump your save on your 3DS. Keep a safe backup of the unmodified save somewhere on your computer. Then open a PKHeX window, open the save from your SD card, then drag the pk7 file from your desktop/relevant folder into the Boxes of the save. Export the save from PKHeX, with the name main. Replace the one in your SD card folder, then import back using the same app you used to dump it.
  5. well normally, if users try to import a folder which contains more than a main (like having a .bak inside), OR the save file isn't named main, the game will display the corrupted message. I'm not sure if all 3DS games have their saves named main, but it seems to be the case. So the criteria to not having a 'corrupt save' is: 1. The save file must have the same name as when it was exported (in Gen 6-7 case, main) 2. Nothing else must be in the save folder, besides what was originally there
  6. rename the save to main, try to import it again. edit: I also shifted this entire line of inquiry to it's own space.
  7. go further in, to the folder with the hacked save.
  8. The save you sent me loads fine in PKHeX and Citra, so at this point, in all likelihood: 1. Checkpoint screwed up 2. you screwed up (somehow somewhere) 3. The transferring onto your SD screwed up. Take a screenshot of the folder on your SD card, with the hacked save inside, thanks ><
  9. What save manager are you using? Was there any other file in the folder when you did the restore process? Do you still have the save on your pc, before you did the restore? (So that I can look at it)
  10. It was a risk on 3DS too, as of latest updates, but doesn’t seem to be as big a risk as the switch.
  11. I haven't been able to modify your save with the appropriate event flags, but importing event flags from another save works. :3 I may have modified it a bit to get through Drayden and Zinzolin, though those are easy edits to use PKHeX to fix >< POKEMON W2.3.sav
  12. I'm trying a different alternative. I loaded event flags from an earlier point of a save of mine, and re-taking down Drayden.
  13. It's not going well, even when I used my previous method, Drayden still doesn't show up. Do you have a save of before you defeated the gym leader?
  14. Hey I saw  a post back in July of you helping someone fix their corrupted save on white 2 with Drayden (Don't know how to spell his name) Not being visible on the screen and it freezing. I have the same problem after I beat zinzolin and it just freezes after the battle because Drayden isn't visible... I was wondering if you could help me out here :)

    POKEMON W2.0.sav

    1. theSLAYER


      hey, “@“ me in that thread, then I’ll work on helping you based on what I did there :)