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  1. As far as I can tell, the formatting and attachment changed and went missing after our forums got hacked and we had to shift to a different provider. At the point, this user hasn't been online since Sep 2020. Anyhow, if the user does come online, this ping (@ArtemiSerebii) should be enough to notify them. No need to drop a message on their profile or PM them.
  2. why is the fateful encounter not checked?
  3. no worries. If you cannot find a way to dump the save from the fake cart, your next best step is probably trading the mons to a real cart, then extracting the save of the real cart.
  4. Maybe your cart is a fake cart. Checkpoint doesn't handle fake carts properly. Try other extraction methods.
  5. it's not a save. Besides the header for a SMDH file, the rest of the data is practically blank. it is not a save. Of course PKHeX won't let you edit it.
  6. No idea what you're saying. Also, you could simply do .PID=$shiny if you want the mon to be shiny (only do that after TID and SID is changed) Unless it is something not implemented by PKHeX, the problem is 99% the time the user. Either the user wants something not implemented, misunderstands how it works, or typed the wrong thing.
  7. - Shininess is tied to TID and SID, so of course changing that will cause something to unshinify. - Some moves depend on version, and egg moves depends on whether it was an egg to begin with. Of course messing with that messed with the moves.
  8. If all you changed is language and region info, these errors shouldn't exist. No matter, these are things you can fix with the batch editor. Just properly figure out what error you're really having, then mass fix it.
  9. Please don't multipost. I've merged your posts this once. Also, if PKHeX can edit your save, you don't need other programs now do you? And also, no. As far as I know, there isn't a program that specifically deals with saves from hackroms. If you want to add mons beyond what's available, consider using batch editor to change their species ID.
  10. PKHeX is a save editor, not a ROM editor. Also, as it relates to Radical Red, if you were asking about editing it's saves, I don't think PKHeX can do it. It sounds like the game is overly messed with.
  11. Use this option (or if your emulator is slightly different, an option named similar to this option) to reimport an edited save. (Do this after you launch the game)
  12. I'm assuming you're looking at one of my older WC6 trackers. Genderless, Random, Female, Male Same card for USA and EUR. So categorization is based on language, not region. If you're not looking to contribute events, nor to maintain our files (not that you have the rights to that), there's no real need for you to understand it. There's no such thing as "injecting legit wc". Did you mean legal? Well, depends on the region of the event. Read the first post of this thread. This is not a thread for people to ask for help relating injections.
  13. Note that 3DS region only applies to 3DS games, and it won't matter if the mon is being shifted into Switch games. For Gen 3 files and up Changes Language to Japanese. Having the IsNicknamed like that is just to make sure the Pokemon have their names updated accordingly. As for 3DS region, I recommend this: Note: Do be aware that some event Pokemon have specific region locking status. You should remove all event Pokemon before batch editing. If means make a copy and keep them somewhere safe, before you edit them.
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