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  1. Having some problems : When i don;t use the english patch my b/w games work but when i do i am stuck on a white screen in both sections , so here what i did ( i am using waio.nds for clone r4) i edited the b/w save file by pressing Y on waio and put 512 kb for sav and it worked until i saved and restarted my game i lost my sav any one can help me ?? Thanks in advance
  2. uhh kinda lost here which one of these do i use? Black Kata Names or Black English Names White English Names or White Kata Names and new style or old style logo?
  3. Umm 2 questions 1 Which one of those downloads links do i download for b/w? 2 if i do use one of these download links to make my game english , will it mess up my game? Thanks in advance Oh and how far has this been translated?
  4. Black sounds and seems better than white , no racial
  5. I need a downloadable program that will complete my pokedex , i used a program from this site to fill my whole pokedex but i am not sure if i can use it agian and i forgot the name of the program. soo can any one give me a program that will fill my pokedex? ur help will mean alot. thxu :grog:
  6. umm this might be noob question but can u edit sav files ? for e.g moves , full pokedex ??
  7. in kanto getitng my 3rd badge wit my team which is : garchomp lvl 52, pidgeot lvl 50, lugia lvl 52 typhlosion lvl 51 , sceptile lvl 50 and electivre lvl 50. and aslo thinking that d/p/pt where better than hg and ss any one agree wit me ??
  8. 1) garchomp 2) rhyperior 3) electivire 4) magmortar 5) charizard
  9. well i think they have mostly done everything like the dogs, birds, dragons, golems and lake gurdains but i would luv to see the theme around new pokemon like the new pokemon in gen 5 that will come in the new movie
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