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  1. Swampert91: Did you visit the pokemon fan club in vermillion? He shows up in order, like you can't see Eusine in Cianwood before visiting the burned tower. Once you see Steven and he tells you about Lati@s, then you should see him at Silph Co. My update: Spent about and hour plus doing the whole power plant deal, then when i tried walking up, i accidentally turned off my game. a problem only for the NDS classic seeing as how the power button is just above the Dpad. before you ask how I did something so dumb, I was playing in the dark. (or at least dim lighting) Gonna try again tonight..
  2. yup even though dodrio's speed stat is higher, according to Dex, it runs up to 40, not 60
  3. Articuno! (though mainly those doomed in icy regions) Men only please! (that's a hint, not a statement)
  4. three awesome new pokemon are made, but the rest of the game was neglected and sucks so it doesn't matter. I wish "game corner" prizes were cheaper
  5. Whahahahaha! Missing No. !!!
  6. For the first post (if noone said already) It's an Unnamed Aura Guardian If you wanted a named trainer, it's Ash For Kevin: Hex Maniac Tasha Mine: -Overworld sprite used twice -english name is a pun -3 pokemon
  7. Shiny ditto is teal, not green! My leaf stone turned my eevee into leafeon
  8. 1. Flareon - Fire Stone Vaporeon - Water Stone Jolteon - Thunder Stone Espeon - Happiness Day Umbreon - Happiness Night Leafeon - Level Up Eterna Forest Glaceon - Level Up Route 217 2. Apart from "Bug", they cover each others weakness (psychic beats fighting beats dark beats ghost beats psychic) Helping Hand + Power Swap. If used repeatedly, attack stats can be boosted to the max. 3.Eevee - Dark Grey (G2) White (G3, G4) Flareon - Orange (G2) Gold (G3) Brown (G4) Vaporeon - Purple Jolteon - Darker yellow (G2) Green (G3, G4) Espeon - Green
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