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  1. Well I tried the coordinate cheat in Pokesav and what happens is i come out of the door hold L+R BEFORE going out and then when i come out it LOOKS as if i were in were i wnated to go (aka Giratina Room and ) but the people from the previous place are all still there ( i tried it coming out of the Poke Center and it looks like Giratina's Room but the poke healer person and everyone else is still there) what do i do Thanks for the help:biggrin:
  2. OK here are the rules, first you think up of a legendary pokemon and then give a one word hint about what it is e.g... Pokemon that I'm thinking about :Celebi One word clue : Time Try not to be too vague and try not to make it too obvious,ok so ill start (Legendary Pokemon Only the farther we get into the game the more legendaries that will have been used up so the hints will start getting more vague as we go!) I'll Start Emotion
  3. Mew.

    Hey Guys!~~

    Hello!!! I'm a huge mew/legendary pokemon fan (in case you couldn't tell by the picture ) I like this site adn i hope to like it even more in the future!!!
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