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  1. Hey i just dont let anyone off easy this test is tough so you've been warned your clamied to fail...... 1.Name all 7 of eevee's envoled forms and how you get them(worth 9 points 2.umbreon and espeon there super different so what makes these to a winning teams you'll have to own them to find out (there are two resons so this is worth 2 points) 3.what colors are they when *shiny* (8 points) 4.umbreon and espeon learn a healing move that goes with there sun 'n' moon thing going on this is a later move (worth 2 points) 5.almost every game offers one male eevee uasally the same person <exam
  2. This pokemon is ugly green whaen shiney part of the biggest evolutionary line and is one of my favs!!!! [sPRITE]1[/sPRITE] (the pic is not it i just did that from fun!!) BYE!!:bidoof:
  3. IM HAVEING TROUBLE WITH THE POKESAV how do you get the code for my action replay and hpw do i change my profile image!!
  4. i dont have one yet but i probaly never use it or always use it i find him pretty cool[sPRITE]Arceus[/sPRITE] [OVRSPRITE]Arceus[/OVRSPRITE] [sHINYSPRITE]Arseus[sHINYSPRITE] but evn thow he's great i prefer....... [sPRITE]umbreon[/sPRITE][iCON]umbreon[/iCON][sHINYSPRITE]umbreon[/sHINYSPRITE][OVRSPRITE]umbreon[/OVRSPRITE][HGSSSPRITE]umbreon[/HGSSSPRITE] and.... [sPRITE]espeon[sPRITE][iCON]espeon[/iCON][sHINYSPRITE]espeon[/sHINYSPRITE][OVRSPRITE]espeon[/OVRSPRITE][HGSSSPRITE]espeon[/HGSSSPRITE] BYE!!
  5. HIYA i the number1 eeveelutions fan!! but i always loved umbreon and espeon over the rest of them!! mine are lv100 in diamond i raised them from level 14 eevee's umbreon has like 14 ribbons espeon has about 12 or mabey10 theycame i long way hey while i'm talking i'm wondering how you change ur pofile pic? BYE!!:bidoof:
  6. YOUR SO RIGHT THERE I MEAN I LOVE ESPEON SHE AND UMBREON ARE MY FAV AND THEY MAKE HER THAT TRASHY GREEN SHE REMINDS ME OF SLIME WHENTHEY MAKE HER GREEN SAME WITH JOLTEON VAPOREON THERE SHINEY ARE PLAIN UGLY:mad: ---------- Post added at 03:37 AM ---------- Previous post was at 03:15 AM ---------- MY MOST HATED POKEMON IN ORDER FROM WROST TO BEST 1.Mewtwo-why-its not a real pokemon he was created in a lab after one of my fav pokemon mew, mew had to suffer and mewtwo tried to rule the world *whisper grimly* so much for gratuide 2.Castform-why-it looks perverted from one for to it ugly for
  7. hiya and welcome........ well i'm newer than you why im talking *he he* hey uh........ you started with redd like fire redd cause my boyfriend has that game i borrowed it. the older games are fun, cause there more of a challenge! if i didn't get grounded so often i would have beat diamond in two weeks rather than the two months!! well pokemon games are really never beat...... it you think about..... well be seeing you!!:bidoof: BYE!!
  8. Hi. my favorite pokemon are umbreon and espeon. ilike the others too but......... those pics are two of my favorite on pokemon diamond i have both them level 100 without cheating espeon's a girl but umbreon is a boy i got them as eevee's lv 13 and 14 from my friend quanjania, quan for short i just got platinum this veary day (along with 65$ and my laptop with i'm useing at this veary moment!) i plan on spending the money on more pokemon stuff and a wi-fi connector thing so i can battle and trade with people round the globe!!! hey but unuff of me longing on and on i do that a lot it re
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