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  1. If I edit the dex it won't mess thing up? I've never done this before. Usually you get the national dex after the E4. Can you right at the start of the game? It won't break anything? Maybe I should hold off on that part until after. Thanks damio. - - - -Edit 1 - - - How do you use DSPokeEdit? I got the original jp version from what I think was the creators site. Then I patched it to eng. Go to open, and select my save, but nothing happens. What format does it work with? Mine is in EZFlash V.
  2. What do you mean rearrange them? If I start a new game and don't catch anything new, they should all be empty with just the starter in party. o.= If I do it like that, it won't affect the dex will it? I'm not sure what would happen if you started a new game and already had seen all the sinnoh pokemon. It might create problems? ~Edit~ Thank you Evan.
  3. I apologize beforehand if this is in the wrong section. I'm assuming pokesav might be able to accomplish this maybe. /shrug Whilst lurking about a few days back, I came across a post from someone saying how pokegames should have a newgame+ mode. Lately, I've grown quite bored with the game and hax tower and have been wanting to start a new game but with all my pokemon and items (maybe just pokemon lol). So, is there any way to do this without saving every pokemon as a .pkm and moving them to the new save? That's a lot of work (500 pokemon, though I only have a little over 120). I believe pokesav can generate AR codes? Is there a way to have it generate a code that puts all your owned pokes in another savegame's storage? I'm sorry if this was confusing. Hopefully someone knows what I mean by "newgame+".
  4. I searched all over the inter-webs for one and never found one. Found a couple posts from the end of march/april from people claiming to be working on one and how it would be released in 2 weeks and blah blah blah. Here it is June and the best selling pokegame gets ignored... go figure right heh. I tried the hex thing to massive failure. What the tutorials said I should have didn't match with anything I could see. Then after a few minutes struggling to understand with what to do, an electric solid energy arm came out of my monitor and gut punched me really hard. Then I threw up liquid pain on my keyboard pretty much bringing my hex editing days to a tragic close. So I'll be patient and wait for someone already knowledgeable in the programming ways to release one some day. At the current rate, probably after HG and SS come out kekeke.
  5. I've been using the Dusklops+Salamence trainer too. I've a feeling he's probably the best. The stark area has about the same level trainers but nothing that gives as much as a Salamence. Do the old trainers increase in level? I haven't tried vs.seeker-ing them since the National Dex. I didn't think fighting a bunch of lv 5s-40s would be worth wile. Thanks everyone for your replies. - - - U P D A T E - - - At route 228 (the sand storm one) there is an Ace Trainer named Moira. She has 3 pokemon and a combined total experience gain of 6376exp. The 3 pokemon she uses (In Platinum) are Sandslash, Gastrodon, and a Claydol. For comparison, the guy with the Salamence and Dusclops gives 4678exp. If you enter the area from the west gate house and go south, she is just above the grass area.
  6. I'm actually looking for one. Anyone know if one has been made that shows the best trainers to level on based on total exp gain? Like a top 10? I was wondering if all I'd have to do is check every (x_x) trainer in Stark Mountain and just find the one who gives the most exp since that's pretty much the end area of the game. However, there could be other options just as good outside, I don't know. I've asked the Gamefaqs people but I always get a non-answer like, "Just go to the cafe and fight 2 battles a day, that will level you fast!!" or "Just fight the E4 again with the National dex! All the pokemon there are 20+ levels higher than you so GL with that!!" Well anydangway, yea... any tips on who to vs.seeker level on would be great. In the mean time, I'll keep looking... ~
  7. Your link goes to the Dark type pokemon page. But yea, I found what you meant. I suppose I could combine that list and just go through the Pal Park pokemon that don't appear outside it (munchlax->snorlax). That should give a decent list of unobtainables. Thanks Prince. Edit--- Something like this but a tad more accurate. http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v201/BikdipOnABus/platinumlistrevision2.png
  8. Heya fellas I'm trying to find a list of all the pokemon that aren't obtainable in Platinum. So far I found a list for Diamond/Pearl at Serebii. I also found one kind of for platinum but it was only the pokemon that were exclusive to diamond and pearl. By "unobtainable" I'm including a lot of pokemon you can only get from Pal Park as well as all others that you just can't encounter in game to catch. Dongle'mon too. If anyone has already found a list or knows where to go to see one I'd appreciate it. I'm in the process of making a personal one, but with 500 pokemon, I'd like to find an easier way than going 1by1. Thanks
  9. Wow thanks UnderXRay! I could have sworn I saw it in the event download area but yea... he isn't there. Wonder why it was taken down?
  10. Was the event Regigigas taken down from the main event page? edit.. (apparently there is a "T" in the word "event"... crazy huh?)
  11. I have a question... If you breed a non-legit, is the pokemon from the egg legit since it's made by the game? edit- As long as the skill set is legit too
  12. After posting this I checked out that thread.... eeeembarrassing n_n ....
  13. How to a I make a legal pokemon from scratch using pokesav? Seems like there should be a guild for such a thing here stickied. I'm trying to make a Tropius as I've had no luck with the Safari (I hate the safari!).
  14. Oh some people responded. To add further, I get around the pokedex entry problem by just putting 2 of the evolved pokemon in storage (pokesav) and putting one in an egg. That was in the basic guide though . Thanks for clearing some other things up for me C-Monkey.
  15. I'm unable to trade and have a few (just 2) pokemon that are trade only evolutions. Is there any way to force evolution? I don't really want to just change the pokemon completely in pokesav because I don't think it will register in the dex then. I looked into hacked roms (they fix trade evolutions) but they alter way to many other things. They also sound like they can be quite iffy if you know what I mean >_> . Hate to clock up 50+ hours and have it break. Anydangway, that's the question. I hope someone can offer a suggestion as to how to get around not trading to evolve. Shouldn't there be a "traded" option in pokesav? Don't traded pokemon level faster? Many thanks already projectpokemon. Awesome site. ~~~Edit 1 ~~~ After looking for a solution for a few hours, I found here that there are evolution editors for Diamond and Pearl but not for Platinum (something about offsets being different whatever that means). So I searched for a "Evolution Editor" for Platinum and found a few posts in various forums about people asking for one or asking whether one exists. I also found a few were they said they were in the process of making one and would be finished in 2 weeks. Well May is nearly gone and I had no luck finding one. I tried the Hex editing thing first to great failure. Don't know how nor understand how to do that. Followed a tutorial but nothing it said matched what I had. Guess we'll just have to be patient. :bidoof: ~~~~Edit 2~~~~ If you really wanted to get around the trade evolutions for Platinum, you could play one of the other 2 (Pearl, Diamond) with your rom edited with the D/P Evolution Editor. Then use pokesav to save a .pkm file of an evolved pokemon and transfer it to your Platinum game. I think you'd have to edit some trainer values though so it can be controlled? Let's call that the "PITA Method 1". ...
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