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  1. I don't thinks so, ASP.NET can do stream read and stream write if I'm not mistaken.. how about the file permission? no problem with that? Don't worry, without documentation we just need to brute force the function.. but with that it make a little relax.. :grog::grog:
  2. upload your save, maybe someone can help..
  3. This is nice, but documentation will make this .dll more beautiful.. why? .dll can be used by any application in the world *as long as it run on windows, i think.. don't know about linux and mac, never build app on linux, and building for mac is 3x harder because using Objective C* if you use Visual Studio family it's just "Add Existing Item" -> browse -> bla.. bla.. bla.. and all the function is showed up.. how bout the other that doesn't used Visual Studio family.. i think a documentation would be very nice to them.. *No offense, just suggestion..* A function documentation, how to used it, what parameter, just function listing, that would be enough.. *just assume that everybody here at least know how to use .dll, don't care if they don't* my regards, and thanks P.S. It's a cool .dll [Edit] Yeah, use ASP.NET.. but it will cost a huge bandwidth..
  4. shiny beedrill, I don't know what is shiny thing that time.. Just realized after my friend told me.. that different color is shiny..
  5. if just grab packets, use wireshark, or wpe pro.. use your router to get the destination address from NDS Wifi Connection, then sniff it use that tool.. somehow I manage to get the packets when trading through GTS, but I don't understand it.. *so i decided to abadon it* Another way.. use router to find destination IP and Port, create a simple program to listen to that port.. change your Computer IP match the packet destination IP, use your router to redirect it.. hope help.. :bidoof::bidoof:
  6. I wish that i don't need to buy any game cart again, and i hope it's automatically updated, pokemon diamond/pearl -> *automatically updated when platinum released, and automatically transfer all my pokemon* -> pokemon platinum -> and so on..:creep:
  7. I have play FF I - XI and some other, so I think I will play this one.. look's nice, fresh and new, playing as a kid :bidoof:
  8. I used XP on my Desktop, and Vista on my laptop, it's true that vista is a little buggy at first, but it's better on SP1 and getting better on SP2, but.. if I can give you suggestion, just wait until W7 is released.. it's much better than Vista, faster and more reliable the worst problem on Vista is UAC, that sucks.. that's why I tell you, W7 is better than Vista..
  9. Thanks for all of the help, I'll try that again.. oh, for the UInt64, i've tried UInt32, sometimes it says overflow.. so I decided to use UInt64.. but I think Mingot is correct, I'll try again.. @Damio the modulo thing is somehow does not effect the result.. well I think it's because the conversion, somehow the result from C# is like rounded up.. thanks all..
  10. I'm only using this for personal use, just to calculate things.. but I need some help.. I use VisualStudio 2005 first, i used VB Private Function PRNG(ByVal seed As String) As String Dim temp As String = "" Dim t As UInt64 t = Convert.ToUInt64("0x41C64E6D", 16) * Convert.ToUInt64(seed, 16) + Convert.ToUInt64("0x6073", 16) temp = Hex(t) If temp.Length < 16 Then For t = 0 To 15 - temp.Length Step 1 'just to add zero temp = "0" & temp Next End If PRNG = temp End Function then for some reason i have to convert it to C#, here is the code: using Microsoft.VisualBasic; //for Conversion private const UInt64 factor = 0x41C64E6D; private const UInt64 adder = 0x6073; //... private string generate(String seed) { return temp = Conversion.Hex( (factor * Convert.ToUInt64(seed, 16) + adder)); } but i get different result, well the LSB is the same, but the MSB is different.. any clue? :bidoof::bidoof::bidoof: thx a lot
  11. Nokia N81, I love music and game.. it's a music phone, game, multimedia, and.. it sliding..
  12. Hey.. i just download the Oak Letter Mystery gift.. here it is: OakLetter I'll attach here to.. the zip file contain pcd and pgt file.. i just download it this morning.. hehe..
  13. You rock man~~ hahaha.. love this tutor, please add more.. *with example too* thanks for the tutor.. quite useful..
  14. Nice luck, actually I always wanted to catch every pokemon with Pokeball.. I used about 15 Ultra Ball.. Giratina's level is higher than my pokemon
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