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  1. If I were to use a gameshark for my Emerald Version to catch a Pokemon (Like a Charizard) level it up with rare candies, teach it a few TM's, and give it a bunch of vitamins, would I be able to Pal-Park it to my Platinum Version, and have it not show up as a hack? Or would it still show up as a hack because I caught it using a Gameshark in my Emerald Version?
  2. The only time I heard girls using "ladies first" as an snotty excuse to be first for anything was at public school. Isn't using the rule "ladies first" simply common courtesy? I personally think that all girls should be treated with respect no matter how mean or rude they seem. Carma will just get em' late on in life.:biggrin:
  3. Asking people not to insult others in a debate forum never seems to end to well. To me its like asking a person to quit eating. They can do it for a while, but eventually, they give up and eat anyway. You can tell people not to fight, but after a while, it happens anyway. Quite a few of the topics have been locked already, lol! :biggrin::biggrin:
  4. They are going to release a new Zelda and Mario in the next year or so. CAN'T WAIT!!
  5. Lol, such an interesting topic.... Well, I honestly don't really care how humans came to be here on our planet Earth, to me, all that matters is that we are here now. I would be a little more worried about whats going to happen to the planet now that we have been using its resources at such an alarming pace. Granted, it probably won't be during my lifetime, but whats going to happen once we suck the planet dry of all it has to offer? :biggrin:
  6. OK, so, whenever I attempt to use SVC's PID-IV Generator, and I choose option 4 (Get the PID for a shiney pokemon with given ID and SID and IV's are exactly as you enter them) so I enter in 0 for no maximum amount of results, then I give my ID, then as a SID (I have no idea what my actual SID is) I put in 65535, then, i enter in 31 for each of the IV's and I enter in 6 for the Nature Value (Docile) then this is all I get: and it just SITS there and does nothing... please tell me what im doing wrong.
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