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  1. Heck, I think seven is low too, considering half of the people on GTS ask for ubers. But yeah, I used to trade a hell lot with gts before I found pokesav. I got adamant 394 scizor plus modest 394 heatran. But most likely the pokemon I got were sav'd considering they have max sheen and pp's. >_> The best one though was the tyranitar I got. It had great stats, and seemed trained instead of sav'd. I also got a lot of hacked pokemon, considering they are in a master ball and met at lv. 100. The only bad thing about hacked pokemon(aside form the obvious hack job), is that it doesn't allow you to see your deposited pokemon more than once, if you have it in your game and didn't trade it away yet. >_>
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    *sigh* I am facepalm. That was the problem.
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    I didn't know where to put this, considering it refers to AR-DS, but you can move it if needed. So, I PokeSav 4 pokemon, respectively Jirachi, Celebi, Shaymin, and Togekiss. I run the Wish Support Jirachi set, the Support Shaymin, and the Physical Baton Pass Celebi set(according to smogon). I also run the Flinch Togekiss set. I said they came from pal park at lv. 30 for Celebi and Jirachi(Hoenn Emerald for Jirachi and Kanto Leaf Green for Celebi). For Shaymin, I said I caught him at level 30 at Flower Paradise. I also added the egg date by accident for each, but that doesn't matter because I put 0 for egg location, so it won't be viewed as hatched. As for Togekiss, I did the usual(egg hatched at Solaceon Town, got from DayCareCouple, date, etc.). Here's the problem: When I export the AR-DS code and activate it, the pokemon I see now are all level one with 1 hp, and 0 stats. Once I battle, though, even if I gain 16 exp or so, the level 1 pokemon I fight with levels all the way up to 100(although the slow stat improvements and the attack learnings are a hassle). Anyway to fix this?
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    There's no rule against religion. Alright, my view is that Chrisitanity has too many fallacies to be worshipped, an enforces cons. Proof? 1. Many belive God is all powerful, and is also written in the Bible. Christians believe God is omnipotent, and that he can do anything. There are too main problems with this. A. The case of Satan. If God is all powerful, why can't he destroy Satan? Doesn't know how? The Bible teaches us that God is perefct in all ways, and knows all. That must mean he clearly knows how? Doesn't want to? I'm guessing that means he isn't benevolent, but the Bible says otherwise. B. Free Will. Many Christians believe that Free Will is allowed in Christianity. Wrong. If God is all powerful and all knowing, shouldn't he have power over what we are doing? 2. Other religions. Chritianity believes that all those who worship the Christian God will go to heaven, and all those who do not, go to hell. But i thought God is perfect. Doesn't perfect mean that he can look past different races, or is he only perfect to those who support him, in which case he is selfish, and in which case, he is not perfect, contradicting the Bible. 3. Chrisitnaity enforces bad behaviors. For one, it teaches elitism, meaning that it says that Christians are much more powerful than other religions. It also is intolerant of other beliefs, auch as many gods. Finally, it rejects science. The church didn't accept that the planets were moving around the Sun until late 1900's. So, Christianity is too fallicous to be worshipped, until further debate and proof.
  5. My first shiny that I caught was a spiritomb, that is, if you count GTS.
  6. Electivire, or Jolteon, depending on which is more useful. pikapika
  7. What I would really want from the next generation is to finally fill my national dex, without having to go buy FR, LG, and all other games. Also, I would like it if the GTS has some more features like, "pokemon willing to be traded for this pokemon", and choosing EV trained pokemon, for competitive play, instead of having to make a new pokemon every single time in order to get a new one(or hack ). I would also like some reality here. I mean platinum looks like a cartoon with it's cotton candy clouds and whatnot.
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    Do Spin Offs Suck?

    PMD's are fine from time to time. I bought Blue Rescue Team a while back, and it was fairly okay. You get to do missions and stuff, but gets really really really(and I mean really!) boring once you've beaten the game. There's no point of even catching some of the pokemon, because they will never come to use, whereas the RPG's include competitive play, the reason I like Pokemon.
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