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  1. Just read the .txt file that came with Legit Check.... "Trash Bytes: - Pokemon Pal Parked from GBA have this. If this is displayed, it must be valid or the pokemon is hacked. - Pokemon which have evolved after they were pal parked will have invalid trash bytes. - Mystery Gift pokemon also have this. If this is displayed, it must be valid or the pokemon is hacked." Everything is fine with your Kyogre. ;/
  2. LOL Now who is misunderstand is you... If I only change the SID of My Cresselia for one that has a relation with her PID to turn her Shiny, she will be shiny, but she "Will not be Mine". ;D Because of this I need to Change both of, her SID to make her Shiny and my SID for Her SID and then she will be shiny and mine.
  3. I always put itens on my bag or I edit my pokemon in my own game card save file and I save after. So now Nintendo can know that I hack my save file? Or the problem is only with pokémon, and i can trade they to solve this trash bits?
  4. And if I do some changes in the itens of my bag like: TM's, Ball.... it leave traces? Or even if i change my OT or SID, it leave trances in my save file too? Or pokésav only leave trance when you do a pokémon in the box's? And only in the pokémon that you made, who you can trade to erase this traces?
  5. Thanks for the information Xeomyr. And yes, this thread must be sticked up.
  6. I think I undestand now. To turn my wild Cresselia in a Cresselia shiny, I need to change my "SID" for one that match with her PID using this Faq. And Then i can check the shiny box of pokesav. But i have a question, if i chage my SID to do it, all the pokemons who has her same PID number will need to be shiny too? Because sometimes the IV's and Nature combination give for us the same number of PID. My Rotom and Cresselia has the same nature and IV's, so i choose the same PID for Both. If i change my SID to a "Shiny SiD" using my Cresselia PID, my Rotom have to be shiny also because they have the same PID number? wow, this is so cool. And sorry about the misunderstanding. __________________________________________________________________ YES I LEARNED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I foud a shiny Zubat in game and I did the Test: My ID: 41317 Zubat PID: 2093582266 _________________________________ PID- 2093582266 -> HEX- 7CC9 87BA 7CC9 - Binary- 111110011001001 87BA - Binary- 1000011110111010 PID: 0111110011001001 1000011110111010 ID 41317 -> Binary - 1010000101100101 0111110011001001 1000011110111010 1010000101100101 ________________ 2121121222212112 2121121222212112 0101101000010110 Binary: 0101101000010110 Decimal: 23062 -> I found My SID here, so it's like i was thinking. I loved your Faq man. Thanks Xeomyr and FLOOTENKERP Now I know how do a Shiny Pokemon with Pokesav. lucky I found a shiny Zubat to test.
  7. Yes, i'm trying.... And belive me, I'm not angry with you... If you need someone to flame and win some attention, good for you my little boy. Go to Search feature and write SID there, then came and say me what you found. If you don't like to reply for noobs, just don't reply, so ease no? If you don't like to lose time with noobs, why you wrote it? And if i was doing something wrong asking, the mods could just erase my post.... Finally, thanks for the help and if you don't have anything to say me, please, do like the others and just don't say nothing in the tópic. I don't know if you know but i'm not a hacker or a programmer, i'm just a commum person trying to use the pokesav as best as possible. Returning, "Some info i just can't find." For example what is a SID and for what i need it - (I think I need it to do a wild shiny pokemon as this topic say, but when I find it where i will use this number, this isn't wrote in the faq), it don't make sense to me because in pokesav i don't use it, because this i'm asking.
  8. Well I think there is something that i don't undestand in this PID and SID story yet, sorry. (I don't know anything about programming ) To do a max IV's 31 and shiny pokemon from a egg, the PID number no matter. But to do the same with a wild pokémon i need to find a "Shiny SID"!! With a "Shiny SID" in hands i can use IVPID.exe program to find the right PID for my pokemon. So, i will be able to build him. Am I right??? (I'm trying to understand with the information that I have) With which PID number I need use to find my "Shiny SID"? I think it's the PID number from the pokémon that i want edit, for example this Suicune that's a problem for you. You can't trade this Suicune from Colosseum for your game card, and see his PID, find your Shiny SID, and them find the right PID for him and them edit him in the pokesav??? I hope you can teach me, because i'm bit confused with this story yet. I think we, noobs, need a "how to start" faq in this site. With information that we need follow to do everything fine. For example, I learned how to use the pokesav, i know how do legal eggs... but now i need to know how do a shiny wild, them how use wonder cards.... The ease first and the hard last, did you undestand??
  9. Thanks for your post. So, if someone have fear of be caught by nintendo, just do it: Import your save file to pc, open in the pokesav, build some pokemon, save they in the .pkm format and close the program. Open the program again, load your save, load the .pkm files into your box's and save your file. than restore the save for your game card. I'm right???? I think it's a ease thing to do... I don't care with nintendo - and i'm sure that they can't realize that you hacked your save, even with some traces of the pokesav. They only will know if you do something stupid with yours pokemon. Someone who lives in USA could do a test for us. if I lived there, I would. And like kazume said, they will never check your save file so deep. You can see it just looking in the GTS or even playing Metroid online, alot of hackers doing what they want.
  10. why you choose the worst way to do it?
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