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  1. Just read the .txt file that came with Legit Check.... "Trash Bytes: - Pokemon Pal Parked from GBA have this. If this is displayed, it must be valid or the pokemon is hacked. - Pokemon which have evolved after they were pal parked will have invalid trash bytes. - Mystery Gift pokemon also have this. If this is displayed, it must be valid or the pokemon is hacked." Everything is fine with your Kyogre. ;/
  2. LOL Now who is misunderstand is you... If I only change the SID of My Cresselia for one that has a relation with her PID to turn her Shiny, she will be shiny, but she "Will not be Mine". ;D Because of this I need to Change both of, her SID to make her Shiny and my SID for Her SID and then she will be shiny and mine.
  3. I always put itens on my bag or I edit my pokemon in my own game card save file and I save after. So now Nintendo can know that I hack my save file? Or the problem is only with pokémon, and i can trade they to solve this trash bits?
  4. And if I do some changes in the itens of my bag like: TM's, Ball.... it leave traces? Or even if i change my OT or SID, it leave trances in my save file too? Or pokésav only leave trance when you do a pokémon in the box's? And only in the pokémon that you made, who you can trade to erase this traces?
  5. Thanks for the information Xeomyr. And yes, this thread must be sticked up.
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