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  1. it doesn't look like you've extracted the right narc file coz there's >820 trainers is VW2
  2. it's actually quite simple, for the sprite I think you write A2 11 (0x11A2). Pokemon sprites start from 01 10 (0x1001), which is Bulbasaur. With a bit of trial and error you can basically add any Pokemon in the overworld. edit: if you have any other issues, pm me.
  3. I'm pretty sure randomizers don't work with Drayano's games as they have some unused data cleared up, which confuses the randomizer.
  4. how about this: extract the narc that contains the move data, figure out which file is u-turn, copy it and replace the move you want to make u-turn into, then make it back into a narc then open with OxATTACK? I'm not sure if this is going to work but i guess it's worth a try.
  5. Not too sure about this, maybe Drayano or Kaphotics know something about this.
  6. 0xATTACK should very well be enough, here's a screenshot of an edited Glaciate
  7. I'm not too sure, if one can upload any ROM or narc for that matter, but you could always obtain another ROM, extract it (using NitroExplorer2B, as __.narc, the .narc is important) and then open it.
  8. well, not everything can be expected, so when in doubt, just hex edit
  9. There's plenty to choose from, but as far as I know, there's an NDS version of Kanto in development. I don't think there's any "new" fanmade game for NDS
  10. I'm not too sure, but I think you can do this. Then select your edited arm9.bin edit: sorry for being late lol
  11. As far as I know, there hasn't been any progress into title screen editing, so rip.
  12. Ok, so I got around to making this in python a few months ago, but I forgot to post this, so I might as well post it now. All you need to go is to open the overworld file in some Hex editor (preferably HxD) then copy and paste the entire thing into this, and it will basically present a lot of data neatly. I didn't use it as much as I thought I would but hey, it works. Overworld data parser.exe
  13. If I'm correct, to obtain a sav file, you must be playing on an emulator (DeSmuMe I think) and you must choose the "Export Save data" or smth (It's been a while since I played Pokemon sry) then you should obtain a sav file. Later you can open it in HxD or any hex editor.
  14. Hi I have a small problem.. When I try to open the GARC for personal (Stat editing) pk3DS just closes... What is the problem here?
  15. So I recently created about 30 trainers for my project. Most of them work but some of them display "an error occured" when I call their battle number. So does anybody know the cause? Thanks.
  16. I'm not sure if there's a tool, but if you really wanted to, opt for hex editing
  17. Hey guys, I recently figured out a neat method of giving Shiny Pokémon as a gift... So it actually uses the regular 0E 01 command.. 0E 01 - Beginning (PKMN ID) (LEVEL) (FORM) 00 00 00 00 01 00 D8 00 04 00 I'm quite sure this must be used in place of the normal 0E 01 command when you want to give a Pokémon.. Hope this helps
  18. I've recently figured out a nifty technique to find out scripts from the 1000s but they don't work every time... So is there a reliable method to figure which file to search for? Thanks.
  19. Alright, lemme write a script that you could use, but please tell me which flag.... wait lemme just use flag 1802 (I'll bold it for ye) So you want Lando to float down from the sky right? 2E00 A6004705 7400 280020800000 280021800000 140181022080 09002080 08000000 11000100 140182022180 09002180 08000000 11000100 11000600 11000600 1F00FF10000000 3400(line no.)0000 - The genies are not there 3200 3F00 1E0006000000 040006000000 3000 2F00 0200 3400(line no.) - Genies are there, event goes 3200 3F00 A401 - Fade to black 6900 (X coord.) (Y coord.) (Facing direction) (Overworld ID) (Landorus sprite) 0200 - Add Landorus 6D00 (X coord. [same as above]) (Y coord. [same as above]) (Z coord. [to make him floating]) (Facing direction) - Move him up AB01 - Fade back 6400(Landorus Overworld ID)06000000 - 1E0008000000 7B00 (How many steps Lando goes down) - Make him come down FE000000 6500 3C000004 (Landorus text like Gyaaaraaah!) (Landorus ID) 00000000 3200 3F00 97028502 (Landorus Level) 00000000 - From now it's basically the battle script 77011080 09001080 08000100 11000100 1F00FF14000000 2300 (A flag other than the one using) 2300 (Another flag other than the one used) 6C00(Landorus ID) 7501 1E0002000000 7601 78011080 19001080 1F000106000000 1E000A000000 2300 (The flag used for the previous 23 00) 1E002A000000 190010800100 1F000113000000 190010800200 1F000106000000 1E000A000000 3400(Line no. when you KO Lando) 0000 3200 3F00 23001802 3000 2F00 0200 Hope this helps!
  20. What do you want to do in the event? I could help
  21. Hmm, I see some useful things there but I'm unsure as to which overlay file I will need to dig to edit the data....
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