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  1. Hi everyone! This is my first romhack that I developed specifically for me and some close friends to run through in a nuzlocke format; however they encouraged me to release it for the general public because they found it really fun. -About the rom: Do you love the generation 3 games? Specifically do you think Emerald Kaizo looks fun but just a little too difficult? Then this romhack is for you! Some of the biggest features are: -Completely rebalanced and buffed almost all pokemon to be viable in a normal or nuzlocked playthrough of the game. -Higher difficulty bosses and trainers in an attempt to make the game challenging yet not completely overbearingly difficult. Also a big attempt at keeping the theme of the original trainers (AKA Maxie mostly has fire and dark types, Archie has water and darks and so on) -Reworked some pokemon such as Smeargle or Wobbuffet to make them more viable while still keeping their normal gimmicks in a toned down manner. -Barring legendaries, all pokemon from generations 1 through 3 are available in some form. -Made all trade evos be level-up evolutions or friendship evolutions depending on the evolutionary line. -Made evolutionary stones easily found through wild pokemon. -Planned Features: This is my first hack so it could be improved in a lot of ways, if it gets enough attention I will consider updating the post-game as well to include new areas with added difficulty! Documentation will be coming soon! Thank you for reading I hope you give my romhack a chance and enjoy it if you do! Attached is the patch! Rose Emerald.zip
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