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  1. i know the nds hacking scene is greater restrained compared to gba but i would like to attempt out the satisfactory hacks there's. i recognise drayano does some first-rate ones but what else speed test is there? i am ideally search showbox ing out hacks with gameplay adjustments, new sprites and so on no longer simply oh it is more difficult than the unique. whatever of excellent i would like to hear about though. preferably completed but something with promise will do. many thank you.
  2. so allow's begin with the pokedex reduce. we've much less pokemon than gen 7, however the video games fee greater. that already seems crappy. the numerous claims that try to guard it have been awful. b speed test oth because of animati showbox ons which had been terrible, balancing competitive which became also a failure, and in case you say its because of dynamax, then i will say it wasn't well worth it. dynamax is sincerely worrying. max raids are plagued with terrible ai teammates and first rate enemy ai. it virtually become lousy in phrases of hurting aggressive, and the animation of dynamaxing is way too slow. the tune. i actually didn't experience it. the basic warfare topic actually is simply meh, and rival groups have been also meh. i will admit fitness center themes are exact though.
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