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    I've uploaded a new exe to the downloads location, ty for reporting
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    So hmmm I'm just guessing here but 0x21D08 could be last streak 0x21D1A could be max streak 0x21D2C could be current streak So what I did was Go one x7 round and found that 21D08 and 21D1A were 07 Win another battle and leave, then both were 08 Enter again and win a couple of battles, pause Noticed that 21D2C was 02 Leave the challenge 21D08 was 02 21D1A was 08 21D2C was 00
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    Found it at 0x21D08, but it's odd, maybe it's "not", since I changed it's value but when I came back to the game it was still at 7...
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    Those were notes relating to the save structure, from PKHeX's github. What I pointed out, was an offset you should check on your save when doing comparisons. You'll need a hex editor (HxD for example) to check your save's data, as per recommended by Poke J
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    @lolcatzidk there isn't any real need to bump the thread. If anyone knew they answer, they likely would have already replied to ya. Or did you expect every single member to reply "I don't know" XD As Poke J said, it's likely unresearched. When you attempt to find the value, as per described Poke J, it might do you some good to check around this ranges:
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    Since no body has responded to this thread yet I can only assume that what you are requesting has not been researched before. However, these are the steps you can take to find the data yourself. 1) Backup your save in front of the attendant for the Battle Line that you want the win streak for. 2) Do one round on that battle line so that you get your BP and have a win streak of 7. 3) Make another save backup in front of the attendant that you saved in front of for the first save. 4) I recommend editing the play time and the BP total of the second save in PKHeX so that it matches the the play time and BP of the first save. This way there will be less differences between the two saves. 5) Make a copy of the second save so that you can make edits without permanently messing up the save. 6) In a hex editor (I recommend HxD) compare the first save to the third save. If you started at a streak of 0 you'll mostly likely be looking for an offset who's value changed from 00 in the first save to 07 in the third save. 7) On the third save change the value to 2A and save the change. 8 ) Load the third save into PKHeX and save it again with PKHeX in order to ensure the checksum is correct. 9) Load the save up in your game and check the streak for that battle line and it should now be at 42. 10) If the save is corrupt or the change didn't happen go back to step 5 and try a different offset. Note - Make backups of everything so that you don't mess up your good save and if you do mess up you have a restore point. This part is super important!!
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