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    First random thread for the off topic board I have thought of today lol I have two favorite colors and they are pink and yellow :)
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    I haven't wrote an intro when I started so anyways I will just do it now. My favourite pokemon are diancie and meloetta My favourite mythical pokemon is the good old mew My favourite eeveelution is Glaceon. I usually play pokemon ultra moon and play pokemon X using this post game save file which I modified. I am not really good at this technical stuff so please don't call me unhelpful. I think that I am banned at the moment
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    I know but I can't remember which version of VBA I used and can't find it again. Yes for Secret Bases that could be cool. Will try to see if it can be easy done or not. I mean we have to extract first the Pokemon then maybe try to copy the trainer. @theSLAYER Well first we have to get them, those from FRLG are hard to get. Then maybe we should find a politics of the official gallery and this thread. I mean yes they're uncatchable but did people are really interested by them? Is it really Pokemon history as Demo or real uncatchables ones? Edit: For E-reader to gen 6 in fact it could be easy done with Ruby/Saphire cards if @suloku tool allow to extract the Pokemon. Here Ash Ketchum E-reader Card and Dragon Taimer Craig exemples.
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    Do grab some screenshots, they'll be useful for the gallery!
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    Which baby pokemon do you find the most adorable? I personally have a lot of hearts for Pichu (BABY PIKACHU!!!!<3333) and Happiny (its....name. and its like a little girl :3).
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    Absolutely! I’m a long time fan of his and his Pokémon.
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    We all know Mime Jr. is the most adorable “)
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    Parasect, Hypno, Luxray and Herdier can't be caught in Friend Safari. Paras, Drowzee, Luxio and Lillipup can, though. But they would need to be leveled up in order to evolve and be legal. Same with Gothitelle, it can't be caught in Pokemon Village, but Gothorita can be caught. Togetic is not a Dream World Pokemon, but Togekiss is. It was only available in BW, not B2W2. And it has the wrong moveset and wrong gender. Shiny Haxorus is caught at level 60, not 57. Nothing is wrong with the Xerneas, it only shows Unable to match a Mystery Gift error because the wondercard isn't in PKHeX's database yet.
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    I believe it is because the nav-bar is located in a different location on mobile version. Just a guess, actually. Also, the old banner was affected in the same way.
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    Hi PokePrincess! I’m glad you got around to introducing yourself. Welcome to Project Pokémon and have a good day!
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    Welcome, I have (likely) Asperger's too. Anyhow, I hope you'll enjoy your stay on this boards with us.
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    Welcome! One of the things we love is collecting. Since you are an old Pokemon soul, we could always use help with gen 3 events!
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    Based solely on my educational background I like Diancie.
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    Awesome! I think, before Korrina came along, I liked Ash and Dawn a lot. I even ship those two now!! :P I used to crush on Ash, too. I hope Dawn takes good care of him in my place
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    Technically speaking, Japanese "Aura" Mew would be Hadou Mew, lol. But yeah, Hadou Mew distribution wasn't leaked, it was Aura Mew (international). These get leaked possibly because: 1. The carts get moved around, to be brought to event venus (unlike being situated at Pokemon Centers) 2. Maybe some disgrunted staff took them from a warehouse post event (when it wasn't a focus anymore), and wasn't destroyed after events. In my mind, both points are similar to how the NDS distribution carts always end up getting leaked. except the production of these are a heck load higher, as described by Deoxyz. Back from when our staff @ReignOfComputer went to Japan (more images here and here)
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