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FIXED: There was a significant issue with item loading that caused them to be erased. (Found by theSLAYER.)

FIXED: C-Gear data was being written regardless of whether or not one was actually selected into the save slot. (Found by theSLAYER.)

FIXED: The English language file was repeatedly being offered as an update. (Found by theSLAYER.)

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FIXED: The C-Gear export button was functioning even when an image wasn't in the save slot.

FIXED: The C-Gear dialog wasn't being updated when switching languages.

FIXED: The duplicates of the items DNA Link Pin and Forgotten Item in Black 2/White 2 were missing from the item list, causing them to be erased when loading a save file. (Found by turtlemark.)

FIXED: Save states were being mangled (although maybe not noticeably) if a C-Gear image was set to the save file slot.

CHANGED: The Black 2/White 2 location "PokéWood" has been renamed to "PokéStar Studios". (Thanks to Guested.)

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FIXED: A flag wasn't being set for the C-Gear that was necessary to prevent the data from being erased on startup. (Found by Pingouin7.)

FIXED: The code generator language list would end up with multiple copies of the same language when changing the program language. (Found partially by mbruno.)

CHANGED: The code generator's game combobox will now be set to Black 2 by default when Black 2/White 2 is the target game.

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FIXED: When loading a generation 4 save file, the Pokedex data regarding genders wasn't being loaded properly. This was causing changes in gender seen data when saving the file. No harm was done, just unintended changes. (Thanks to rush2802 for indirectly exposing this to me.)

FIXED: Saving a Platinum/HG/SS save file was still writing data to an area intended only for Diamond/Pearl. This was causing a "communication error" when attempting to share a Wonder Card. (Possibly other issues as well.) This problem won't be fixed if it's already affecting you. You'll need to modify your save file manually to remove the data. Information about it can be found here: http://projectpokemon.org/forums/showthread.php?24550&p=149261&viewfull=1#post149261 (Found by rush2802.)

FIXED: The Mystery Gift flags set exclusively in Diamond/Pearl were being written when cards didn't actually exist, which wasn't the intent.

FIXED: Diamond/Pearl/Platinum Pokedex language bytes were being flagged with the currently selected PokeGen language when saving. This wasn't necessary, as the games will leave the byte 0 when a Pokemon is first seen.

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FIXED: Generation 5 item data wasn't being fully written, causing a limited number of items per bag to be saved. (Found by turtlemark.)

FIXED: C-Gear erasing was still occurring as a result of some data not being set the way it was supposed to be. (Hopefully that's the last of it.)

CHANGED: When the target game is set to a generation 4 game, the C-Gear tool will be disabled. (Thanks to rush2802 for reminding me.)

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Refer to the post below as to why this isn't available yet.


ADDED: To help blind users, Pokemon icons are now able to be tabbed through and have text associated with them for screen readers. There are also special keyboard "commands" that can be given to them when one is focused. Enter will view the Pokemon's data, shift + enter will set the data, delete (not backspace) will delete the Pokemon, and the space bar will toggle whether or not it's selected.

ADDED: You can now choose the language to force save states to load as, if they fail to load.

FIXED: Generation 4 Pokedex code generation had the caught and seen data reversed.

FIXED: The Pokedex language flags were always being forced to have the program's language if no flags were set. Apparently ALL of the games set it to 0 upon first seeing the Pokemon. (Thanks to MicroChip for making me question this.)

FIXED: Meloetta's forms weren't available. (Found by Mordecai.)

FIXED: Generation 4 Wonder Cards that weren't in the first slot were being re-enabled upon saving. (Found by bmn13.)

FIXED: Switching from Black/White to Black 2/White 2, or the opposite, was causing problems with the Pokedex data. (Thanks to Draco856.)

FIXED: Save states from a language other than the one the program is using weren't loading as intended. Now, they'll fail to load, rather than using invalid data. This allows you to tell the program how to load it. (Thanks to Critical Tiger.)

CHANGED: Keldeo's form names have been updated to the official English names. The Japanese ones were also updated to use Japanese text as intended. (Thanks to Guested for the Japanese help.)

CHANGED: The next release of PokeGen will require a manual update. The update system has been modified to reflect this and will notify you when it's available.

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Sorry about the mishap with 3.1.9 staying as the current download. It'll be fixed within a few minutes.

Edit: Maybe not a few minutes. I did something really stupid and will need more time to recompile 3.1.10. I'm disabling the update for 3.1.10 for now.

Edit 2: It may not be able to be fixed until tomorrow. I have to re-code some of it.

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If you're experiencing save state problems or language switching problems with 3.1.10, redownload it. It's been updated with a workaround for the save states for now, and a fix for the language switching problem. A new version wasn't possible this time due to upcoming changes.

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