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FIXED: Any Pokémon with the matching trainer info checkbox checked was having its location data written as if it were an egg. (Found by calvin_0.)

FIXED: The PID finder wasn't properly matching abilities, and would never find a match if ability 2 was selected. (Found by QuixoticContinuum.)

FIXED: Characteristic text for Black/White is now accurate again. (I hope. I didn't test every one, I'm just assuming they follow a simple formula.) (Found by MetalGenocide.)

CHANGED: Clarified the "Matching trainer information" tooltip, as it's only applicable to eggs.

CHANGED: Pokémon names are no longer entirely capitalized when generating Black/White Pokémon. (Thanks to Kenpari for pointing it out.) (Note: If this doesn't seem to be changed for you, redownload beta 20.)

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Note that this problem didn't affect everyone. I'm not entirely sure as to the reason behind that, but I'm assuming it's related to different types of hardware. Regardless, it's nothing to worry about now.


FIXED: The issue with names (Pokémon and original trainer) not updating/saving properly has been resolved, finally. (Thanks to Highlighter and WerewolfOfTheWater for testing out quite a few modifications to track down the problem.)

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If ribbon data isn't loading/saving properly, redownload beta 22.


ADDED: German translation. (Thanks to AJFire.)

ADDED: Generation 5 ribbon changes. (Thanks to DarkSteel for pointing out that there were ribbon changes.)

FIXED: Locations for Platinum were missing in the Japanese translation.

FIXED: Item names for Platinum were inaccurate for the Spanish translation.

FIXED: Automatic PID generation was still restricting PIDs to values that match generation 4 nature rules, when generating generation 5 PIDs. This just means PIDs were less random than they could've been.

FIXED: Detection of generation 4 save files was inaccurate. This could lead to an attempt to load a generation 5 save file as generation 4, causing a crash.

FIXED: In the load file dialog, the text that was intended to say "Supported files" was set to "Supported files files".

FIXED: The first set of male/female symbols in the character map now use their hexadecimal values instead of sharing the actual symbols with the second set. This allows for both sets to be used in nicknames again.

FIXED: The "Right click" text wasn't being updated for the party slots when switching languages.

CHANGED: Some updates were made to the Spanish translation data. (Thanks to Zark.)

CHANGED: The formula for calculating a random PID (That is, one with the PID editbox blank.) has been changed to be more understandable for myself. This may have resulted in miscalculations of the intended data, so please report any problems, if they exist.

Edited by Codr
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  • 4 months later...

The translation display perfection that I had hoped to get out with this release is just taking too long. I omitted it for now in order to get these fixes/changes out first.


ADDED: An automatic update system is now in place. This will download updates and "install" them for you, eliminating the need to do anything manually. (Unless something goes wrong during the update process.)

ADDED: Some more generation 4 location values that're preserved upon Pokétransferring have been added to the generation 5 location lists. (Thanks to Guested.)

ADDED: French translation. (Thanks to Drakul and Pingouin7.)

ADDED: Italian translation. (Thanks to Acanto.)

ADDED: Version changes information is now available in the help menu, rather than by an external .txt file.

ADDED: The language you set the program to is now saved and used on startup.

FIXED: Diamond/Pearl save detection was wrong. (Found by Guested.)

FIXED: The save dialog listed Black/White party .pkm files as 236 bytes. They're supposed to be 220. (They were still saving properly as 220.)

FIXED: Validation of Black/White save files should be more reliable now. This was causing malformed generation 4 save files to be treated as generation 5 instead of issuing an "Invalid save file" message.

FIXED: When using the PID finder with a generation 5 game as the target game, the PID list wasn't displaying the correct ability value at times. (Found by cH053n.)

FIXED: Generation 4 name characters with values 2-79 were written incorrectly. (Found by cH053n.)

FIXED: Switching languages was temporarily blending the current and new language text in a lot of the controls during the switch.

FIXED: Dragging .pkm files to box slots above 1 was only modifying box 1. (Found by IceSage.)

FIXED: Only 18 boxes were visible when the target game was set to Black/White. The remaining 6 boxes were still there, they just couldn't be viewed. (Found by darklink502.)

FIXED: Starting the program with a .pkm file via a command line argument (This is the same as dragging a .pkm file onto the executable.) displayed the data incorrectly. (Found by Avery Goodgame.)

FIXED: Selecting an entry in a combobox wasn't always triggering an update on related controls. (Thanks to cH053n for reminding me.)

FIXED: Checking "Seen" in the Pokédex was always setting Japanese for Black/White, and English for generation 4 games. It'll now set the current program language instead. (Found by Blaziken257.)

FIXED: The code generator and Pokédex dialogs weren't centering on the main window upon being displayed.

FIXED: Changing languages wasn't updating the menus.

CHANGED: Program startup should be slightly faster now, although controls will briefly not be displayed while lists are loaded.

CHANGED: Pokémon data will no longer be processed by PokeGen when saving a save file unless the data was specifically changed by the user by using "Set" onto a slot. This will protect against problems in the program affecting all Pokémon in a save file.

CHANGED: PGT/PCD (Wondercard/Mystery Gift) file support has been removed. This was never full support and was more misleading than anything.

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FIXED: Saving a party Pokémon with the target game set to Black/White was resulting in a 236-byte file, rather than the proper 220-byte file.

FIXED: The new update system couldn't detect an update when going from a beta release to a stable release.

FIXED: Missing language files (Improperly named files count as missing.) would cause the program to crash on startup. (Found by Dreamer.)

FIXED: The update system was causing crashes.

CHANGED: If language files aren't available on startup, those languages will be disabled in the menu.

CHANGED: All language files are now named using only ASCII characters, since there are issues with extraction tools failing to handle Unicode characters properly.

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  • 3 weeks later...


FIXED: The right click menu for Pokémon slots wasn't being updated with new strings when the program language was changed. (Found by Tomxc.)

FIXED: Loading a save file would result in the box count not updating properly. (Found by Moral.)

FIXED: Clicking an entry in a combo box wasn't working. (Found by jasterj.)

FIXED: Pokémon data wasn't being written to the save file properly when Pokémon were moved around via "Send to" or by dragging/deleting. (Found by Mechadream.)

FIXED: Using "Send to" in the icon right click menu to send a Pokémon to the currently visible box would cause the box icon to not update.

CHANGED: The program has a new icon with a higher resolution available. (Thanks to Tomxc.)

CHANGED: Less of the Black/White save files is checked upon loading. This may result in save files not being properly identified as generation 4/5 again, so please report any issues. (Change made as a result of Djinn's report.)

I also fixed the download files having old language files in them. I'm not sure why nobody pointed that out.

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  • 1 month later...

A few errors were corrected after the original upload of beta 28. If you're experiencing issues with codes, redownload the program.


FIXED: Black/White Pokédex codes were writing extra data where they shouldn't have been. The extra data was harmless as far as I can tell. It may have overwritten the save count for the save file, however.

FIXED: Dragging a .pkm file into a slot would cause that slot's data to not be updated in the save file. (Found by Cuber.)

FIXED: Location lists for French and Italian had some entries listed as ((null)). They're now the appropriate values, although French is still untranslated.

FIXED: Changing languages with the target game set to Black/White would cause the box list to be limited to 18 instead of the intended 24.

FIXED: A typing error in the update code was causing the socket to be closed and reopened unnecessarily.

FIXED: "Seen all" in the Pokédex was causing "Caught" to be flagged on all Pokémon. (Found by Sjru.)

CHANGED: The code generator no longer combines codes. Instead, each code is selectable from a list after being generated. For XML files, each code is also separate now.

CHANGED: Code names in the XML file are now more verbose.

CHANGED: Pokédex codes are now significantly shorter and will function on the Action Replay hardware.

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  • 4 weeks later...

Redownload beta 29 if you can't run it on Windows XP. There was also a second update done to fix filenames starting with 16 "F"s if the Pokemon has no PID. (This wrote the Pokemon data wrong in the file as well.)


ADDED: Dragging/dropping is now possible from PokeGen to folders to create .pkm files. In addition, it's also possible between instances of PokeGen.

FIXED: Tooltips wouldn't display if balloon-style tooltips are disabled. (Found by "sdfghjklkjhgfds sdfghjiuy" ...)

FIXED: A rounding issue was causing stats to occasionally be off by 1 point. (This only affects the stats displayed in PokeGen and the stats given to party Pokémon. Depositing into the PC or generating a Pokémon for the PC causes all stats to be recalculated by the game to the proper values.) (Found by Anveena.)

FIXED: The update system wasn't processing the download data properly in certain cases. This could cause updates to not be recognized or not be downloaded. (Found by Dark_by_design.)

FIXED: Loading a save file from the command line or by dragging the file onto the executable would cause the list of box numbers on the main dialog to not have a selection. This was causing issues with viewing/setting data, and possibly other things.

FIXED: Dragging a Pokémon from the party to a box slot where a Pokémon already existed would cause the box Pokémon to disappear. (Found by LazurWulf.)

FIXED: In rare cases, dragging non-file objects onto PokeGen could cause errors.

FIXED: There was a minor memory leak related to Pokémon icons.

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FIXED: Dragging multiple .pkm files onto the program would only set the modified flag for the slot under the mouse pointer upon completion of the drag. Any slots without the flag set don't get written to the save file. (Found by Domokun.)

FIXED: Dragging multiple .pkm files onto the program would only update the icon for the slot under the mouse pointer upon completion of the drag.

FIXED: Box count/selected count wasn't being updated properly when dragging Pokémon around.

FIXED: Delete All wasn't setting the modified flag on deleted Pokemon, resulting in them not being written as deleted to the save file upon saving. (Found by DiscordDave.)

FIXED: The update system was still capable of failing to download files, resulting in a download dialog box with a blank progress bar. (Found by Delta Blast Burn.)

FIXED: Loading a non-generation-5 save file on startup resulted in the PID Finder and Code Generator windows containing generation 5 data. (Found by Delta Blast Burn.)

FIXED: Switching target games to anything but Black/White would cause the Pokédex dialog to gain focus.

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  • 4 weeks later...


FIXED: The Pokérus was previously being written as 0, 0x10, or 0x01, which is incorrect. You can now specify the upper value and duration of the Pokérus. This also means these values will be perfectly retained when loading existing Pokémon. (Thanks to Bond697/Mat and xfr for making the information gathering process for this change easier.)

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Here it is. Mystery Gift support. I won't claim it's bug free, but pretty thorough testing was done. For generation 5 codes, you have to press the activation button in-game, then open the X menu. Opening the menu is what triggers the card being written.

Edit: Sorry, the files weren't uploaded to the correct place initially.


ADDED/FIXED: Controls weren't displaying all of the text from various languages if they were longer than English. A major new system was put in place to reorganize controls based on the widths of the text they contain, so that everything is readable. Drakul, the person who did the French translation, abbreviated quite a few things, so it still looks bad. If you can fix this, please do so and post in the Translations thread.

ADDED: Mystery Gift support. Editing isn't possible, however.

FIXED: Activation button text for left, right, up, and down wasn't using the localized text.

FIXED: Switching languages wasn't updating window titles properly.

FIXED: The hatch location list wasn't being updated during language switches.

FIXED: The features list in the Pokédex dialog wasn't being updated during language switches.

FIXED: The gender and form lists in the Pokédex dialog weren't being updated during language switches.

FIXED: The Code Generator dialog had focus issues.

FIXED: Switching languages after loading a file would cause the language menu to disable everything but English.

CHANGED: The buttons on the main dialog below the icons that affect all box Pokémon have been moved to the icon right click menu.

CHANGED: The "Right click" text has been removed from the icons, regardless of the help setting. It's been there long enough.

CHANGED: Switching the target game with a save file loaded will now unload the save file. You're asked if you want to accept this before it occurs. Unloading of the save file will remove all Pokémon currently in the slots, and if a switch between two generations of games occurs, Mystery Gift data will also be removed.

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  • 2 weeks later...


FIXED: Black/White Wonder Cards that yield Pokémon are able to be flagged as possibly giving a shiny Pokémon, which wasn't accounted for. (Found by Guested.)

FIXED: Comboboxes were still having issues with recognizing selection in certain cases.

CHANGED: Non-Mystery-Gift codes for Black/White are now compatible between both versions and all languages. The Mystery Gift codes can't be made the same due to their relative complexity. Since Mystery Gift codes still require game and language information, the comboboxes are still enabled and simply aren't relevant to other codes. (Thanks to Bond697/Mat.)

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  • 2 weeks later...


FIXED: Characteristic and Hidden Power text on the stats tab weren't being erased properly when updating when using the Windows classic theme. (Found by jariesuicune.)

FIXED: Switching languages wasn't preserving location values.

FIXED: Exporting of Mystery Gift codes for generation 5 was displaying "Partial card" instead of "Wonder Card" for the code names. (Indirectly found by phoenragon.)

FIXED: Opening Mystery Gift files with PokeGen on program startup wasn't allowed.

FIXED: Dragging a Pokémon onto a slot that another Pokémon already occupied would cause the non-dragged Pokémon to be erased, rather than moved when saving the save file. (Found by DingDingCH.)

FIXED: The Shiny Leaf and Pokédex Features comboboxes would no longer display their lists upon switching languages. (Found by jariesuicune.)

FIXED: Checkboxes when using the Windows classic theme had clipped text. (Found by jariesuicune.)

FIXED: The Shiny Leaf combobox's "Crown" text wasn't being updated when switching languages.

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  • 1 month later...


ADDED: There's now a combobox for specifying the ability value of a PID when one is automatically generated for you.

ADDED: Tooltips are now available for the Mystery Gift dialog.

FIXED: Generating codes for generation 4 Pokémon was outputting all of the selected Pokémon into each code instead of individually as intended. (Found by zwab.)

FIXED: The "<" button in the Mystery Gift dialog was moved down a little where it was intended to be.

FIXED: Generation 4 Mystery Gifts weren't being written properly by saving or by codes. (Found by vergil2010.)

FIXED: Pressing up or down with tabs focused would cause controls to disappear. (Found by SpikeVanHellsing.)

FIXED: Pokémon IVs in generation 5 Mystery Gifts weren't being displayed accurately. (Found by Guested.)

FIXED: Changing languages wasn't properly resizing the main dialog.

FIXED: Selecting a PID in the PID Finder and then clicking "OK" would result in the main dialog's nature combobox being set to an invalid value.

FIXED: The first party Pokémon can now be dragged to a folder or another instance of PokeGen even if a second party Pokémon doesn't exist.

FIXED: Rock Smash wasn't in the "encounter" list. (Found by shijoh20.)

CHANGED: Code generation for Mystery Gifts won't display unused gift slots anymore.

CHANGED: French translation updates by Drakul.

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  • 1 month later...

There'll probably be a relatively quick update following this release as more is added/fixed.


ADDED: Black 2/White 2 support. (Note that this is very likely to be buggy at the moment.)

Pokedex reading/writing is disabled for now for these games.

The new form icons haven't been added yet.

There may be other things missing/unsupported that I haven't thought of.

ADDED: DeSmuME save state support. (This may not work for older states. Please post bug reports if this is the case and it can potentially be fixed. Include the save state file if you post.)

ADDED: Item editing.

FIXED: If a box slot other than 1 is selected, the "Send to" menu was disabling the wrong box. (Found by rush2802.)

FIXED: Extracting a Pokémon from a code wasn't obeying the target game.

FIXED: The form combobox was being alphabetically sorted when that wasn't intended.

FIXED: There was a potential buffer issue with generation 4 Wonder Card loading.

FIXED: If a Pokémon had a form value that it shouldn't normally have, it could cause the icon to not display.

FIXED: The directional buttons weren't displayed in the code generator's activation button list at all times.

FIXED: Black/White save file loading could fail at times when it shouldn't have.

FIXED: Generation 4 Mystery Gift display could put random text in the slot combobox if the card data was improperly modified.

FIXED: Generation 4 Mystery Gifts were being reactivated as long as the card wasn't "trashed". (Found by bmn13.)

FIXED: If a Wonder Card was present in any of the 3 slots for Platinum/HG/SS, extra data was being written to locations that it shouldn't have been. In the case of Platinum, this was writing over 4-12 bytes in an area not related to Mystery Gifts. (Found by MicroChip.) (For more information on what was being written erroneously, look here: http://projectpokemon.org/forums/showthread.php?23740-RESOLVED-Mystery-Gift-problem)

FIXED: A byte that was previously thought to be part of the used Wonder Card IDs for generation 4 seems to not be used for that purpose and is no longer affected by the used IDs in PokeGen. This shouldn't have caused any problems. (Found by MicroChip.)

FIXED: Switching games with a save file loaded was prompting with a dialog that had "Error" in the titlebar.

CHANGED: Improved the Mystery Gift display for generation 4. It won't display card information anymore if no card actually "exists" there.

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If you downloaded this version within the first minute or so of it being uploaded, you have a copy that still says 3.1.0, and will probably want you to update again.


ADDED: Form data for stat calculations for Tornadus, Thundurus, Landorus, Kyurem, and Keldeo.

ADDED: Black 2/White 2 to the origin list. This was also affecting the Pokemon data.

ADDED: Tornadus, Thundurus, Landorus, Kyurem, and Keldeo new form icons.

ADDED: Pokedex support for Black 2/White 2.

FIXED: Editing an existing item would always create a new item instead of changing the existing one.

FIXED: Loading a Black (2)/White (2) save state would cause a crash. (Found by evandixon.)

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FIXED: Selecting a Pokemon with new forms in Black 2/White 2 in the Pokedex would cause the program to crash.

FIXED: When checking "Seen" on a Pokemon with multiple forms, the requirement of at least one form under the seen list wasn't being met.

FIXED: Using "Set" on a Pokemon with new forms in Black 2/White 2 would cause a crash. (Found by swampert_pwns.)

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ADDED: Mystery Gift code generation for Black 2/White 2. (Again, these codes are activated by pressing the buttons you specify when generating the code, THEN opening the X menu.)

ADDED: English translation of Black 2/White 2 location strings. (Thanks to Guested.)

FIXED: The Mystery Gift IDs editbox wasn't limited to 2039 for generation 4.

FIXED: Switching languages caused blank item entries to have random text.

FIXED: Pokemon caught in the Dream Radar weren't displaying the correct location. (Found by Guested.)

FIXED: Black 2/White 2 game IDs have been added for code exporting.

FIXED: Checking "Seen" on a Pokemon with forms in the Pokedex wasn't selecting the default form.

FIXED: The Pokedex features weren't being set properly for Black 2/White 2.

FIXED: Form data and language data wasn't being written properly for Black 2/White 2.

CHANGED: The version information dialog is now more readable.

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ADDED: If a save file fails to load, you're now given the option to forcibly load it as the game you choose.

ADDED: The PokeGen registry key is automatically cleaned up now. (There were old values that were removed, like the "ignore save file checksum" one in this release.)

ADDED: There's now a button to load trainer information from the save file into the controls.

ADDED: C-Gear background image changing. Black/White and Black 2/White 2 files can be used interchangeably.

Code generation isn't available for these. It may not be for a while, if at all.

FIXED: Generation 4 save file block selection wasn't always selecting the correct block. (Found by bmn13.)

FIXED: The item list for Black 2/White 2 was messed up in various ways.

FIXED: There was a buffer problem when loading generation 5 Pokemon that could cause a crash.

FIXED: The extra bytes editbox wasn't limited to 3 characters as was intended.

FIXED: If a save state failed to load, a file handle was left unclosed. (Basically a memory leak.)

FIXED: Item loading wasn't properly handling invalid item IDs.

CHANGED: The locations "Hidden Cave" and "Ancient Path" for Black 2/White 2 has been changed to "Hidden Hollow" and "Relic Path". (Thanks to Guested.)

CHANGED: English item translations have been added. (Thanks to Guested.)

CHANGED: The "Ignore save file checksum" option has been removed, as the ability to force-load a save file supersedes it.

CHANGED: Spanish translation updates my Migue4e.

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