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Contest - Create an Event Pokemon

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On 1/25/2019 at 9:33 AM, TiffanyDarlet said:

i dont know how to create those files but here is mine ><

Species:           skitty 
gender:            male or female
pokeball:          dream ball
lvl:                    5 
ot:                    Darlet

distribution:     online wifi
location:           a lovely place
games :            all regions 3DS:
nature :            random
ability:              wonder skin
item:                normal gem
bundled item: none
card per save: only one allowed
-natural gift

Hey, if you create a pk7 with those details for the most part, I could convert it into the gallery format for you :)
Also include a "Title" and "Flavor text/description" (or the choice to not have them) in your next reply :)

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Ok time for the results,

First as expected we had few voters but unexpected a lot of cheaters which as you ignored was really easy to see thanks to Google form because of the indivudual votes and the IP adresses,


So for the results we have a tie which is really unexpected between:

-Alexandria shiny Victini

-Solstice 2019 shiny Cosmog

-Poke J 500 Gyarados


What do you prefer?

3 winners or a 2nd round?

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