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To be uploaded :


Will do it tomorrow or something like that.

Wondercard Title : 
Ouah ! C'est Hoopa !

Wondercard Text :
Hoopa, le Pokémon fabuleux débarque !
Ce Hoopa connaît TrouDimensionnel,
une nouvelle capacité surpuissante
qui lui est propre !

Oh and btw, here is it (Hoopa Harry, France) :


And for information, the codes will be distributed from the 2nd November in France.

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We get only 1 Code per Person :-/

But another Question

wtf WHO are Galileo (Galileii?), Manesh and Harry?

I think Harry could be a character in the Movie... But the two other?

Manesh Lal is the name of the person in charge of Pokemon stuff and also a Director at Maxsoft Singapore. That's probably where the OT came from for the Maxsoft SG Hoopa.

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Ah tu as reçu un code en avance ? Vu qu'il est censé sortir aujourd'hui en France ^^

Tous les codes anglais, allemands, français, européens sont les mêmes.

Ce code était allemand, mais c'est les mêmes qu'en France.

Every serial codes english, deutch, french, the european one, are the same.

This code was the deutch one, but that's the same as they are in France.

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C'est pas comme si je l'avais pas upload à la page précédente...

Ha oui mince -_-' Le boulet j'ai pas vu que tu avais tout mis dans ton fichier... Désolé ! Et merci pour toutes contributions en tout cas :) J'en ai utilisé vraiment beaucoup.

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This the Present of participation in PGL Spooky Cup Tournament the event 10 Rare Candy.

This event is obtained from Latin America in Spanish.

Dejo el obsequio de la participación del torneo de PGL, Copa del terror el evento de los 10 Caramelos Raros.

Este evento es obtenido desde América Latina en Español.


Event 10 Rare Candys - Evento 10 caramelos raros

1511 - Obsequio de la Copa Terror.zip

Event Image - Imagen del Eevento


1511 - Obsequio de la Copa Terror.zip

Edited by Advnc
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Here's the new Sludge Bomb Zoroark event that just randomly started in North America. Includes English, French and Spanish languages! :)

Thanks to Serebii.net for the heads up!


Also got the Haloween PGL Rare Candies as well, didn't see anyone post it in English so guess I'll do the honours. :P


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How can you screenshot with ninjhax ?

Btw, there is never wifi events in europe, pretty weird seriously

Just run the game through HANS, if you press HOME it takes a screenshot instead of loading the Home Menu. Then load the Screenshot tool to convert the raw screenshot in .png

(you need the latest starter pack and the latest version of Ninjhax, you can find everything here: http://smealum.github.io/3ds/ )

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News Flash!

Like to contribute, but cannot extract wondercards?

If you got serial codes, simply PM me (theSLAYER) or ElseSomeone,

as we are able to collect most, if not all, of region-locked serial codes!

Welcome to our Event Contribution Thread!

First of all, I'll like to thank everyone for their contributions and co-operation thus far!

As this thread is for contributions, any discussion(s) can be take to the thread in this link!

Golden Rules: What is allowed on this thread

  • Contribution of events from users
  • The only discussion allowed here, is whether posted event is legal or faked
  • Contribution of information regarding other events already posted or event missing from database

Table of Contents

Other related material

Event Compilation Latest Version

13 September 2015 GMT +8 06:53PM

This pporog ... link is not updated?

I think you want to summarize the wc6 announced new here

I'm sorry in strange English

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