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  1. The 2nd Volcanion is hacked? It has 6 IV, the maximum that an event can have is 3 IV right?
  2. Ah tu as reçu un code en avance ? Vu qu'il est censé sortir aujourd'hui en France ^^
  3. Une personne qui aurais reçu le Hoopa français via les codes et qui pourrais partager la WC6 s'il vous plait ?
  4. Okay I do not believe, because even if we can have it on the French games OT must be German or English normally not ?
  5. It is completely legal if I now take with Wondercard ?
  6. The UK and German codes operate on French games and console?
  7. In France it comes out April 13 normally not ?
  8. I am actually going to ask me Serebii is actually there has been two events this year than the Corocoro + WHF15 , mea culpa
  9. No i do not troll, the OT is not WHF15 normally ?
  10. My 3DS is a PAL , the event is illegal because I can not put the region, the country in Japan, for example
  11. The PKX files are more useful anyway, if you have no JPN console is why the PKX files are better.
  12. This Rayquaza is totaly legit ? Not modified ?
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