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  1. If you don't want to install a CFW just to export a save file, you can download a modiefied version of the Homebrew Launcher from here: https://github.com/ihaveamac/9.6-dbgen-xmls Click on "Clone or download", then on Download ZIP. Extract the files in the zip and put the mmap folder and the boot.3dsx in the root of the 3DS' SD Card. With these files your save manager will work with Sun and Moon, but not always, sometimes you will get the yellow screen (from my experience, 65%=ok / 30%=yellow / 5%=red). With a CFW you will have 100% bootrate with the .cia version of JK Save Manager or SaveDataFiler (JK is easier).
  2. Hi guys, I have a question about Munchlax in Pokémon Platinum. I know it can be found on honey trees with a 1% rate, I know that in Diamond and Pearl only 4 trees (based on my TID and SID) can give you a Munchlax, is it the same for Platinum? I read both yes and no on the Internet (some people say yes, only 4 trees, some say no, in Platinum every tree can give you Munchlax). If it's the same, is the Munchlax Tree Calculator on thepikaclub.co.uk compatible with Platinum? Thanks in advance (I know I can just breed a Snorlax from HG/SS or gen a Munchlax, I'll probably do it if I don't find Munchlax in a week or so)
  3. I can confirm the Italian event was ORAS-only too.
  4. I don't know what the exact cause of the incompatibility of RAM2Sav on emunand is, but if you have emunand and homebrew, you don't need RAM2Sav. Well, actually nobody needs RAM2Sav, because if you can use RAM2Sav you can use browserhax+homebrew. You can use svdt or save manager with your homebrew launcher or you can install JK Save Manager on your emunand to dump a full save file.
  5. If you need it, here's the .pcd I made for myself some time ago Capsula Scrigno.pcd Text is in Italian but you can change it, I recommend using the 1.4 beta3 version of Pokémon Mystery Gift Editor, it works better for Gen4 games. You don't need a .pgt file for this event, a .pcd is enough
  6. In order to correctly unlock this event you need 2 DSes and 2 games. Game1 should contain a redistributable .pcd file (Gen4 Wondercard) of the Lock Capsule (you can create it with Pokemon Mystery Gift Editor), Game2 will receive the event via local wireless and will unlock an extra option in the Mystery Gift menu exclusively for the Lock Capsule.
  7. Hi Kaphotics, I downloaded the latest version of PKHeX from the stickied thread but I can't import .wc6 files, it tells me they aren't wondercards. They work correctly with old PKHeX versions.
  8. Yes, in Gen3 the postman stays there (at least for me in my FR/LG games where I got the Aurora Ticket)
  9. Nintendo forces you to do a system update when doing a system transfer, so no, you can't use RAM injection anymore, but you can use Browserhax & MenuHax + Save Manager or svdt to export your save file on the latest firmware (10.5.0-30).
  10. Italian Mew The manage attachments option isn't working (at least for me), download here: http://s000.tinyupload.com/index.php?file_id=83866916574047331792
  11. If it's exactly the same as the HK Jirachi, it won't work on American consoles, only JPN+TWN+PAL.
  12. Like the HK Shiny Jirachi codes, the HK Infernape codes can also be redeemed on PAL consoles only if the game is set in English or Japanese (and maybe Korean?). My game was in Italian and it said that I couldn't receive that gift, changed the language to ENG with PKHeX and the code worked.
  13. We have now some official European dates for the Mew distribution: UK: February 1st - 28th @ GAME Italy: February 1st - 24th @ GameStop Germany, Austria, Switzerland: February 4th - 24th @ GameStop Source: http://pokemon.gamespress.com/landing.asp
  14. Those are US serial code cards (there is the ESRB rating), they didn't even announce the dates for Europe unfortunately
  15. Ok, so you are on a compatible firmware & game version... I don't know what the problem is, if you want you can try browserhax + Save Manager or svdt to get a full save file, more info on browserhax here: http://smealum.github.io/3ds/
  16. Complete version of the firmware? RAM2Sav works if the last number of the firmware is -20, -21 or -22.
  17. I always forget that those programs aren't included in the starter kit Save Manager: http://www.mediafire.com/download/f23b456bdp6p1vk/save_manager_%28with_smdh%29.zip svdt: https://github.com/meladroit/svdt/releases (you have to download the svdt.3dsx/smdh/xml and asr.dat files, put them in a folder called svdt and then put the svdt folder in the 3ds folder in your SD card) As you have an eShop game, I think svdt is safer. When you start svdt, the program automatically makes a backup of your save file in the svdt/GameName/YearMonthDay_HourMinuteSecond folder (at least for me). XY/ORAS save files are named "main".
  18. It's very simple actually, if your console firmware is between 9.0 and 10.3 and your 3DS browser works you just need to download some files in your SD card and scan a QR code, it's easier than gen 4/5 in my opinion. Go to http://smealum.github.io/3ds/ for more info
  19. You have to export your save file with Homebrew Launcher + Save Manager or svdt.
  20. If you need to extract a .wc6 from your save file (not sure if I understood your question correctly), load your save file in PKHeX, click on WonderCard, right click on the event you want to export->Load, then click Output .wc6. Zip the files you want to upload and upload them where you want, you can do this directly on this site by using the Manage Attachments option.
  21. Look in the shortcuts of PKHeX, there's an option to convert a ramsav in a main (svdt compatible) file, if I remember correctly.
  22. You can use one of these exploits -> http://smealum.github.io/3ds/ in combination with svdt -> https://github.com/meladroit/svdt/releases to get a full save file. The easiest (and free) method is browserhax, but you probably have a blocked browser. If your browser isn't blocked, start browserhax and install MenuHax, so even if Nintendo blocks your browser you have another way to launch the Homebrew Loader. Browserhax and MenuHax also work on the latest firmware, 10.3.0-28, so if your browser is blocked you can just update your console and run browserhax but there are rumors of a new firmware releasing today, so if you want to update check if 10.3 is still the latest FW. You can downgrade to 9.2 but you need a *hax and it's a bit risky: http://gbatemp.net/threads/simple-guide-to-downgrading-your-3ds.407888/
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