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  1. Aurora Veil's PP is 0... Also Chobin is extremely overlevelled at that point of the game. Went from Level 34 or so in Phenac City to Level 45 and Level 50 RoboGroudon. Then at the Snagem Hideout, they barely reach Level 40.
  2. That moment when you find a Shiny, but it's not catchable... Speaking of, what's the Shiny Ratio in this hack?
  3. Sucks that while you can get Wi-Fi events in any region just by selecting the region in HANS, you cannot use the Code feature as it requires the latest patch to use. And even if you have it, HANS doesn't read those...
  4. The latest version doesn't allow me to expand the number of moves the Pokemon can learn. I can change what is already there, but I can't add more.
  5. Starter editor? NICE! I hope that editing event encounters comes soon!
  6. When I open the Personal Stats in the latest update, the program crashes when I try do anything in it.
  7. I get that. Ok, in ORAS, the Wally battle in Mauville uses the trainer class "Pokemon Trainer -192" and the music that plays for that Trainer class is the Trainer Battle theme. I want to switch it to the Rival Battle theme. If I just rename the music files, then all trainers would have that music. I don't know if it's possible yet.
  8. No no, not the music itself, I mean what music plays for each Trainer Class.
  9. Could you be more specific? What exactly do I have to do in there?
  10. Is it possible to change which music track is used with each Trainer Class? For example, changing the music for the Marchioness class for Korrina in XY in the Battle Chateau from the Gym Leader battle to the Successor Korrina battle.
  11. Some of the Formes that share the same name (The Therian Formes and the Primal Reversions) have the same Level-up Table when they shouldn't. For Therian Forme, it's Tornadus, and for Primal Reversion, it's Kyogre.
  12. Seems you can't change the Level Up movepool of Eternal Flower Floette, Cosplay Pikachu, Black and White Kyurem etc. Especially since they have different Level-up move tables.
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