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Modified CyberGadget 3DS Save Editor for use with PKHeX (Updated 10/25/2015).


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You already have the english modded version available here. Go and use it, it's really useful for Pokemon games. As for the japanese version, the options are pretty much the sames, so go ahead and have fun ! :)

Yea but cyber gadget updated last week thus making this English lang.zip don't work, since everytime I click it it says need to update

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Sigh... then the first thing you failed to do was learn how forums work and/or read the Rules posts.

Ah well, we all are beginners at some point, and many of us forget that, often rudely, my apologies (it took me over a month before I had a clue what I was doing when I first started using forums... accidentally got banned on one once for an off comment they didn't take well; needless to say, I learned from it).

At the top of the page, there is a set of directory hyperlinks, the farthest right tells you which sub-forum (or whatever it's called) you are currently in, which is Save Research & Development. If you click it, it will take you to the thread listing, where you will see a button at the very top titled simply "+ Post New Thread". Click that, put a useful and clear, but simple, title, the first post, then submit.

Typically, if you want to just ask a question, first see if there is already a thread about it (that isn't over... about 3 months? old. People get really offended for reviving old threads for various reasons, especially if it's a newbie who did it unknowingly), then see what you can learn from it. If not, you may as well post a new thread and hope for help. It definitely helps, though, to start from the development page of things (such as PKHeX) which will (usually) be clear about the can/can nots of things.

Edit: If you have further questions like this, it's better to check via Private Message (PM) rather than wasting space on a thread. Usually just ask any Moderator (naturally; as long as you're nice, they usually are nice back, and quite helpful) or someone who seems to be in the know about whatever thing you're dealing with. [To send a PM, click the user's name, which will take you to their user page, which has various things, including a link for sending them a PM]

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Are you sure you are up to date? What version are you on? Mine loaded fine just now, using version and used a code on Pokemon Y without issues.

In other words, the current version is fine, the error is on your side.

yea thanks it works fine now my modified version was 2.2 thanks so much for your help

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For Christmas I got a Japanese 3DS, a Cyber Save Editor 3DS, and Japanese Omega Ruby. When I opened up my Cyber Save Editor it had the Dongle and Cord, a few papers, and plastic thing to hold the Dongle and Cord. The problem is that it never came with the disc thingy. Will this work in the same way or what will?

Edit: I tried it and it works. The only problem now is that it is still in Japanese.

Edit 2: Nevermind AGAIN... I got it to work in English

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