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  1. I have the SaveEditor Plugged in with my Japanese Cartridge of ORAS in it. For some reason when I click the icon to open the application, nothing happens at all. This is the first time that this has happened to me, and I don't understand why it is happening. Some advice please? EDIT: The error resolved itself when I restarted my computer for the 3rd time... EDIT 2: Now it is saying that there is an error downloading the decrypted save.... Advice?
  2. Well the thing is that it has worked great for a few weeks now, but suddenly the cord would not be recognized. Everything is connected correctly, there is just an issue with it that I don't know of. And I never said 'It doesn't work'...
  3. My Cyber Save Editor is not being recognized by my computer. When I click the icon with the device plugged in, there is an error that says the USB cannot be recognized.
  4. For Christmas I got a Japanese 3DS, a Cyber Save Editor 3DS, and Japanese Omega Ruby. When I opened up my Cyber Save Editor it had the Dongle and Cord, a few papers, and plastic thing to hold the Dongle and Cord. The problem is that it never came with the disc thingy. Will this work in the same way or what will? Edit: I tried it and it works. The only problem now is that it is still in Japanese. Edit 2: Nevermind AGAIN... I got it to work in English
  5. I do not know where to post this, so I am going to post this here. I do not know how to breed, and I am starting to play VGC. I need someone to gen generation 6 Pokemon for me. Please post below if you can, and I will contact you.
  6. After editting my Black 2 Save File via Pokegen, how do I save the edits onto the .sav file?
  7. Please respond if you know how to solve my problem...
  8. I am trying to Pokegen with my R4i Save Dongle. I saved the .sav file to my computer, but I was unable to open it up in Pokegen. This is what I did. Open Pokegen> Click File> Click Open> (Open my .sav file)> Right here is where the confusion happens. It says "Unable to determine the save file game. Select from the list below to force it to be treated as being from a particular game"> I click Black 2> Nothing happens... No Pokemon in my boxes or Party, or anything. Am I doing it wrong? Is my R4i Save Dongle not saving files correctly? Any help would be great!
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