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  1. You really should have followed the tip above ... like making a clean unedited backup of your save file. It is ALWAYS something that needs to be done, even if you're sure about yourself. I corrupted one of my saves with the japanese save editor on 3DS, and I could restore it thankfully with a previous backup And same question as above, what software did you used for injecting ???
  2. Thanks for the tip, and I always will, we never know of what can happen during the process
  3. I personally tried that with a newly extracted save file with a .dat format, extracted from my VC version of Pokemon red, and this WORKS. When you open it in Pkhex, in the opening window allowing you to browse in your PC, just change the file format category to "all files", and it will display your file in the appropriate folder ! But I've been wondering ... is saving it like that is enough to import it back into your 3DS console to replace your unedited save ??? Like no decryption methods to do before ?
  4. And here's the japanese wondercard text from my console, for those who might be interested in it. I do hope this is the right thread for it ...
  5. You already have the english modded version available here. Go and use it, it's really useful for Pokemon games. As for the japanese version, the options are pretty much the sames, so go ahead and have fun !
  6. My main problem isn't the .xml file issue but more the cartridge that isn't detected, no matter which cartridges I use, but thanks, I'm relieved to know the method I was using was at least the good one for this matter.
  7. Hello, Like some other people above me, I've recently got a CyberGadget Save Editor 2 for Nintendo 3DS, but the thing is, the cartridge cannot be read. In fact, it behave like there's no cartridges, while the device is indeed recognized... And more than that, I'm getting an error message. It's here in Japanese, but it's displayed in your OS language of course. I've just tried to switch my OS to japanese to see if it was working better, but it's not ... Here's the message, the picture is attached to this post as well : I've tried many things, like updating Windows, Net.Framework, changing the OS language, tried different USB slots, etc ... and even though this error message can be SOMEHOW solved by deleted the .xml file in the SaveBank folder everytime after one use, I wonder if it's linked. I mean, the device definetly won't read any of my japanese cartridges (Smash Bros, Ruby Omega, etc ...), and I even sent a message to Play-Asia saying it would be better to return it ... but maybe I'm not alone and that there's a solution ? If yes, please explain me, I want to know if my device itself have a problem or if it's about Windows itself. But my thoughts are about a Windows issue sadly ... My main issue is the not recognized cartridge actually ...
  8. Well, I do appreciate such mistakes from Nintendo of Korea, because it's indeed a mistake from them then ... Thanks for the information !
  9. Yeah, it is. There's 3 different events in one somehow. Each periods have his specific starter ! The wondercard is for him only, I tried more than once, and it's only him ! ^^
  10. In case there's additional informations needed, here is everything you might need for it ! :redface: (Even though it already have been contributed ^^) Pokegen Report : Event Wi-Fi In-Game Pictures :
  11. My bad, I though there missing informations about the wondercard ... I will try to do better next time if there's more french events, for sure ! :tongue: And sorry for the trouble ! :redface:
  12. PKM: Keldeo HVR2013 (French) Card Title: Le Pokémon fabuleux Keldeo! Distribution Comment: Voilà un fidèle compagnon de route pour vous épauler à travers votre périple dans Pokémon Version Noire 2 ou Pokémon Version Blanche 2! Card Comment: Merci d'avoir joué à Pokémon! Allez récupérer votre cadeau dans le jeu aurprès du livreur d'un Centre Pokémon! Date Card Received: 2012.01.20 ___________________________ This is my first contribution, so I hope I've made it right ! :biggrin: By the way, this is a Wifi event, so there's no other pictures that I can take except my DS, and since I live in France, it's easy for me to get it. I will also include as well as the .pgf file a clean savedata from where I've extracted the file, in case there's trouble with that one ! ^^ (I've made that post because of the lack of informations about the wondercard that apparently is missing, according to the post above mine ! ^^)
  13. Hello everyone ! My name is Franck, I've been playing Pokémon since the very begining, and I'm still a big fan of it ! I'm looking at forums and forums, searching for stuff that I might enjoy, and I've stumbled accross the site/forum for quite a few weeks now. I was searching for some events, so yeah, I'm here ! I recently got everything needed to insert the wondercards into my save of PkMn ! I also came here for the french Keldeo recently distributed ! If you have any more questions, feel free to ask !
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