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[HGSS Hack] Pokémon Heart Red - Fire Red for Nintendo DS

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Updated the main post with more information.

Also, a new update.


- Implemented a new logo on the title screen.
- Bicycle available from Cerulean Bike Shop.
- Trade Spearow for a Farfetch'd in Vermillion.
- Fixed a freeze in Vermillion.
- Fixed a bug where you could do trades multiple times.
- Added correct NPC dialogue and Pokemon overworlds to Trainers club.

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This is awesome! Ive been toying with the idea of doing this same thing before and I've got some suggestions. For areas that are different or flat out don't exist (Mt. Moon, Sylph co upper levels, ext) would be to use other similar like areas. Like Mt. Moon entrance warping you to Mt. Mortar, Sylph co elevator warping you to the goldenrod radio tower, Power plant warrping to.... that team rocket base under the guys house in Mahogany town. Like the floor with the generator in it. Granted Im only familiar with warp tile editing in gen 1-3 games so maybe its completely different but that would work well without having to do any 3d model work and recreating the entire maps.

Anyway, great job man, it looks great so far!

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- Route 9 now open with correct trainer battles & items.
- You are given a potion when starting a new game.
- Replaced the Old Man's Marill with Nidoran on Route 2.
- Many dialogue and cutscene fixes and improvements.
- You can now re-battle your rival when losing to him in Cerulean.
- Item on Route 45 now removes when aquiring.
- Pokemon Trainers in Vermillion Gym now have correct moves.

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- Fairy Type implemented.
- ORAS mini-icons added.
- Can get Dream Eater in Viridian once you get Cut.
- S.S Anne is closed once you get HM01.
- Can no longer revive fossils in Pewter City.
- Removed Sacred Ash from Route 2.
- Fixed a bug where Brock would dissapear when you progress further in game.
- Many NPCs and their dialogue updated.
- Cutscene improvements.


- Fixed a freeze that could happen on Flash Cart.
- Old man can now be seen in Viridian after the Pokemon catching tutorial.
- Minor cutscene improvements.

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I could use some help creating / modifying the graphics for the game. Things like the intro or touchsceen.


- Can get Flash from Prof Oak's aide on Route 2.
- Moon Stone & Hp Up added on Route 2.
- Wild Encounters updated on Routes 4, 5, 6, 11, 24 & 25.
- Prof. Oak's last Pokemon now stays on the table throughout the game.
- Various NPC improvements.
- Fixed the movesets of many trainers.
- Fixed a crash on the S.S Anne.
- Fixed a bug where a NPC would teach you Mega Kick.

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It doesn't work on my original R4 ): The wood is updated (it read games until Pokémon BW2, it can read HGSS), but the game doesn't work on the cart. It works on DeSMume (but it lags a lot.. I would prefer to play it on 2DS!)

EDIT: The version works :') I imagine it's just a bug of the newest version

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You still need a mapper? 

Here is my previous work and also If you need me to work on it I'll do it on my own time. Cinnabar will be easy and Sevii Islands will be the long part. 

It's been a while since I've been gone from the scenes but can't wait to fully come back this summer.


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I'm not allowed to edit the main post so you can download the latest version below:

https://www.pokecommunity.com/showthread.php?t=329029 (link appears to be dead?)
Our page here:





- Lyra has been partially replaced with Leaf.
- Gender Selection screen now has proper Red/Leaf sprites.
- Red's sprite is now shown when using HMs/swimming.
- Nidoran is now shown instead of Marill on the intro.
- ROM icon replaced with a red one.
- Fixed Flashcart compatability.
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On 10/19/2017 at 12:24 AM, CurseTheJirachi said:

question, is there any way you could port this into a .nds file as I have a R4 game cartridge but it only accepts .nds files, otherwise I love the rom hack took a swing on desmume but didnt continue as I am not a fan of desmume

You have to patch the game yourself as supplying .nds roms is illegal

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Was adding the Fairy Type particularly useful? Not that I mind, but all of the type's damaging moves were introduced along with it itself or later. Fairy Wind, Disarming Voice, Dazzling Gleam, Moonblast, Play Rough... There's no real benefit to the Fairy Type right now.

That aside, I've got a bunch of things I feel I must bring to light.

The trade on Route 2 should actually be for a Mr. Mime. The Abra requirement is correct.

The traded Farfetch'd wasn't holding the Stick like it does in FRLG (not that I mind the Smoke Ball from the Dodrio trade you converted) and still had the Dodrio's name and OT. Just in case you're after greater accuracy.

The Bike Voucher, though programmed properly, doesn't show up in the Bag like it should. Oak's Parcel is also like this.

The Fishing Guru in Vermillion City does not give the player an Old Rod.
On the subject of Magikarp, There's no Salesman who'll sell one in the Route 4 Pokémon Centre.

There's still some Apricorn Trees in Pewter City. If that's intentional or not, I don't know, but not being able to get the Apricorn Box to put them in is annoying.

I find it weird that Professor Oak's Phone Number isn't in the player's Phone Registry, nor given to them by him to evaluate the Pokédex at the beginning of the game. Perhaps the Aide who gives you Flash can do if you talk to him afterwards or something?

Some encounters are bugged, No specie is determined and the wild Pokémon is at level 0. I've witnessed this on Route 5, Route 24 and Route 9. Other areas may be affected as well, but I have yet to see such an issue.

Certain Trainer names and dialogue are incorrect, Notably, the Team Rocket Grunt in Mt. Moon is listed as 'Team Rocket Toby' instead of 'Team Rocket Grunt'. While I love the idea of giving the nameless mooks of Team Rocket names. They can't be nameless if they have names. Additionally, some of the overworld sprites don't correlate to the corresponding trainer classes when battling various NPCs. An example of this is the first girl you see on Route 4. Her overworld sprite is an Aroma Lady but she is actually a Lass.

In-battle dialogue with the Rival and Gym Leaders treat you as if this is still HGSS. The Gym Leaders treat you like you're not from Kanto and Blue acts like Silver.

The Gym Guide who gives you advice is not in any of the Gyms for some reason.

After clearing the SS. Anne, Bill's PC doesn't display Eevee and its evolved forms. Additionally, after helping Bill out, the PCs in Pokémon Centres should have changed "Someone's PC" to "Bill's PC".

The Rocket Grunt that stole TM28 is nowhere to be seen. Since it's Dig, it'd go a long way to helping in the Vermillion Gym. Perhaps rescripting the Policeman to stand in the area leading south out of Cerulean and having event tiles that have him stop you from leaving that way to force you round the other way to encounter the Rocket Grunt and recover the TM.

There's a Battleable NPC that's missing from Route 24's Grass patch.

The ORAS menu icons are decent, but largely poorly coloured. Grovyle and Nidoran are strong examples of this.

The capture tutorial shows the unused Player backsprite, rather than pulling your hair out trying to fix an issue, I suggest having them as the old man's granddaughter or grandson with the old man recommending that they show the player how to catch Pokémon.

Perhaps a small  oversight, but TM70 being Flash is a slight problem. Since Flash is no longer a HM that means it can be deleted, which also means that Rock Tunnel can get ridiculously harder for some people by way of an oversight. For safety ourposes, might I recommend adding an NPC that can sell you the Flash TM right near Rock Tunnel? Perhaps in the Pokémon Centre with the Aide that gives you the Everstone for Catching 20 Pokémon?

All of these, and likely more are most likely known by you, but perhaps you've missed some. I don't know.

Now, for the good things I have to say:

I'm super pumped about this hack.There's a few changes that you've made compared to the orignals it's based on but a carbon copy is just outright dull. Every remake has alterations in some places so I'd say it's great to be flexible about it.

Everything I've seen so far has impressed me, and given that I know it's a WIP with adjustments still needing to be made basically everywhere this is a great start.

Keep it up! I'm eager to see more!

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Sorry for the massive bump guys, but I have a request for all of you guys here. A while ago I started collecting ROM hacks (this includes older versions of certain hacks if possible), I noticed recently how some people aren't able to download some of the older ROM hacks such as this specific one here. So I was wondering if any of you would be willing to give me any older versions of HeartRed for archiving purposes (I plan to host the older versions as patches). I already have two versions on me and have already created patches for them, they are publicly available of course as seen here:

Pokemon - HeartRed Version Collection: (Patch format only, you need xDelta GUI/UI to apply the patches, you will have to find/dump the original ROM yourself.)



If any of you are able to help then please let me know (I prefer getting the original content if possible for verification purposes). I am not entirely sure if the older versions were hosted as actual ROMs or patches, so to be on the safe side I am open via Discord or Skype, we can discuss that stuff on either of those so no rules are broken here (I like this place, I don't want to be banned lol). Thanks in advance, even if you can't help, thank you anyways for spending the time to read my request.

Mod edit: I'm unsure how long MEGA links last, or if it'll last forever.
I have the files from above uploaded to here:


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New update! (Download)

	- Can now travel to Celadon City through Route 7.
- Celadon Gym is open and you can obtain the 4th badge after beating Erika.
- Coin Case can be obtained in Celadon City.
- Snorlax is blocking on Route 16.
- Custom intro graphics (Thanks to Hiro_TDK)
- Touchscreen graphics changed from green to blue.
- Fixed an issue where some indoor maps had white textures.

Thanks to HiroTDK for the intro graphics.



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Does anyone else can't patch this last update?
The older patches works fine but xdelta states that is " not a VCDIFF input: XD3_INVALID_INPUT"
Also, is 685MB while older patchs are 7MB or more... Should I try to patch over or what?

Sorry if I'm doing/did anything "worng", long time downloading but first time posting.
Also, if you try to use your potion before you get a pokemon, the game will freeze, but I think that there isnt much you can do about it.
Maybe an Oak aide could come and give it to the player after choosing your pokemon instead... just to prevent this freeze. 

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