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  1. Pokémon Kanto/Orange Rom Base Hello ProjectPokémon! It's been a while since I've been through hell and back. Lost all my tools and old NDS projects when I halted development. I can assure you all I'm back for real this time and even more focused than ever. Will be moving into HGSS Rom instead of continuing with BW/B2W2 Roms because who doesn't love a Pokémon following you! So whats the plan and goal before Summer starts? Finish Mapping all the Islands of the Orange Archipelago Spriting Orange Islands OWs Fix all warps, events, OWs and glitches around the Kanto I messed up. Fix and re position Flying on the Map. Creating scripts to enable travel around the islands in Blimps or Boats. (Don't ask if ya can surf around because that'll kill me making more maps) New Intro and starting place Important stuff I'm finished with A Whole New Orange Archipelago Matrix System Island Names appear in the game now but some 3D Maps haven't been created yet 3D Interiors and Outdoors (It doesn't look weird at all #NotOneBit) The New Matrix System I'll be using New Island from the Pokemon Movie (Not close looking but really we just need a castle/tower) In-Game of the empty Island I'll be seeking people who can script/event edit/ and love messing with the Text editor in Spiky DS Map only once I'm finished making the maps of all islands. Most of all I can't really design any of the Islands myself since I can only google the anime version of each Island. So I'm asking you all to make maps using GBA tools of each island and post them up. It'll give me ideas to make them into 3D Models easier without having a hard time thinking how I should make each map. Just don't make Valencia Island because I'm working on it. Tools and Thanks Spiky DS Map Editor 1.9.0 thank you Spiky-Eared Pichu ;P <---- I miss this guy! MKDS Course Modifier(Latest) thank you Gericom! BTX Editor thank you KazoWar! Google Sketchup 2016 thank you Google! FluidImporter Plugin for Sketchup HxD Hex Editor Yes this really is all the tools you need to make maps and Import them.. P.S. Also if anyone ask of course I can make maps in NDS Roms...it's quite simple once you get the hang of it
  2. You still need a mapper? Here is my previous work and also If you need me to work on it I'll do it on my own time. Cinnabar will be easy and Sevii Islands will be the long part. It's been a while since I've been gone from the scenes but can't wait to fully come back this summer.
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