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  1. Honestly, I'd be up for playing this restoration. Heck, even without the Slots restored (which I do want back but I can make do without them) I love the idea of seperating the Voltorb Flip game and preserving it as is too. It's a nice touch. Is there any way to download what you have thus far?
  2. I've found that dragging the files individually into PKHeX loads the Pokémon as it was. Abilities maintained and everything, BUT if you try to tweak the Pokémon even a little, it'll remove its ability, etc. It'll slow you down but that might otherwise be more help to you. The funny thing is, the game just doesn't want the cut stuff being used since it will flat-out remove the ability after one battle with it. Among abilities I've tested Gale Wings, Desolate Land, Power Construct, Battle Bond and Delta Stream, all function properly. However in the case of the weather abilities, they don't call the animation for the weather. Otherwise, it functions fine. If you want to test that yourself, enter a battle and meet the abilities conditions to see for yourself. To see the weathers I'd recommend going to an area with Hail or Sandstorm in effect..
  3. Ones of all of the Mega Evolutions and Ash-Greninja would be really cool! =o
  4. They should be. They're in the code and have been holdable since Gen 4.
  5. Yep. That's the case. I only really know because the Battle Tree is the only thing I find worth doing in Gen 7. After the main story anyway.
  6. Ah, that makes sense. Still, it'd be great to see something done for it. A friend of mine wishes all of the hair styles from X and Y were still in too. I wonder if anyone's working on it...
  7. Recently, I briefly asked someone if it'd be possible to import XY's clothing data to SM and/or USUM and the answer I got was a no with a short summary for why. That's fair enough. But some time after that, I remembered something about Gen 6. The Overworld Models and the Models used for viewing the Trainer Card/Clothing confirmation screens as well as the special battles like with Team Flare and the rivals are all rather different. I still don't expect this to actually work, but hypothetically speaking could THOSE models be used to import XY's clothing (and perhaps the Mega Ring/Bracelet)? I'm only asking this because I don't think I've ever seen any mention of those specific character models and textures brought into question for an import.
  8. A better place for this would be in Malie Garden since it's styled around the Johto Region. They could be set up at the café which'd really give a little more purpose to Malie Garden.
  9. I'm fairly sure that's Expert or Master (I don't rightly recall the name off-hand). But there's 2 Ribbons a Pokémon can get in the Battle Tree. The one for clearing the 20th battle in the Normal set, and the one for clearing the 50th battle in the Super set.
  10. It also happens with Solgaleo and I'd assume any of the other Pokémon that were previously banned for it like Mewtwo, Rayquaza and the others.
  11. On Sun a while back, my friend flew to the ruins and missed the event trigger when heading up to the Battle Tree. If that's the case, the event trigger should be on the path to Hapu's house from there. Ah, well. I had an inclination. Thanks for the answer.
  12. This might seem out of left field, but is it at all a possibility to adapt the clothing and hairstyles from X and Y into USUM? I wasn't particularly fond of Sun and Moon's clothing options and I'm concerned it'll be an issue again.
  13. Just out of interest, is it possible to assign the game's displayed item name to the Mega Ring if that were to be injected or does the game just forcefully use the text for the Key Stone for the player?
  14. Was adding the Fairy Type particularly useful? Not that I mind, but all of the type's damaging moves were introduced along with it itself or later. Fairy Wind, Disarming Voice, Dazzling Gleam, Moonblast, Play Rough... There's no real benefit to the Fairy Type right now. That aside, I've got a bunch of things I feel I must bring to light. The trade on Route 2 should actually be for a Mr. Mime. The Abra requirement is correct. The traded Farfetch'd wasn't holding the Stick like it does in FRLG (not that I mind the Smoke Ball from the Dodrio trade you converted) and still had the Dodrio's name and OT. Just in case you're after greater accuracy. The Bike Voucher, though programmed properly, doesn't show up in the Bag like it should. Oak's Parcel is also like this. The Fishing Guru in Vermillion City does not give the player an Old Rod. On the subject of Magikarp, There's no Salesman who'll sell one in the Route 4 Pokémon Centre. There's still some Apricorn Trees in Pewter City. If that's intentional or not, I don't know, but not being able to get the Apricorn Box to put them in is annoying. I find it weird that Professor Oak's Phone Number isn't in the player's Phone Registry, nor given to them by him to evaluate the Pokédex at the beginning of the game. Perhaps the Aide who gives you Flash can do if you talk to him afterwards or something? Some encounters are bugged, No specie is determined and the wild Pokémon is at level 0. I've witnessed this on Route 5, Route 24 and Route 9. Other areas may be affected as well, but I have yet to see such an issue. Certain Trainer names and dialogue are incorrect, Notably, the Team Rocket Grunt in Mt. Moon is listed as 'Team Rocket Toby' instead of 'Team Rocket Grunt'. While I love the idea of giving the nameless mooks of Team Rocket names. They can't be nameless if they have names. Additionally, some of the overworld sprites don't correlate to the corresponding trainer classes when battling various NPCs. An example of this is the first girl you see on Route 4. Her overworld sprite is an Aroma Lady but she is actually a Lass. In-battle dialogue with the Rival and Gym Leaders treat you as if this is still HGSS. The Gym Leaders treat you like you're not from Kanto and Blue acts like Silver. The Gym Guide who gives you advice is not in any of the Gyms for some reason. After clearing the SS. Anne, Bill's PC doesn't display Eevee and its evolved forms. Additionally, after helping Bill out, the PCs in Pokémon Centres should have changed "Someone's PC" to "Bill's PC". The Rocket Grunt that stole TM28 is nowhere to be seen. Since it's Dig, it'd go a long way to helping in the Vermillion Gym. Perhaps rescripting the Policeman to stand in the area leading south out of Cerulean and having event tiles that have him stop you from leaving that way to force you round the other way to encounter the Rocket Grunt and recover the TM. There's a Battleable NPC that's missing from Route 24's Grass patch. The ORAS menu icons are decent, but largely poorly coloured. Grovyle and Nidoran♀ are strong examples of this. The capture tutorial shows the unused Player backsprite, rather than pulling your hair out trying to fix an issue, I suggest having them as the old man's granddaughter or grandson with the old man recommending that they show the player how to catch Pokémon. Perhaps a small oversight, but TM70 being Flash is a slight problem. Since Flash is no longer a HM that means it can be deleted, which also means that Rock Tunnel can get ridiculously harder for some people by way of an oversight. For safety ourposes, might I recommend adding an NPC that can sell you the Flash TM right near Rock Tunnel? Perhaps in the Pokémon Centre with the Aide that gives you the Everstone for Catching 20 Pokémon? All of these, and likely more are most likely known by you, but perhaps you've missed some. I don't know. Now, for the good things I have to say: I'm super pumped about this hack.There's a few changes that you've made compared to the orignals it's based on but a carbon copy is just outright dull. Every remake has alterations in some places so I'd say it's great to be flexible about it. Everything I've seen so far has impressed me, and given that I know it's a WIP with adjustments still needing to be made basically everywhere this is a great start. Keep it up! I'm eager to see more!
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