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  1. hello need help how can i delete all pokemon in one box ? it takes too long to delete single pokemon..
  2. But its for an egglocke so i cant know the TID & SID...
  3. hello i wanted to make shiny 6x31 IVs Egg pokemon but it doesnt work can someone help me pls ? if i hatch the pokemon its always not shiny..
  4. hello i need help im using Universal Pokemon Game Randomizer i want to randomize the starter pokemon in emerald but its not working.. i want randomized starters with 2 evolutions but i got Onix, Vulpix... how can i fix it thanks
  5. How i can make a Shiny Pokemon with 6x31 DVs? Legality help me please ... for Pokemon Soul SIlver.
  6. hello i have TTDS and i used RetroGameFans last update firmware.. it works so 30 minuts but then i became freezee.. need help please... Need Pokemon Soul Silver (D) German version.
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