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Hey there,

The purpose of this game is to ask "what will you do" with something or someone from the pokémon universe, and answer whatever question before your post.

For example:

POST 1. What will you do with a wild Pikachu?

POST 2. Catch and train the Pikachu, what will you do with a masterball?

So, let's begin!

What will you do with a Talking Meowth?

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I would reverse engineer it, put copies on lots of random Pokémon, and use the resulting experience to quickly train an army to storm evil organizations like Team Skull or the Illuminati.  (The army will consist of volunteer Pokémon.  I'm not a complete monster.)

What would you do with 10 bars of GLORIOUS GOLD!!!!!  (Mystery Dungeon reference, for those who are unaware.)

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Clarified that the army consists of volunteers
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