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(X/Y) KeySAV - Box Data Viewer


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KeySAV is a tool I wrote to decrypt portions of the X/Y SaveData from a Digital Save / PowerSaves rip.

With this tool you can view IVs/Nature/ESV/TSV of Hatched/Unhatched Pokémon that are in your boxes.



You cannot use someone else's data.

This program does not export any data from your save file. Only views it.

Non Windows users: KeySAV runs fine with Wine.

Thanks to OmegaDonut for dumps, testing, and original concept.

Basic Tutorial: (チュートリアル日本)

Digital Copy Save files are stored in:

  • X - \title\00040000\00055d00\
  • Y - \title\00040000\00055e00\

Datel PowerSaves are stored in the C:\Users\*\PowerSaves3DS folder.

Initial Setup:

  • Have an empty box 1 & 2 (can move out of box)
  • Go capture 6 Pokémon
  • --
  • Have them in slots 1-6 in Box 1
  • Save once, save again, then export your save as "16.bin" (or 16.sav if you have a digital)
  • --
  • Move them to slots 1-6 in Box 2, keep same order.
  • Save once, save again, then export your save as "26.bin" (or 26.sav if you have a digital)

Tab 1: Cracking your Keystreams

  • Open SAV 1 = 26.bin
  • Open SAV 2 = 16.bin
  • Click [break].
  • (If it fails, switch SAV1 & SAV2. You've switched their positions ingame).
  • --
  • Save K1 with the suggested filename.
  • Save K2 with the suggested filename.
  • Save Blank as Blank.ekx

Tab 2: Box Data Export

  • Open the Save file you wish to check.
  • Open the Box keystream of the box you wish to view data for.
  • Open the Blank.ekx you've exported.
  • Select the Box you wish to dump from. It must match the suggested Box "save as" name.
  • Select the Data Mode you wish to Dump for: TSV outputs TSVs, the other two output egg/stat-data in different formats.
  • Click Dump Box. Results will be exported to the lower window.

If you have any problems with the program, please see /r/SVExchange's documentation.

If you want to dump more than one box at a time, please use Mass Dumper after getting your Blank with KeySAV.

Source code available on my GitHub.

Use KeySAV (foreign) if your game language is not English. Once you obtain your blank file, you can use it with any other program.

Want more boxes, expanded features, and a quicker process? Try KeySAV2!


KeySAV (foreign).zip


KeySAV (foreign).zip

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Okay guys, I have a question.

I got the key breaking to work, but when I made a sav with 30 eggs in box 1 and used my key and blank, it showed the six pokémon I inserted for making the key files instead of the eggs.

I did everything the tutorial said literally. And it seemed to work, but my problem persists. I have checked wether I'm using the right files and I am.

SAV: Honedge1.bin

Key: Box1.bin

Blank: Blank.ekx

What am I doing wrong?

Edit: hard resetting and saving again fixed part of my problem, however I find that when I dump my box it gives errors for the first row of eggs. Perhaps this has something to do with the pokémon for the key beig there normally?

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In order to use this program you need save files.

The only way to get save files from your game is by ripping them with PowerSaves (Cartridges), or by backing up contents of your SD (Digital).

How do you back them up digitally? Or do you mean if you were playing the game via a downloaded copy?
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Does it tell you where the save file is on the SD card so you can find it easier?
See the tutorial
Um I dumped box 1 and I got IVs but box 2 I did not. Any ideas? Haha. Thanks Kaph and Donut!

Try switching the order of the save files you put in to the Box Breaker.

I tried to code enough error messages in; so I'm not entirely sure what issue you're having.

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