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  1. Why is the box to edit the egg's current RNG Seed disabled from editing? How do I edit it?
  2. Why is the box to edit the egg's current RNG Seed disabled from editing? How do I edit it?
  3. I was interested in editing my ID/SID on one file to match eggs that were bred on a different file. Would that be okay?
  4. Ah... That's a shame. My copy of Y has a defective RNG and generates Shiny Values over 3000 too often (over 70% of the time with an over 10,000-and-counting Egg sample) My highest amongst my digital versions is only 2496. I was hoping save editing could help but I guess it's not really wise to do so if there's a chance of some screwiness with legality.
  5. Prior to Gen 6, according to a lot of people it left traces that were detectable (that it was hatched by an altered trainer). Prior to Gen 5, you had to worry about the ID/SID combo even being possible, but I think with Gen 5 all combinations were made possible. If I change my ID and SID to hatch an Egg as shiny, is the Pokemon illegal? What exactly does it do to the Pokemon? Is there any illegal ID/SID combos in Gen 6 or are all possible again?
  6. I know pre-Gen 6 it was possible to see if an egg was hatched on an altered save file. Not sure if it still is now.
  7. Ah... that's annoying. I wanted to try re-rolling my TSV. My Y cart has a defective RNG--over 10,000 eggs and too many (71.4%) fall under a shiny value of over 3000, which none of my three carts or one digital download have.
  8. Is it possible to use RAM2SAV as a method of playing multiple save files? As in, playing one save file, backing it up, then starting a new game, but being able to swap between them as necessary? Or would PowerSaves still be needed for that?
  9. Oh cool. I didn't know it actually was in already! Thanks!
  10. Currently you have to select (to delete/etc) one Pokemon at a time. It makes clearing boxes kind of... tedious, doing it one at a time. It'd be cool if there was a feature to highlight all of the Pokemon at a time then delete them, or something.
  11. You mean aside from the fact that Gateway has on more than one occasion given "credit" (aka a paycheck) to some 3DS hackers?Smealum is in it for money and publicity, hence why he's never publicly released anything useful he's found. He'll overhype [insert random "homebrew" exploit] to kingdom come though, and delay its release for even more publicity. Or how everyone is so holier than thou and has a "backupz iz teh devul" mentality. DS/PSP days were so much better. People actually released their work so it wasn't a circlejerk of reinventing what the other guy claimed to have done. People also weren't afraid of backup loaders.
  12. A GTS error that no one ever encountered or only affected certain copies. Too bad the GTS still has a myriad of other more serious and annoying errors that have been present since Diamond and Pearl. I love the wording about "the bug used to intercept [...]". Nope. It was a hack. Not a bug. I'm not sure what their terminology of "occasional bug" means, but uh, okay. At least something was fixed even if no one ever noticed it. 1.3 fixed... things no one ever noticed and even Nintendo summarized it as "Increased cheat device detection." at the end. So increased! PowerSaves, Cyber Gadget and the browser still worked for a long time (with the former two still working?). X/Y/OR/AS are very good examples of the current gen of gaming---incredibly slow, buggy, and an outright refusal by their creators to ever fix anything people noticed or cared about. People hounded Nintendo since X/Y that horde battles caused far too much slowdown. What do they do in OR/AS? Not fix it and not only make hordes MORE common, but make TRAINER horde battles. Although a lot of this stems from OR/AS being a very quick and lazy ROM hack of X/Y.
  13. Something tells me Game Freak is not the one who decides what to do. They are likely directed by Nintendo.What bugs? These games still have FPS drops constantly, even without 3D on. Forget about it if you DO turn 3D on... I'm pretty sure the only time a bug was fixed was the Lumiose City one. How they fixed it, I'm not quite sure... I'm pretty sure the updates are just to force people to update firmwares and such. Unlike Smash Bros, where people find out what the updates did, no one ever does for X/Y/OR/AS.
  14. It's gone until five more are found and sold to Chinese pirates by a bunch of holier-than-thou morons who pretend to be anti-piracy but work with people like Gateway and stuff, yeah.Then maybe if anyone's lucky, one seeps through that common folk can use. At least it's better than the Vita hacking scene, which consists of a neverending process of emulating the stupid PSP instead of people trying to make progress.
  15. Which is it?And tell me when Archaictendo lets us FINALLY release eggs and give shiny eggs a different color. 1/512 with a Shiny Charm is still an unbearable experience to go through.
  16. People here have made specific mention to editing it and I'm not sure how. However they didn't say if it was with one of the devices or with RAM2SAV.
  17. How do I edit the RNG state in PKHeX? It just appears to be a read-only box.
  18. I read somewhere not to fill the dex entirely with one click though, or the Shiny Charm doesn't work. Could've been BS, but why take the chance? Although now that I think about it, I think that was for B/W2, not X/Y...
  19. Can't you just edit your savefile to have 718 Pokemon via RAM2SAV, then obtain the last Pokemon you didn't flag (I did Bulbasaur) and get the Shiny Charm that way?
  20. How do you edit the RNG state? Mine is a read-only box. Also, is it possible to see what seed an already hatched Pokemon was generated on?
  21. Considering you don't even need to be sure that your Poke Ball on the Pokemon is legal to enter a Nintendo tournament "legal" is a pretty bad term to be using here. So I take it you've never SRed for a Legendary/etc or bred more than one egg, right? After all, that's RNG abuse. Destiny Knot, Everstone, and other stuff? RNG abuse. It's taking a shortcut to your end goal, after all, and it's slimming the results to be more in your favor.That last part... what do you mean "set it to the state you want"? We can forcibly alter the seeds/etc...? How? Or do you mean genning?
  22. Do tell me how RNG abuse is anything but legitimate.And yes, I'm aware I said legitimate and not legal. The game generated it and it is fully within the possible boundaries of the game and what it is allowed to generate, hence legitimate. RNG abuse is no more illegitimate than soft-resetting until you get the desired stats on a legendary or breeding tens of thousands of eggs until a 6IV Shiny appears. That's still a form of RNG abuse, you know.
  23. Compare the number of events US and Japan has had since Gen 6 started.Japan is massively ahead and that's not all---they get useful events that can impact gameplay too, like Jirachi with a unique move (that's actually good). Oh wait, it's shiny too? That's not all? Japan has gotten it THREE times before America has gotten it once? Wait... what? Not all yet? The only other Shiny Jirachi was one released with Colosseum... in 2003 or whatever... Japanese only. So Americans are still screwed. GameStop also barely qualifies as an event. It's usually the employees hoarding codes. If you're lucky, they'll sell one to you if you purchase a game, but it has to be one they approve of, it can't be a game you actually wanted to buy. That sign that says "NO PURCHASE NECESSARY"? Doesn't exist. Even stretching the absurdist "the event has to have a tie-in to something IRL" reason people use a lot as to why Japan gets more events than us... we have New Years. A holiday more celebrated and more associated with stars and wishmaking THAN THE JAPANESE FESTIVALS IT WAS RELEASED AT. Pokemon lately sells just as well in America but we still get the massive shaft. I'm not sure why. Oh, let's not forget the two Pokemon that were JP-only at the end of Gen 5 because they're so slow with releasing anything that Gen 6 was starting when America should've gotten them. Nintendo, we're in the 21st century. We have this thing called Wi-Fi now. Most people outside of Akihabara, Tokyo, and other Japanese media centrals do NOT play games in public or in transportation. StreetPass is as stupid as local-only events. They should also realize no one is going to these things for the event (festivals, etc) if they're going there with a 3DS---they want the Pokemon. Meaning there is no "sentimental" purpose to the events. Rather, it's an economic one, the holders of the festivals hope to profit by hoping you're a shopaholic and will buy everything and anything there.
  24. Nintendo's patches don't really matter. At this point and especially considering the N3DS, most people have or will have more than one 3DS. I also highly doubt that patches will work for much. Browser exploits tend to stick with a browser in some shape or form (especially a terrible (to them) problem like this) until it's outright disabled/switched over. Nintendo also screwed up any form of sensibility when they made the console have full non-eShop online access without updating. I have no idea why they did this when it was responsible for the Wii being hacked to bits and pieces... It's working on my X and Y, physical and digital! Can I edit my boxes (handily, mass-deletion/importing, etc) via this save file or do I need to use the box exploit too? No biggie either way, just curious.
  25. I wonder if it will be possible to HomePass it, either that or just hack it in via the browser exploits. I love how those racists never want to give a non-Japan country events.
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