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  1. It's actually not a glitch or anything of the like. The Enigma Berry, which is otherwise unused, transforms into the event berries that you scan in, however, the game can only take one at a time. If you scan in a new berry card, any event berries already in the game will become this newly scanned berry. You'll have to turn them into Pokéblocks first before sending in new ones.
  2. So I've slightly derailed from working on the e-Cards because I've found some very interesting stuff in regards to FireRed and LeafGreen support for the e-Reader. Here's the backstory: In Japan, the e-Reader proved to be extremely popular and was run until the end of the GBA's life. Elsewhere, however, it flopped. FireRed and LeafGreen had support for the e-Reader in Japan alongside the Wireless Adapter, but during the localisation process, this was removed and only the Wireless Adapter functionality was retained. I was digging in knizz's FireRed IDA Pro database and found some interesting functions around where the Mystery Gift stuff was, and I did some hex editing, and this happened as a result: This is the menu screen, an almost vanilla copy of FireRed, of the Mystery Events menus. It's completely intact, but there's a few issues: 1. The text has been nulled out. 2. The embedded e-Reader VPK is untranslated (But is still there!) 3. It connects to a Japanese e-Reader, not a USA e-Reader 4. With the vanilla code, FireRed will only let you access it if you have the Wireless Adapter attached. I've been working on this, and with a small amount of assistance, we've gotten past most of this. So far, this is what has been done: 1. Most of the most important text has been translated 2.The Wireless Adapter check has been removed. If the adapter is detected, the game will go to the Mystery Gift menu for use with the adapter. Otherwise, it defaults to Mystery Events. So, all that's really left is: 1. Fix the communication so it works with a USA e-Reader 2. Translate the embedded application Edit: There was a little bit of information that I had in mind to add last night but didn't for whatever reason. Anyway, while doing my debugging in No$GBA, I've identified a subroutine as part of a large jump list at 08143A5C. It is this routine, I believe, that is responsible for completing handshake code to confirm that it is connected to an e-Reader, and if so, to set up and establish a communication with it so that the e-Reader can download the embedded application to it. Right now, I'm planning to look into this code, but I haven't had much in the way of success yet. Once I can finish this and patch this particular routine so that it connects with a USA e-Reader as opposed to a Japanese unit, I can probably release an early version of this patch. Edit: I was talking with Prof9, and he directed me to an old post of his, and I was able to re-activate support for Emerald. It's broken in that none of the text is translated, but it is all present: "Change the byte at 0x02F97E to 0x02", as he said, in an English copy of Emerald, and you'll have virtually full support, for a Japanese e-Reader. Edit 2: So Prof9 looked in No$GBA's debugger, and found the bytes sent that each game needs to connect with each other (And in the process showing my lack of knowledge of No$'s debugger). FireRed now communicates with a USA e-Reader properly. I'm going to play around with it this evening and see what FireRed is capable of working with, including importing various events and seeing what they do. Edit 3: So I've been working with trying to scan in events into FireRed, however, I've hit a brick wall, so to speak. While it does communicate with the e-Reader, it cannot scan in cards for some reason, although I'm quite sure it's simply a region error. Here's what happens: In my USA-enabled version, scanning in cards results in an error: I'm sure that it's just failing a region check, since these are supposed to be used on Japanese e-Readers as opposed to English e-Readers. If I revert to an older version that is only Japan-enabled, I can scan cards in, up to 8 max, however, when it transmits the data, it fails and boots me to the error text (On the FireRed side), and the e-Reader app tells me something of an error occurring I presume. Both of these, I'm sure, are region-related errors, and require editing the actual event cards themselves to correct this error. Edit 4: If anyone wants to try this and try fixing the region errors and try importing to their copies of FireRed, I have here a FireRed 1.0 patch that you can try out. Do note that you cannot properly scan in the files yet, although you can try editing them with Poké-Reader and whatnot. THIS PATCH IS FOR ADVANCED USERS, IT DOES NOT FUNCTION CORRECTLY AS OF YET. https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/34957059/GBA%20Events/FireRed%20eReader%20Patch%20Beta%201.ips This should also work if you want to apply this to an existing hack, although it uses a few bytes for the translated text at 0x800000. You can apply this to a clean ROM though and edit it for your needs, but it is far from properly functional as of yet. To set up your e-Reader ROM with FireRed, use these instructions: 1. Use No$GBA for this. Load your edited FireRed (Or Emerald ROM if using the one-byte adjustment) into the FIRST MACHINE (This option is at the bottom of the ROM Select window) 2. If using Emerald, at this point, use a Japanese Card-e+ ROM, or if using FireRed with the patch, use a USA e-Reader ROM. Start this ROM in the SECOND MACHINE. 3. Download and extract the files from this event pack. It contains almost all trainer events for Ruby, Sapphire, FRLG, and Emerald. You will need 7zip for this. 4. Before starting a card scan, we need to generate calibration data for the e-Reader to scan the "cards". Using the 2nd Machine controls (You'll have to edit your controls settings and set up the 2nd machine, making sure they DO NOT conflict with the first machine running FireRed), select "Scan Card" from the e-Reader main menu (It will be the 1st option if using a Japanese e-Reader ROM). No$GBA will then pop up a message, and will reset the e-Reader ROM. 5. Go to "Mystery Gift" on FireRed and follow the instructions displayed. In the case of Emerald, from the main menu, select the second option, then the second option again. The background should show two Gameboy Advance units linking with a large blue box overlaying it. If it shows a GameCube, you're on the wrong menu option. In Emerald, select "Mystery Gift, and press A three times. The text will be garbled, as it's untranslated Japanese and the game does not show Japanese characters correctly, but it functions correctly nonetheless. 6. Once it shows the message to scan a card into the e-Reader, the other Gameboy will have a screen in which there is a Pikachu, and options for A and B. A tells the device to open up for card scanning, and B will ask you if you want to exit the application. To select a card, simply go to "File", then to "Load e-Reader Dotcode", then select one of the event RAW files. This is about as far as you can get though, nothing is transferred to the games as it errors out on either end, depending on the game you use right now. Only use this patch if you're willing to dig into this and try getting this working. Edit 5: So today has mostly been about the localisation aspect of this project, including fixing regional issues with the e-Cards, including translating any text. The FRLG Battle cards, when scanned without the FRLG application running (AKA using "Scan Card" from the main menu) in the Japanese version shows you this: I used a mix of machine translation, as well as my own knowledge of the language, and came up with this unofficial localisation (Edit: Got some input on the translation and adjusted it as necessary): It's coming along rather decently, and I'm slowly working to fix these regional issues. I'm not sure what's causing the issue though.
  3. Haha what perfect timing for this! I had borrowed an e-Reader from a friend over a decade ago and I had a lot of fun scanning in my Pokémon cards that had minigames on them, but when I learned that you could also get events using Mystery Events in R/S, I was bummed that I couldn't do any of that until I thought of my workaround the other night. I was able to, after a bit of playing around, get a custom code to generate that could be scanned after I finally got the first ever custom Battle-e card working. I put a proof-of-concept trainer with my own team on it to try it out, and it does work. I'm working on purchasing an e-Reader (Hopefully today if any places in the city have one) and attempt to make use of the code by use of scanning. Not for e-Reader stuff specifically as far as I know, but there is an IRC I frequent on, and we can join their main channel, or even make an e-Reader specific channel on there.
  4. I was given a bunch of Emerald and FRLG e-cards yesterday, so I'm working on being able to edit trainers, and I intend to start working on berry editing soon as well. I presume I can probably take the Ginema Berry data and perhaps region-convert it and get it working on a USA copy of the e-Reader (And perhaps get it imported into USA copies of Ruby/Sapphire!). Thanks for that card, it'll definitely be welcoming to get more additions to this collections after I sort through the Emerald and FRLG Japanese cards (These of which can lead to custom Battle Tower games in the Japanese copies of those games). I've also been planning on working to creating a BIN converter to make them able to be scanned using a dot code. I plan to test this when I get an actual e-Reader, which I hope to accomplish tomorrow morning, else get one on eBay and hope that the card reader works.
  5. Right now, everything is based purely on the e-Reader end of things, since Mystery Events did not use Wondercards, rather stuff was sent and a message telling you something was displayed (Such as the Eon Ticket telling you to visit Norman or saying a new trainer arrived in Hoenn when using a Battle-e card). Mystery Gift, on the other hand, did. If I can find a way to rip Pokémon Fire Red/Leaf Green/Emerald events, then that'd definitely be a possibility, although some events were distributed as e-Reader events in Japan since the e-Reader flourished there much better than it did in North America (Hence its axing in Europe).
  6. Kinda surprised this place isn't much in-tune with getting these events preserved. Anyways, Bond697 pointed me to the direction of some GBA save editor source code. After making my way through the source, I managed to find some checksum stuff I needed to validate the trainer data checksum in the save data. And with that... Battle-e cards are now fully editable and distributable.
  7. Just wanted to give this a gentle nudge. Yesterday was a day full of research and coding, and with the help of SciresM, the application can now handle modified e-Card data safely. That is, it is now possible to edit the e-Card data, and the program will ensure that the checksums are correct (And if they're not, it'll attempt to fix it), as well as the size of the compressed data, known as VPK data, within the save file. It now means I can do this: The data is now fully editable and recompressable with the assistance of caitsith's application, nvpktool. It was also caitsith that found the CRC method, and I attempted to port it to C# from C, while SciresM fixed it completely. So feel free to toss him a thanks if you do make use of the application! Anyways, the OP has been updated with a new link to Poké-Reader 1.1.
  8. So I made a thread on The PokéCommunity Forums about how I got events given through Nintendo's e-Reader peripheral to work using a flashcard instead of an e-Reader or using VBA-Link and another ROM since access to an e-Reader for me was something I was not willing to wait for. I also wrote a tool for injecting event binaries into the e-Reader's save data so that the event can be sent to Pokémon Ruby/Sapphire (And Japanese FireRed/LeafGreen/Emerald if there's any card dumps of those). Poké-Reader Event Injection tool 1.1: https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/34957059/GBA%20Events/Poke-Reader%201.1.zip GBA Event Pack 1.0 (You'll need this for the tool): https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/34957059/GBA%20Events/GBA%20Event%20Pack%201.0.zip There's a couple of things I'd like to accomplish with this: 1. Can we get a complete set of e-Card data from all regions for all games (There's some Japan-exclusive RS berries, as well as the FRLG Battle-e and Emerald Battle-e sets that are undumped)? [if you want to see what cards there are, download the GBA Event Pack and check the included list!] 2. Can we RE the e-Card data and create custom berries and trainers to be sent to games or distributed as challenges for 3rd Gen games? 3. Can the Event BINs that I have become some kind of Gen 3 event archive format (Perhaps rename it to something useful, like .g3e (Gen 3 e-Event)? Note: If you do have e-Card events that are not in this set, and you'd like to have them added to the GBA Event Pack, PM me if you can dump your save and send me the .SAV file containing the scanned card. I don't have an e-Reader (yet), but if I can get my hands on one, I can perhaps just get scans of the cards and scan them in, providing the scans are of good enough quality.
  9. Nice applications you have, although I have to ask. Do you plan to fix the freezing (An apparent lacking of threading) that your applications have when performing given tasks?
  10. Does it tell you where the save file is on the SD card so you can find it easier?
  11. I can confirm this. My shiny adamant Charizard got through, and I'm working on a flawless Beldum atm that I plan to transfer as well. RNG, as he said, should work, as all you're doing is forcing the game to generate a favorable outcome. Anything you do in it is completely legit, unless you're using some fangame or 493/649 hack, which you shouldn't be.
  12. <p><p><p><p><p><p>Have you, like, dropped dead or something? I haven't seen you on Skype in forever and some <img src="<fileStore.core_Emoticons>/emoticons/tongue.png" alt=":P" srcset="<fileStore.core_Emoticons>/emoticons/tongue@2x.png 2x" width="20" height="20" /></p></p></p></p></p></p>

  13. Here's a more complete list of translations for the Encounter Table. It has most localized names, but a few are using romanized names. I'm only missing 7 locations, but I can't seem to figure them out.
  14. I wonder if it'd be possible to utilise the same method of using an AR and a modified RAM to load custom files to the RAM while the game is playing so you could use things like custom sprites, textures or music?
  15. I'm still having saving issues. It won't save at all. Not text strings, not scripts, not movements. And I can't keep working unless I incorporate these scripts.
  16. I just had an odd bug happen to me. I modified the text strings for map "Sandjem Town R1 01" and put my own text in as follows: text_0="Oh, \v0103\z0000, is it?\nI've been expecting you." text_1="My name is Prof. Birch. I am a\nPokémon researcher.\rI saw that you moved here yesterday.\rI was compelled to give you a Pokémon,\nseeing as your dad is a gym leader.\rEver since the arrival of \v0103\z0001,\nI've been wanting to see if I can\rfind her someone to visit." text_2="Now, let me ask you.\rWould you like to become friends\nwith Pokémon?" text_3="Well, that's what I didn't want to hear.\nLet me ask again.\rWould you like to become friends\nwith Pokémon?" text_4="Splendid! That's what I want to hear!" text_5="I have three Pokémon here, Torchic,\nTreeko and Mudkip.\rI want you to have all three." text_6="\v0103\z0000 recieved the three\nPokémon!" text_7="Now that you have some Pokémon,\nwhy not ask \v0103\z0001 for a battle?\rI'm sure she'd have fun." I hit the save button many times as it doesn't like to save, and when I reloaded the text, I had this: text_0="Oh, \v0103\z0000, is it?\nI’ve been expecting you." text_1="My name is Prof. Birch. I am a\nPokémon researcher.\rI saw that you moved here yesterday.\rI was compelled to give you a Pokémon,\nseeing as your dad is a gym leader.\rEver since the arrival of \v0103\z0001,\nI’ve been wanting to see if I can\rfind her someone to visit." text_2="Now, let me ask you.\rWould you like to become friends\nwith Pokémon?" text_3="Well, that’s what I didn’t want to hear.\nLet me ask again.\rWould you like to become friends\nwith Pokémon?" text_4="Splendid! That’s what I want to hear!" text_5="I have three Pokémon here, Torchic,\nTreeko and Mudkip.\rI want you to have all three." text_6="\v0103\z0000 recieved the three\nPokémon!" text_7="Now that you have some Pokémon,\nwhy not ask \v0103\z0001 for a battle?\rI’m sure she’d have fun." text_8="Lucas: Boy, am I glad you’re kind\ntoward Pokémon.\rIf you weren’t, well...\nI don’t even want to think about it.\r" text_9="Professor: Er-hem!\nLet’s move on to the main topic.\rThere is something I want you\nto do for me.\r" text_10="My name is Rowan.\nI study Pokémon.\rFirst of all, I want to know exactly\nwhat kinds of Pokémon live in the\x25BDSinnoh region.\rTo do so, it is necessary to collect\ndata using the Pokédex.\rThis is what I wish to ask of you.\rI want to entrust you with this\nPokédex.\rWill you use it to record data on all\nthe Pokémon in Sinnoh for me?" text_11="Rowan: ...\r...\r...\r...\rI can stand here without speaking for\nhours. I’m a very patient man.\rLet me ask you again, \v0103\z0000.\rI want to entrust you with this\nPokédex.\rWill you use it to record data on all\nthe Pokémon in Sinnoh for me?" text_12="Rowan: Hm!\rGood answer!\r" text_13="\v0103\z0000 obtained\nthe \vFF00\z0001Pokédex\vFF00\z0000!" text_14="Rowan: That Pokédex is a very\nhigh-tech device.\rIt will automatically record data on\nevery kind of Pokémon you encounter.\r\v0103\z0000, I ask that you go\neverywhere and meet every kind of\x25BDPokémon in this region!\r" text_15="Dawn: I’ve got one, too!\r" text_16="Lucas: I’ve got the same kind of\nPokédex as you.\r" text_17="Rowan: When you walked up Route 201\nwith your Pokémon, what did you feel?\rI’ve lived for 60 long years.\nEven now, I get a thrill when\rI’m with a Pokémon.\rNow, you should know that there are\ncountless Pokémon in this world.\rThat means there are just as many\nthrills waiting for you out there!\rNow go!\r\v0103\z0000, your grand adventure\nbegins right now!\r" text_18="Rowan: Go on!\r\v0103\z0000, your grand adventure\nawaits you!" text_19="Dawn: The Pokémon that I used for\nthe first time was \v0100\z0001!\rIf you would have chosen\n\v0100\z0001 at the lake, we’d\x25BDhave the same Pokémon now!\rNot that it matters, but...\rAnyways, I’m Dawn.\rI also help the professor add pages\nto the Pokédex.\rSo, in a sense, I’m just like you.\rI just got a little head start on\nyou, that’s all.\rI’ll be happy to teach you things.\nGlad to meet you, \v0103\z0000!\r" text_20="Lucas: The professor asked me to\nhelp, so I’m going to go out and fill\x25BDthe Pokédex pages, too.\rThat makes us comrades working\ntoward the same goal.\rI’ll teach you stuff later, OK?\r" text_21="I’m \v0103\z0000’s father.\rI’ll be happy to assist you on your\nquest for the professor.\rHahaha. Eh...\nI’m sure we can count on you!" text_22="Professor Rowan invented a new\nPokédex while working alongside a\x25BDprofessor from the Kanto region!" text_23=" " text_24="Adventure Rule No. 1\nThe X Button opens the menu." text_25="Adventure Rule No. 2\nRecord your progress with SAVE." text_26="It’s crammed full of books with all\nsorts of Pokémon information." text_27="There’s a lot of reference material\nand research reports on Pokémon." text_28="Rowan: Ah, \v0103\z0000!\rYou’ve come to show me your\nprogress on the Pokédex?\r" text_29="Hmm...\rSo, you’ve seen \v0134\z0000 Pokémon.\r" text_30="What’s wrong?\rYou’re not going to tell me you’ve\nseen too few to bother showing me?" text_31="Bravo, \v0103\z0000!\rYou’ve recorded all the Pokémon of\nSinnoh in your Pokédex!\rThis will help immeasurably with my\nstudies on Pokémon evolution...\r" text_32="Rowan: Hm! \v0103\z0000, I’ve been\nwaiting to see you!\rYou’ve met every kind of Pokémon\nthere is in the Sinnoh region!\rThis will help immensely with my\nstudies on Pokémon evolution...\r" text_33="Oak: Greetings, Professor Rowan!\nIt’s been a very long time!\rI’ll tell you, Sinnoh certainly is\na long trip from Kanto.\rOf course, if it means meeting new\nPokémon, there’s no distance too\x25BDgreat for the likes of us to travel.\r" text_34="Rowan: Oh! If it isn’t my old\ncolleague, Professor Oak!\rI should have expected as much from\nthe world’s authority on Pokémon!\rWe always used to joke, “Where\nthere are Pokémon, you’ll find Oak!”\rIt’s good to see that hasn’t changed\none bit!\r" text_35="Professor Oak, let me introduce you\nto my young assistant.\rThis youngster has filled every page\nof the Sinnoh Pokédex for me.\r" text_36="Oak: Ah, well, very glad to meet you!\nAs you’ve heard, my name is Oak.\rI’ve been hearing a great deal about\nyou from Professor Rowan lately.\rHe’s been exuberant in praise about\na fantastic young Trainer.\rI see that you live up to--no--that\nyou’ve surpassed his praise.\rYou’ve also got an impeccable sense\nof timing.\rYou see, I had an errand to run for\nProfessor Rowan on my visit here.\rHe’d asked me to bring the data\nfor the National Pokédex, you see.\rSo, since you’re here, let me upgrade\nyour Pokédex with the National Mode.\rAfter all, there are many kinds of\nPokémon in this world of ours!\r" text_37="\v0103\z0000’s Pokédex was upgraded\nwith the National Mode!\r" text_38="Oak: I’m afraid it won’t be easy to\ncomplete the National Pokédex.\rHowever, I’m sure you will make an\nhonest attempt on our behalf!\r" text_39="Rowan: Have no fear, \v0103\z0000\nwill get the job done.\rBy the way, Professor Oak, what\ncompelled you to visit this region?\r" text_40="Oak: Ah, yes. I’ve heard that the\nPal Park is now open.\rIf I remember correctly, it’s at the\nend of Route 221.\rThe Pal Park has a special system\nthat attracts every imaginable kind\x25BDof Pokémon from every region.\rI’ve come to make certain that\nsystem is operating properly.\r" text_41="\v0103\z0000, you should make an\neffort to visit the Pal Park, too.\rOops! I’ll be late for my meeting if\nI don’t get going!\rOK, it was a pleasure seeing the both\nof you! Bye, now!\r" text_42="\v0103\z0000, you should make an\neffort to visit the Pal Park, too.\rOops! I’ll be late for my meeting if\nI don’t get going!\rOK, it was a pleasure seeing the both\nof you! Bye, now!\r" text_43="Rowan: Off he goes, as busy as\never...\r" text_44="Now, \v0103\z0000...\rI have a gift here as your reward\nfor completing the Sinnoh Pokédex.\r" text_45="Rowan: That’s the Pokémon Radar,\nor just Poké Radar for short.\rUse it, and it will indicate grass\npatches where Pokémon are lurking.\rI’d prepared that to help my field\nassistants put together the Sinnoh\x25BDPokédex, but you took care of that!\rI’m sure it will be useful for your\ngoal of filling the National Pokédex." text_46="Rowan: The world is immense.\nThere are many more Pokémon.\rThat means there are many more\nthrills for you to seek and enjoy!" text_47="\v0103\z0000 checked the PC.\rThe screen is filled with special terms\nand academic writing that is impossible\x25BDto figure out." text_48="Research materials are carefully\ntucked away." text_49="The refrigerator is filled with\ntasty sweets! Mmm..." text_50="It’s really quite something!\rImagine... Cataloging every kind of\nPokémon in the Sinnoh region!\rAnd in complete contrast, there’s\n\v0103\z0000...\rAnyway, you’ve been great for the\nprof’s Pokémon-evolution research!" text_51="Yes, that’s correct.\rProfessor Rowan has been studying\nPokédex systems with Professor Oak.\rProfessor Oak is Professor Rowan’s\njunior in terms of seniority." There's times when it won't even do that, but I thought I'd mention it and make PPRE as bug-free as possible.
  17. Have you tried thenewpoketex? Dump your msg.narc and try looking for the name in there.
  18. Yeah. Unless I can gain access to a map editor, it will take quite a while to finish. I might try graphic-editing the intro, but I don't know how that'll turn out.
  19. I'm surprised that there hasn't been any other posts here yet. I've been toying around with MIDIs and I made this today: a14vz_uB0-k Opinions?
  20. <p><p><p><p><p><p>I think it is GivePokemon [pokemon number] [level] But I'm unsure. I've been toying around with it to no avail. That is, because it won't save. <img src="<fileStore.core_Emoticons>/emoticons/sleep.png" alt="-_-" srcset="<fileStore.core_Emoticons>/emoticons/sleep@2x.png 2x" width="20" height="20" />'</p></p></p></p></p></p>

  21. <p><p><p><p><p><p>Oh, by a long shot.</p></p></p></p></p></p>

  22. <p><p><p><p><p><p>Hm. Well, at least I know someone here.</p></p></p></p></p></p>

  23. Ok. I can't seem to save my scripts, so I opened it in an older version of PPRE. This is what it looks like in PPRE Beta 10b (It's a backup version in case the newer version freezes on use of movements) : When I save it, I get this in PPRE.log: Traceback (most recent call last): File "ppre.pyw", line 2110, in updateMap UnboundLocalError: local variable 'e' referenced before assignment When I edit it in the latest version, I put this in: But when I save it, I get this: Traceback (most recent call last): File "ppre.pyw", line 2274, in updateMap File "ascript.pyc", line 484, in writeScript IndexError: sequence index out of range And it reverts back my script (Not saving) and deletes my functions. Is there anything wrong with my script? And if you need it, here are the text strings: I did find this thread after some searching, and I didn't see any thread revival rules, so I am sorry if there are any.
  24. Ok. I'll try that. More than likely fail, but try. Edit: Thanks for telling me that. I got it to register correctly and now it is far more accurate. Thanks.
  25. Thanks. But for some reason, it still refuses to work. When I stand in front of the Rival's house, it tells me I'm on map 876, X 414 Y 0 Z 1 when it should Map 410, X should be in the 100s, and Y should be in the 800s (knowing this from my scripting work on my hack). Why does Desmume hate me? Oddly, HGSS position LUA scripts work fine. And to boot, those values change randomly. In this example, Map turned into my Y co-ordinate. But I can't get them to work correctly. -Taken using a clean rom
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