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Just post what you're listening to!

Apocalypse Please - Muse

Wraith89 EDIT: All right, some new rules that Satoshi has failed to mentioned, but will put in the first post. Um... I guess I'll be lenient and say you can post THREE TIMES per day in this thread (subject to change)... and remember to just post what you are listening to. Failure to do that will result in an infraction. Thanks :)

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Title: Virtual World

Artist: Subdigitals

Length: 04:34

Track: 4

Album: Code Lyoko

Additional Infromation you could probebly go without knowing:


Sebastian Davin




Jean-ghislain Maige

Lionel Payet Pidgen

Guitars and Bass:

Jérôme Rebotier

Daniel Masson


Lionel Payet Pidgen

David Hadjadi

Jérôme Rebotier

Additional vocals:

Jérôme Rebotier

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