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  1. Are any pokesav.org/pp.org originals still around? I'm bored at work so... If anyone doesn't know who I am, that's okay lol.
  2. So, now that the OS X version of PPSE is compiled, there is one known bug that everyone must be aware of. Do not open the "Credits", "Disclaimer", or "About" dialogs, or you will not be able to close the application without killing it through the Activity Monitor app, or the Terminal app.
  3. Uh, why bog your computer down even more with pointless software? Honestly, Vista runs perfectly granted you are running it on a well endowed system. For example, I can do almost anything I could imagine (except for gaming, I'm not wasting my money on a graphics card), and still have memory to spare. I can convert an HD movie to a format playable on my 360, and have several instances of Firefox open all at the same time, with no problem. Here are my specs: 2.4Ghz Q6600 Core2Quad Processor 6GB of RAM XFX Nvidia GeForce 8600GT With those three things I am able to do what I described above. It really isn't hard.
  4. G4 aired E3 Live. This thread is unnecessary, and should be locked/deleted.
  5. Because I shouldn't have to. This community was made to be better than Serebii, not the next one.
  6. This has nothing to do with you, Flootenkerp.
  7. This was either coming now, or in August, so it was inevitable. In lieu of recent events and the fact that I'm going to college in August, I'm leaving Project Pokemon. I've made some pretty good friends here, but things here have changed, and not for the better. The tight-knit group of staff has gone from five or six people, no, friends, to one person who believes everything he does is correct, and is good for the community. I personally believe this will lead to the "serebii-ization" of this community. No one wants that, but there are already signs of it around the site and forums. I only ask that you (and you know who you are) stop, and think about what others want, and not what YOU want. That's all. Shalom et amor, satoshiX a.k.a. Harris
  8. You've obviously never seen a girl party, have you?
  9. Been there done that.
  10. I hope you'll use better grammar in that, than what you used in this post...
  11. XChat is what you're looking for. I have Vista 64bit and it runs perfectly. I'm connected to more than one server 100% of the time. And it minimizes/closes to the tray.
  12. satoshiX


    Okami, everything here is fine. I'd just like to make sure no one goes nutso over the mention of the Bible. So, keep anything related to that out of the discussion.
  13. I have something to post in here. I'll get it from my school account, and put it here. It's extremely funny.
  14. Photoshop isn't that hard to get used to. I guess it's kind of daunting when you see all of the options, but you'll never use all of them.
  15. wait i don't understand what exactly is happening here
  16. hey what's going on in this thread
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