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Which Legendary are you going to choose?


Which Legendary are you going to choose?  

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  1. 1. Which Legendary are you going to choose?

    • Dialga
    • Palkia
    • Giratina

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In the game, there is an in-game event that when you trade over the eigaken Arceus, you can go to the Ruins of Alph, that will unlock a brand new currently unknown area that you can bring Arceus to, to choose one of the three legendary Sinnoh legends Dialga, Palkia, and Giratina. Which will you choose? I am going to choose Giratina.

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I used to like Giratina way more than Palkia and Dialga, but that was back in the times when everyone thought it was just some random piece of legendary crap between those Heatrans and Cresselias, even though it was extremely obvious it's part of the dimension trio.... now that to our surprise (NOT) Giratina covers the Platinum box, everyone goes like: GIRATINAAAAA ALL DA WAI ITS PWNAGE =P

I like it how GF always do things so ordered and balanced.

I mean for example how you got Dialga OR Palkia depending on version AND a Giratina. Pt has all 3. And as everyone at least has one of the main versions, they 100% have 1 of the trio members less times. So they give you a decision for getting 1 of those in HGSS xD

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True. Diamond and Pearl only allowed you to capture the mascot. This game is probably trying to make up for it. But now I got to thinking, in Gold and Silver you could catch both Ho-oh and Lugia. They never did that again, so it might be possible that they won't in the remake so we would have to buy both to catch the legends. But then again, I don't see why they would attempt to ruin such an awesome game. Anyways, this is a pretty cool addition to a game. Letting you choose one legend is just awesome.

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I might go with Palkia. Pink mecha-godzilla is still kinda fun and you gotta admit the movie version of it looked better then Dialga.

No to Dialga since even with it in your party you cant change the DS clock without having errors. I should be allowed to time travel with Dialga!

Maybe Giratina because it was my favorite legendary out of my Diamond. And its lore of being essentially the only thing stopping Dialga and Palkia from ruining things with its Distortion World is pretty cool, not to mention its got both a use as a Wall and Sweeper depending on its form. Though obviously its quite popular thanks to Plat and origin form and everyone is going to have it...

I might go with Palkia because its pretty unpopular atm, though it always depends on if I'm going to train it and use it in my party (unlikely since the event is obvious an after E4 thing since I doubt Arceus can be traded in before the nat dex) or if it will rot in my PC and have the job of looking cool.

Course I also plan on preordering Gold and Silver, so I can choose two, and if I get an Acekart 2i I'll not only have all 3 starters and different saves, but I can get all 3.

I'd like Palkia following me more anyways. Dialga looks a bit awkward with the huge head, and Giratina is obviously going to be super popular.

Shame even with all 3 and Arceus I cant pull Team Galatic's plot and destroy the universe to create a new one and become its god. Though with Pokesav and a Flash card technically I will be god of my game lol!

"I have an Action Replay, therefor I am God here."

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A tough choice....I think i will wait and see how my in game team is when i am standing there before them and i have to decide i will pick whichever one fit's into my team best to cover the weaknesses of my other pokemon...

because there is no point in picking one to just leave it in the PC and look at it every so often and think *he's so cool :D* then ignore him for another while.

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