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  1. Okay, next thing I'm looking for... BW/2 type icons. Anyone know where those would be located? These not being ripped and uploaded anywhere is even weirder than the awesome backgrounds lol. EDIT: nvm, bulbapedia has them...
  2. Okay I figured it out now. Thanks Took a while to find tinker doesnt have the same options. Also, if you check poison/bug background, you can see it is offset 272 not 271. EDIT: Here ya go anyone else who needs them http://www.mediafire.com/?vjgqb43ml648gg6 They're not transparent though, because the background is meant to be black anyway (most evident on Flying background)
  3. I managed to extract the 2/1/3 narc file and found crystaltile... but thats about it
  4. These: I cannot find them ripped anywhere, and I have no idea how to rip even a simple sprite, nor whether knowing that would enable me to rip those backgrounds anyway... anyone able to help or point me in the right direction? O:
  5. I see, but still, any idea where the data goes? Since the Reshiram/Zekrom is saved somewhere, it should be possible to make it editable in pokegen while its merged right?
  6. My DNA Link pin vanished... I didnt notice until now. If I add it now, it won't seperate my Black Kyurem. It merges another Kyurem with Reshiram though... if I then try seperating the Black Kyurem with the changed item, it turns into Kyurem and the Reshiram that is still merged into the other White Kyurem... Where does the Zekrom/Reshiram data go anyway? @_@
  7. its Kyurem. imagine it like it bought the same t-shirt that reshiram and zekrom wear. The parts on it are theirs, but the dragon in it, is Kyurem and looks nothing like Reshiram/Zekrom. There is an anime-like promo for BW2 that shows the hero chasing the shadow triad in a town covered with spiky icy structures.. While that raises the probability of them pulling some populated area shock-frosting thing with Kyurem, I still doubt the ice on the map is anywhere close to representing some event like that, also because it would just be ridiculous and pointless.
  8. Since Durant is so strong, even though they are supposed to be rivals, Heatmor needs a Scizor-like evolution. Meaning, new type, readjusted sprites, some moves. Fire/Steel would give it a huge amount of resistances. Its hard to make anything awesome out of its stats Its HP obviously wouldnt shrink, the defs cant get any lower... if it became more of a furnace, its speed and attack could get lower for a boost in sp.atk and physical defense?.. 85 77 86 115 76 45 ... meh. Itd be a lame version of Heatran at best Or maybe a speedier Fire/Ground? Thatd be something new, but conceptually I dont see it with those mechanical details.
  9. Any pokemon looks ugly in a crap quality leak. Especially when you see it for the first time together with hundreds at the same moment. Doesn't matter how interesting the designs are.
  10. I always felt like dex entries are the random joke part of the game. Some of them are interesting, some are funny and some are outright ridiculous nonsense. And yeah, there's Tynamo in Chargestone cave, that's it. Unless BW2 will have this line found somewhere in water, I wouldn't take its dex entry serious. I doubt it though. More likely Chargestone cave would have deeper parts with the line more common and maybe an Eelektrik here and there along with the (confirmed) Magnemites and the like.. besides with old pokemon, they got plenty of fellas to fill the few water places with now, unlike before. But on the other hand, I would love to see some proper aquatic pokemon that are not Water type. As so far they've only touched upon it with fossils and Stunfisk I guess. Where am I going lol.
  11. Ive been thinking about how certain pokemon get screwed by Stealth Rock... 50% HP for 4x weakness is clearly too impacting. Id change it to something like this 0.25x= 0%+5 0.5x= 5%+5 1x= 10%+5 2x= 20%+5 4x= 30%+5 (The 5 being flat HP) While this is a move, adjusting it would mean giving pokemon, who are essentially crap because of it, another chance. ... Would a new thread be appropriate for discussing new moves or move changes that would improve the experience or be fun? o:
  12. It would be covered in snow if they actually went for that (thats even what happens in the crater thinking about it.) Not a mile high layer of transparent glacier that even goes outside a physical paper map. Regardless, it would be way too destructive to have nice areas the moment after its gone even for pokemon game logic. The ice is there to keep areas secret. It has a white edge. It goes over the brown edge of the map. It doesnt follow the contour of the region. You can clearly see green areas and even the beach in the east UNDER the ice. Heck there is CLOUDS BELOW THE ICE, the exact same clouds in the exact same places. Corocoro and the official site make note of how THE MAP is frozen. map=/=region Do you see a beach anywhere on the map?... And no. I took a look at the picture and noticed things that show the obvious, which is that Unova is not covered in ice.
  13. How comes? I find your claim ironic when we have only seen a beach with palmtrees along the generic places.
  14. Im baffled by the amount of people who think Unova is covered in actual ice on that picture. http://saiph-charon.deviantart.com/journal/Unova-is-not-frozen-296011610
  15. Yes, its not fair game for single typed pokemon. Not choosing the same, but considering it twice. It has better chances of getting on the list if it has 2 types. say you consider your favourite for type1, and one pokemon barely fails to make it. If it has a second type it'll take the spot for type2, preventing all true type2 pokemon to even get on the list.
  16. Best I could think of when I was thinking about eeveelutions in particular, was Aqua Tail... http://bulbapedia.bulbagarden.net/wiki/User:Saiph_charon btw, do you know if making Razor Wind Flying type would be out of question given its basis?
  17. hehe of course you can do it however you want, but note that it discriminates single type pokemon. For example you can only consider Arcanine when thinking of Fire pokes, unlike a Houndoom which could make it on Dark too. The type order was from the official japanese pokedex, but seems awfully similar yeah. It makes sense they changed it slightly though with Ice now at the end with the other fancy types ala Steel Ghost Dark :B
  18. Heres a tip on doing this a bit more professionally: Dual types can show up in 2 types, also meaning they have inherently better chances of appearing in your fav list lol. Each pokemons types have a set order by design. If a pokemon has 2 types, say Cacturne, the first one is its main type, the second is the extra, so Cacturne is a Grass poke firstly, but its also sneaky. If you need proof that its not by some random order, compare Spiritomb and Sableye or Geodude and Rhyhorn. They have reverse types. Flying type gets the door then though (unless you like Tornadus alot), which makes sense however. I mean if you think of, say, Moltres, its a Fire pokemon... then Flying too. Only one proper Fire type should be on the list. Also alphabetical is lame There is an official type order: Normal Fire Water Electric Grass Psychic Fighting Poison Ground Flying Dragon Bug Rock Ghost Ice Steel Dark
  19. Only Kyurem will get formes. There is data in BW indicating it the same way as giratina rotom and shaymin in DP. All are set as having 1 forme instead of 0 like every pokemon without formes (it makes no difference except it shows they put formes in to test and took them out)
  20. The idea of "all the regions in one game" has been around since there was more than 2. And I still don't understand why people think it would be any good. I do think the airport will be used like the magnet train for gen 6 which I'm guessing to be closely related to gen 5. Or something. It should bring is to some new location in BW2 at least though, yeah. Not old regions, we've been there, and more than once, why would they drain the rest of their greatness by adding boring rushed versions of them into games that don't focus on them?
  21. Except those moves suck with the charge turn
  22. Well it is the dragon without a generator attached, so it changes forme by using the other ones. It does feel odd though. Like there should be an original generator for it too regardless of the concept. Maybe there will be, but how would it go along with the imitation formes being the main show off for the games?
  23. Made a fancier version of the "tree of true legends" reminds me of the tree of life from the kabbalah.
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