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BW Event - VGC Nationals Shiny Larvitar


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Image borrowed from RoC

A press release has been released, stating that a shiny Larvitar will be distributed at the National competitions around Europe in March and April.

The Larvitar will be level 5, in a Cherish Ball, knows Superpower (previously only learned by move tutor in Plat and HGSS, not learnable in BW) and holds a Chople Berry.


European Nationals Schedule:

UK: March 3rd

(National Exhibition Centre, Hall 11, Birmingham)

Germany: March 10th

(MESSE ESSEN, Messeeingang Süd, Halle 1A, Norbertstr. 2, Essen)

France: March 17th

(Espace Champerret, Hall C, 6 rue Jean Oestreicher, Porte de Champerret, Paris)

Spain: March 24th

(IFEMA, Pabellón 5, Feria de Madrid, Madrid)

Italy: April 1st


More details on locations (maps and contact info) can be found here.

UK News post

German News post

French News post

Spanish News post

Italian News post

No official announcement from NOA or Japan, but it's likely to be distributed at these National competitions as well.

Just in case, dates and locations for US and Japan are:

USA: June 30th to July 1st (Indiana Convention Center, 100 S. Capitol Avenue, Indianapolis, IN)

Japan: (TBA)

Korea: June 9th and 10th

Press release text:

20 February 2012


A rare Shiny Pokémon confirmed as character distribution at the 2012 Pokémon Video Game National Championships: www.pokemon.co.uk/vgc

London , UK —February 20th, 2012— The Pokémon Company International today announced that there will be a unique character distribution at the 2012 Pokémon™ Video Game National Championships taking place across Europe during March and April. Attendees will be able to walk away with a rare Shiny Larvitar, a Rock- and Ground-type Pokémon with unusual colouring. Players will need to bring along their copy of the Pokémon Black Version or Pokémon White Version game and their Nintendo DS™, Nintendo DSi™, Nintendo DSi XL™, or Nintendo 3DS™ system to receive this unique distribution.

This Shiny Larvitar knows the powerful Fighting-type move Superpower, which can only be learned in Pokémon HeartGold or Pokémon SoulSilver from a special tutor. It also comes holding a useful Chople Berry, which is difficult to obtain in the games. Larvitar can eventually evolve into Tyranitar, which, thanks to its strong stats and its Ability to kick up an unending Sandstorm, has been a very popular character since its introduction in Pokémon Gold Version and Pokémon Silver Version in 2000.

For more information about the 2012 Pokémon Video Game National Championships, including full conditions of entry, tournament locations, dates and times, prizes, and more, please visit: www.pokemon.co.uk/vgc

If you are planning to attend any of these events (and can contribute the Larvitar), please say so here. And PLEASE snap some photos of the event, especially any signage for the Larvitar itself. Thanks!

Gallery Entry

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^ They haven't confirmed this I don't think. The only way one would be able to know is if they had brought and tested different region Carts.

Scraggy was like this last year though. So you could assume it might be the same type of way, especially if it's off a Wireless type of distribution.

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Keep in mind Scrafty was distributed at Worlds, not Nationals, and Worlds events ARE usually distributed in every language (or at least TO every language... Scrafty the pkm was set to be English).

I don't think Nationals in the past have been in more than one language, but even if they are... each (at least the EU) languages' Nationals tournament is distributing the Larvitar so we'll have access to the WCs at some point.

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