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  1. I think there are 4 text messages total and each can be assigned to one of these types of dialogs: Introduction, pre-battle dialog, winning dialog (in battle), losing dialog (in battle), winning dialog (after battle), losing dialog (after battle).
  2. No. Pokédex skins are the same format in B/W and B2/W2.
  3. This one can be received with B/W, while the first one was only for B2/W2.
  4. Wrong. RNG *is* cheating as you basically disable the luck factor which as we know is an essential part of Pokemon. Just because true randomness does not exist in information technology this doesn't mean it's okay to eliminate the algorithm that determines your luck. Do that at a real slot machine (similar type of RNG) and you'll be in jail in no time. Plus, if there was no piracy and no ROMs out there, there would be no RNG abuse. And no I'm not saying that because I suck at battling, which I don't (made it top 8 in the nationals in 2011).
  5. that link doesn't work for me. guess it's america only
  6. I keep been getting many requests about this, so let me explain what you need to do. This explanation is based on the savegame file of suzy223. I don't have any other savegame file to look at, so I don't know if this works for all files. Use any hex editor (such as HxD) and jump to offset 0x26FC. In suzy223's savegame file you can see the values 08C3 followed by 84E6. These will differ in your savegame file. Now flip these numbers like this: C308 and E684. Next, convert these numbers from hex to dec. C308 will be 49928 (Trainer ID) E684 will be 59012 (Secret ID) If you don't know how to convert hex to dec, here's some website you can use: http://easycalculation.com/hex-converter.php Enjoy and good luck.
  7. First 12 bytes of that Entralink area are unknown values to me. After that, we have the Black and White Level of the Entralink tree, etc. Though, the first 6 bytes never change. They are being set at the beginning of your adventure and will always stay the same.
  8. What are you talking about? Unknown? I already replied that this offset is related to Entralink.
  9. I wonder what exactly is changed in the save file when VBA's RTC is set to on.
  10. Did you figure out more data yet? Like this:
  11. Does this No$gba code exist as a ROM patch? Cheat codes cannot be used with the No$gba debugger.
  12. There must be a flag which determines if the game displays the texts from the downloaded data or something from the ROM. Also, in some tournaments it's completely random which trainer is the final opponent and sometimes it's always the same person (in the WCS one for example).
  13. Interesting, please let us know when you find out more.
  14. Your savegame is just full of invalid data. This includes wrong Pokémon nature values (223) and even wrong Pokémon Pokédex numbers (7597). There's also an egg with 3805056579 exp. points and the like. Everything is just completely invalid. I have no idea what PokeGen has been doing here, but I don't care either. I removed all the junk for you. z..sav
  15. Yeah, what a fail. ^^ It's not Wi-Fi, but Wireless.
  16. Well, I don't think flib ever had inaccurate things in their news articles, so why should it not be true?
  17. And it will be from "Lovely place" with an OT of SMR2012. Yeah, yeah, we already know that.
  18. How do u activate it in game regularly? Can you also trade locally with a foreign game version without going online to unlock it?
  19. Kyogre1

    Pokemon "STAR"

    It's a value that ranges from 0 to 255, but only values of 250 and up make the star appear. All of my Pokémon that got it, have 255 though.
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